A common Google search is “How do I write a dental blog” but the truth is the better question is probably “How do I write a dental blog for SEO”.

Writing dental marketing blog posts has been important for some time but will become even more important in 2021 if your dental practice wants to win the dental SEO game.

The post will cover the critical elements of dental blog writing to ensure you satisfy the dental SEO gods while also making sure you provide a good experience for you dental blog readers.

  1. Write Dental Blog Posts Frequently
  2. Use Images In Your Dental Blog Posts
  3. Find Dental Blog Post Ideas By Searching Major City Dental Practice Website
  4. Use Tools Like Grammarly To Avoid Typos
  5. Answer Questions Your Dental Patients Ask
  6. Make Your Dental Posts Local
  7. Consider Outsourcing Dental Blog Post Writing
  8. Make Your Dental Blog Posts Readable To All
  9. Write Some Dental Procedure Focused Blog Posts
  10. Show Off Your Dental Practice Personality

Write Dental Blog Posts Frequently

We often come across so-called dental blogs that are updated 3-4 times a year.

If you are only updating your dental blog only a few times a year you are giving a signal to Google that your dental blog and by extension dental practice is not very active. You are sending the same message to prospective dental patients try to get a sense for your dental practice.

Now imagine your are a Google robot and your job is to figure our which dental website is more relevant for Springfield, VA. There are two dental websites that almost exactly the same. However, one has a dental blog that is very active with almost constant updates.

Which dental website are you going to recommend first to a Google searcher?

Use Images In Your Dental Blog Posts

Informative, thoughtful text is great but you need to make sure you add some images to you dental blog posts.

First, you want your readers to have a good experience. Many of your readers are visual learners and will be bored silly if you just add text-based blog posts.

You should also expect most readers are scanning your dental blog more than they are actually reading it. The truth is there is too much good stuff on the internet. Most people aren’t settling down for the night to read updates on your dental blog.

Images also satisfy the dental SEO gods. If a Google search robot finds a page that has just text and no images, it will assume your page is not very reader friendly and won’t rank your dental blog post as high in the Google search results.

Adding images is an easy thing you can do to improve your dental SEO. You can find free dental stock photos at place stock photography websites like

Unsplash Dental Stock Photos, Pexels Dental Stock Photos and Pixabay Dental Stock Photos.

However, your best bet is using real photos from your dental practices whenever you can. Real photos are more authentic and will help your dental practice website visitors see your practice as more real and less plastic.

Pro Tip: Google also loves real photos as Google loves all original content they can find and share with their users.

Find Dental Blog Post Ideas By Searching Major City Dental Practice Website

We get it. You are trying to run your dental practice and live your life. You probably don’t have much time, energy, or inspiration when it comes to writing new dental blog posts.

Here’s a good dental blog post writing hack. Need some inspiration? Just search for “Dentsist, NYC”, “Dentist, Miami” or “Dentist, San Francisco” in Google.

The cities are ultra competitive when it comes to dental SEO and the dental practices that want to rank highly in Google search results have no choice but to write frequent, high quality dental blog posts.

Of course, you don’t want to copy their posts. Forget about it being unethical, Google also tends to penalize websites that steal content from other websites.

Pro Tip – You can use tools like Copyscape to see if any content used in your dental website also appears on other websites.

Instead, you should be able to get inspiration for dental blog posts by just looking through titles of dental blog posts in major cities. Those dental practices are likely to have dedicated resources that not only write the dental blog posts but also do keyword analysis to determine what blog posts they should be writing.

Use Tools Like Grammarly To Avoid Typos

When writing it is often hard to see our own mistakes and that is why editors exists to review newspapers articles, books etc.

The truth is you don’t probably have the resources to have a real life editor. In fact, it is probably hard to get your employees or spouse to proofread a super exciting new dental blog post.

That’s why we recommend you use Grammarly.

Grammarly is a Free Online Writing Assistant that will show obvious corrections live on your screen as you are writing your blog post. This will help you find spelling mistakes, grammar issues and even things like accidental usage of the same word twice in a row.

Pro Tip – If you really want to hear how your dental blog post sounds to others consider using a read aloud to like Talkie. Talkie is a Chrome Plug-In that actually reads your blog post out loud. You will be surprised how many changes you will want to make after you hear your words out loud.

Answer Questions Your Dental Patients Ask

Many dentists struggle with what they should write in a dental blog post. The truth is you already have the answer. You should simply answer the questions you dental patients ask.

