YouTube Marketing For Dentists

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Dental Patients Are Using YouTube

YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine.  YouTube is the ‘go to’ place to learn more before making a purchase for most people.

Dental Related Searches On YouTube

Right, now dental patients in your area are researching dental implants, tooth pain, root canals and more on YouTube.  Imagine if you could get in front of those ‘in market’ dental patients. You can!

Dental YouTube Ads

You’ve probably seen those YouTube ads that start playing before the YouTube video you actually intended to watch.  Imagine Bob Smith is watching dental implant videos and sees a YouTube ad for your dental practice before he starts watching the video.  Even if he decides to skip your YouTube Ad, he will still see your dental practice name which will make him more likely to click on your AdWords ad or organic search listing in Google.

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No Video, No Problem

Don’t have a video?  No problem, you can create a video suitable for a YouTube advertisement for less than $100.

Run Dental Practice YouTube Ads Locally

Just like with AdWords, you can do geo-targeting to make sure your YouTube ads are seen only by dental patients near your dental practice.

Manage YouTube Ads With Your AdWords Account

YouTube is owned by Google so dentists simply need to use their AdWords account to start setting up and running dental YouTube ads today.

Need Help Setting Up Your YouTube Dentist Ad?

ConversionSmiles is an AdWords Agency For Dentists.  We can help your dental practice with anything related to AdWords including YouTube ads.

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