[Google is renaming Google AdWords to Google Ads, according to Search Engine Land.  The reason why Google is renaming AdWords is because Google wants to simplify the advertiser experience and simplify perception of the advertiser experience.)

Goodbye My Sweet AdWords 

After 18 years of branding their online ad experience as AdWords, Google is changing the name to Google ads.  This is a good move as many small businesses are so busy running their businesses they still don’t know to search for Google AdWords, Google AdWord, Google Ad Word, and many don’t even remember the brand is called Google AdWords.  Many also confuse Google AdWords with Google AdSense.

Google AdWords Has Been About More Than Words For A Long Time

When Google AdWords first emerged 18 years ago, AdWords was a brand name that made a lot of sense.  If advertisers wanted to bid on keywords in the Google search engine, they would need to sign up for AdWords.

Over the years display advertising, remarketing ads, YouTube ads were added to the AdWords interface, so now AdWords is about much more than just keywords.

Google Ads Is Simple And Straightforward Name

You could walk into a typical business and ask them what Google AdWords is and many will not actually be familiar with term AdWords. Yes, even many paying advertisers will not know the term AdWords.   Many others will think AdWords is just about search.  Some will understand AdWords is a full advertising platform.

With the new name, a Google a partner will be able to call on any business and ask them in they are using Google Ads and the advertiser will know exactly what they are talking about.  That is simple. That is straightforward.  Simple and straight is Google wants advertisers to think of AdWords.  Oops, I mean Google ads.

Google Ads New Name Coincides With Launch Smart Campaigns 

As Google AdWords relaunches as Google Ads, Google also launches Smart Campaigns.  Many advertisers still perceive Google Ads (AdWords) as difficult to set up and difficult to manage.

Google is trying to change that perception by launching Google Smart Campaigns.  Smart Campaigns makes set up simple.  Smart Campaigns also use machine learning to do some “heavy lifting” so advertisers do not need to be constantly managing their ad campaigns.  Once again, Google is trying to change the perception of Google Ads to be simple, simple, simple.

Learn more about Google Smart Campaigns here…

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