You have a ton of knowledge that would be a valuable if your dental patients could access it easily.

Every day you patients ask questions like “What causes a root canal? Why do my teeth hurt when drinking hot liquids? How long I can wait before getting a dental crown?”

The list goes on and on. We recommend you start a running list of dental blog topic ideas and add new potential topics whenever you hear good questions from your patients.

Pro Tip – Do you tell the same stories often to your patients related to certain procedures. If so, those might be good ideas for dental blog posts.

Make Your Dental Posts Local

It is very unlikely that your dental blog post will go viral or be able to really compete at a national level. Keep in mind to do that you are really competing against every other dental practice in the world. That is a tall order.

Instead your mission should choose to accept it is to make sure your dental blog posts are found locally by prospective dental patients in your local area.

With that in mind a dental blog post that doesn’t include a number of references to your town, state is a missed opportunity.

You might think the dental SEO gods are smart enough to know your blog is attached to your local dental website so you don’t need to add local signals to your blog post. You would be wrong.

You want to drop as many hints as possible that the page is relevant to searchers in your local area. If the Google robot is forced to choose between your blog post related to root canals or another post related to root canals that includes city, state they will pick the other one when the Google query is something like “Root Canal dentist, city state”

Pro Tip – We even recommend embedding your Google map to your dental blog posts.

You should also consider adding some non-dental related blog posts. Remember, your dental practice is part of the community. If you are excited about the new Thai restaurant in town go ahead write a short blog post. Did the high school baseball team make the championship series? Go ahead and write a short blog post.

Make sure you include local link to give even more signal to Google that you are part of the local community.

Consider Outsourcing Dental Blog Post Writing

If you never seem to have the time, energy or inclination to write dental blog posts, you should acknowledge that fact and hand off the work to someone else.

Some dental SEO companies will include content writing in their dental SEO service packages. Just make sure the content is interesting to your readers and make sure it is original content.

There also general content writers you can find on services like Fiverr and blog post writing services like ContentFly that start at $250 per month.

The truth is your best dental blog post writer probably already works for you. Somebody in your office probably considers themself to be a writer and would love the opportunity. They just need to be properly motivated.

We recommend you provide Amazon Gift cards for any approved dental blog posts. Your dental staff knows your dental practice and your local community better than anyone – just make sure they are properly motivated.

Pro Tip – Perfection is the enemy of good. Lots of OK dental blog posts are better than 3 perfect blog posts per year. Just remember most people are actually just scanning your blog posts not actually reading them – don’t shoot for perfection.

Make Your Dental Blog Posts Readable To All

Keep in mind your readers have varying education levels. Don’t get caught up in sounding too smart. Instead, use the KISS method and Keep It Simple Stupid.

Your voice in a blog post should be the same as how you speak to your dental patients in your office. Just always how much you know and how much your readers do not.

Pro Tip – Every blog post doesn’t need to be relevant to everyone. Only a percentage of your readers will care about “dental crowns for children” but that shouldn’t stop you. You should definitely write some blog post that only appeal to some of your dental patients. Keep in mind, most people will scroll through your blog and just choose to read the blog posts that are relevant to them.

Write Some Dental Procedure Focused Blog Posts

It is great to write some local posts. (example: support of local parade) It is great to write some seasonal posts. (example: Halloween Sugar Dangers) It is great to write some timely posts. (example: How our dental office is safe during Covid-19)

Those are all great dental posts. However don’t forget the real point of writing dental blog post for SEO. You want to make sure you dental websites ranks particular keywords in Google and other search engines.

There is only so much information you want to include in your dental implant services page because you want to keep your visitor focused and you don’t want to overload them with data.

However, a dental implants blog post is a great opportunity to get found for more dental keywords and to add authority to your dental website as being a local authority about dental impants.

If you are the Google robot and you need to choose between a local dental website that includes 2 pages with references to dental implants and another that has 15, which one are you going to rank higher for the search term Dental Implants Burlington, VT.

Pro Tip – To improve dental SEO, make sure the product related blog posts include references to your city, town and a map!

Show Off Your Dental Practice Personality

Our final tip is you should use your dental blog to show off your dental practice personality or to create one!

Use your dental blog to celebrate your staff. Show off pictures from birthday parties, celebrate work anniversaries and retirements to create an authentic bond between you and your patients.

Pro Tip – If you have consent from a dental patient to show off a dental makeover, your blog is a great place to do it!

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