Why should dental practices outsource AdWords Management?

Dental AdWords Campaigns Are Complicated

Dentists have enough to think about running their dental practices without thinking about the intricacies of dental AdWords campaigns.  With every Dental AdWords campaign, the AdWords manager needs to consider Ad Groups, keywords, negative keywords, scheduling, bidding, ad extensions, ad copy and much more.

AdWords Is Always Changing 

Google is constantly changing how the Google search engine works to improve results for searchers.   Google is also continuously changing the AdWords interface to help advertisers optimize their campaigns to allow them to get better results.  This means a dentist needs to continuously educate themselves about AdWords best practices if they expect to outperform competitor dentists.

Dental AdWords Management Does Not Cost A Lot

A typical dentist can expect to pay between $200 – $500 per month for AdWords management.  If a dentist wants to get good results from their AdWords campaigns, they should expect to spend 2.5-5 hours per week managing their AdWords account.   At 3 hours per week, a dentist is looking at 12 hours per month managing their AdWords account.  So, a dentist could pay $350 per month to an AdWords management company and get back 10+ hours back to perform profitable dental procedures or relax and enjoy some downtime.  If a dentist’s time is not worth $35 per hour, they probably really need a dental marketing company to help with much more than just AdWords management.

An Outsourced Dental AdWords Management Company Can Be Held Accountable

Some dental offices will be smart enough to take AdWords management out of the hands of the dentist. Instead, the dental office will make AdWords management the responsibility of the dental practice manager or some other ‘interested’ employee.  This is typically a terrible idea.   A dentist can be a decent AdWords manager because they are super smart and super invested in making AdWords profitable for their dental practice.  Other dental practice employees are not nearly as invested in making AdWords work and simply do not have the time to dedicate to learning AdWords.  With an outsourced AdWords company, the dental practice can hold the company accountable for actual new dental patient leads on a monthly basis.

Outsourced Dental AdWords Experts Tricks 

A dental AdWords company, like ConversionSmiles, is able to learn powerful AdWords strategies because they work with multiple dental practices.  For instance, a dental implants Google ad that gets a great click-through rate  in NYC is likely to get the same great results in Toledo, Ohio.   A dental practice that works with an outsourced dental AdWords company is able to benefit from the ‘secret sauce’ strategies of that particular AdWords company.