(We love AdWords and think any dentist is crazy to not to use Google AdWords to find new dental patients. However, we also think Dentists need to keep considering new options as times change. For instance, Yelp PPC is becoming a great way for dentists to find new dental patients. Yelp Ads For Dentists? We say, probably!)

Going Straight To Yelp

More and more, some people are forgoing the traditional Google search and going straight to the review site Yelp to find the perfect hotel, restaurant, massage or even the perfect dentist.

Some Yelp Stats

According to Yelp.com,  each month Yelp typically attracts around 29 million mobile app users, 64 million web users and 77 million desktop users. But, the news is even better for dental practices trying to get in front of the right dental patients. According to https://www.yelp.com/factsheet, 46.3% of Yelp users earn more than $100,000 per year!

Maybe the most impressive stat from Yelp relates to their continuous, rapid growth over the last couple of years. In the chart below, you can see the company has added more than 50 million users just since 2015.

(graph courtesy of Yelp.com)

Yelp For Restaurants Means More Yelp Users For Dental Practices

Even today, most people think of Yelp as a restaurant review website. For sure, Yelp draws in new users with a great tool for finding a restaurant but once a user has a great restaurant experience thanks to Yelp, they are likely to start using Yelp for all kinds of services like massages, hotels and even for finding a new dental practice.

The Yelp App

The Yelp app makes it super easy for someone to click on the app and start looking at reviews for a particular category within a couple of seconds. The app is user-friendly and even fun to use as you become the instant expert on local restaurants, hotels etc. to the amazement (and annoyance) of your friends.

Dentists should expect more and more people will be downloading the app and will start using the app as routinely as they conduct Google searches today. One relatively new feature that is likely to attract new Yelp app downloads is the Yelp Waiting List for restaurants. The feature allows restaurant patrons to see how many tables need to be seated before them and where their place is in line – all in real time! This simple, cool feature is going to make Yelp a must-have app for many and should create even more explosive growth for the company.

Yelp PPC for Dentists

So, as more and more people use Yelp reviews for everything, it just makes sense more and more people will use Yelp to find dental practices.

The good news for dental practices is Yelp is not nearly a complicated as Google AdWords so a dentist can fairly easily set up a PPC campaign in Yelp and attract new dental patients for important dental keywords like dental implants, root canal, dental practice and more.

Is Yelp Right For Your Dental Practice?

It is more than likely that Yelp can help your dental practice get in front of more in-market dental patients. Great! The big question is will it be worthwhile for your dental practice to advertise on Yelp? Every market and every dental practice is different, so you need to test to see if the Yelp advertising program works well for your practice. It could be that other dentists in your area have not found Yelp so you will be able to get inexpensive clicks. Or, maybe it is a bit expensive but worth it for your practice, because you want to grow your business at all costs. Ultimately, dental practices need to decide for themselves if Yelp’s return on investment makes the financial investment worthwhile.

How Does Yelp Pricing Work?

Here’s how Yelp describes their pay per click program…. “Cost-Per-Click ads are delivered in categories matching your specific business, as well as other similar categories that our ad delivery system has identified as relevant. The price you pay per click is based on competition and relevance, but you’ll always pay the least amount needed to win the click.” learn more here…

Yelp Ads Delivery And Pricing

You can learn more about Yelp ads delivery and pricing from this short, animated video produced by Yelp.

Yelp Is Better For Dental Offices With Better Reviews

This might seem obvious but Yelp is a better advertising platform for dentists that already have good reviews on Yelp. Dentists should not expect that simply paying for a Yelp ad click is going to change the need to be well reviewed on Yelp. If a prospective dental patient is already looking for a dentist on Yelp, you should expect they will need to see positive reviews before deciding to do business with your dental practice.

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