What’s the cost for a dentist to get started with AdWords?

What's the cost for a dentist to get started with AdWords?

Good News. Dentists don’t need big ad budgets to start showing up on the front page of Google.

Bad News. Dentists typically won’t be able to show up on Google’s front page very often without a budget of more than $200 per month.

Google AdWords Auction

Google AdWords is set up as an auction.  That means a dentist’s local market and current competition affects the price of dental keyword related ad clicks.  More dentists bidding on a keyword will drive up the cost of the Google ad click. A typical dentist Google ad typically costs between $1-$20+.  The cost varies wildly depending on the dental keyword phrase, location, time and competition, type of device and more.

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Typical Dentist Google Ad Costs 

The Google AdWords Keyword Planner indicates the dental keyword phrase “dentist Phoenix” might start at $7.00 and go as high $12.00 for a top of page Google ad click.   However, the more competitive dental keyword “emergency dentist Phoenix” has a top bid of $22.38.  Whereas, the dental keyword phrase “dentist Portland Maine” can cost as little as $1.28 and as much as $9.72 per dental ad click.

Google Charges For Dentist Ad Clicks 

Dentists advertising in Google search results only pay for Google ad clicks not for impressions.  That means 100 dental patients might see the  Dentist Google ad but the dentist will only pay for the actual ad clicks.

Google AdWords Does Not Have Minimum Monthly Fees

Because Google only charges for ad clicks, the dental office does not need to worry about monthly recurring fees.  No clicks – no cost.  Lots of clicks – lots of costs.

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How Should A Dentist Start With AdWords? 

A new dentist trying AdWords should shy away from ‘top of funnel‘ keywords like ‘tooth hurts’ and concentrate on more obvious ‘in market’ dental keywords like ‘dentist near me’.    The dental patient typing in the keyword phrase ‘tooth hurts’ has the intent to learn more. (and might turn into a dental patient someday)

The dental patient typing ‘dentist near me’ is likely actively looking for a dental practice and a new dentist.  In fact, the person typing ‘dentist near me’ is more likely to click on a Google ad and actually fill out a form or call the dental practice.  We recommend dentists doing AdWords themselves start with a few highly converting dental keywords. (form fills, phone calls) and perfect their Google ads and dental landing pages before expanding and complicating their AdWords account.


It can technically cost less than $3.00 to get started with a dental AdWords campaign but will cost much much more than that as every click will NOT result in a phone call, form fill or new dental patient.

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