(A quick look at Weave. A relatively new patient communication tool that helps dentists communicate with dental patients in smart, modern ways)

At ConversionSmiles, our mission is to help dentists get the most out of their AdWords budget. Many dentists forget AdWords success extends well beyond dental keywords, ad groups and AdWords campaigns. Everything from front office management to reviews is critical for growing dental practices.

Today, we will take a quick look at dental patient communication software from GetWeave.com because we believe Weave might help many dental practices better communicate with patients and therefore improve dental AdWords campaign results.

Why Is A Dental AdWords Blog Talking About Weave Patient Communication Software?

We are huge DentalTown fans and happened to catch an interview with Weave CEO Brandon Rodman and Dentaltown’s Howard Farran. While watching the interview, it became clear Brandon Rodman is helping to modernize the typical dental office experience in a big way.

Every dental practice should be paying attention to Weave and other patient communication software so they don’t get left behind. The technology offered by Weave likely can improve dental AdWords results immediately and in the long term.

For the record, we have no affiliation with Brandon Rodman, Howard Farran or Dentaltown. You can see the Dentaltown Brandon Rodman Interview here…

What Is Weave?

Here’s how Weave describes their value proposition on LinkedIn.com “Weave threads together data, software and communication platforms to build stronger relationships at the point of contact by making valuable information instantly available in simple and intuitive formats. This delivers improved productivity, better collaboration and greater insights making it easier to meet the needs of patients and to build better business and clinical outcomes.”

That all sounds good but doesn’t really cut to the chase of what Weave does – so we will. Essentially, Weave is Dental Patient Communication Software that helps modern dental practices stay in front dental patients in smart, effective ways.

In this blog post, we will highlight some of the features and functionality currently offered by Weave. (Feb 2018) Below, we discuss specific features and how those features can potentially improve AdWords results.

Weave Dental Patient Communication Software Features / Highlights

Dental Patient Appointment Reminder Software

Weave allows a dental front office to “send appointment reminders that are personalized for each patient and automatically send at the times/days” the patient chooses. The reminder software works with both desktop computers and mobile devices with the Weave app.

According to Weave’s YouTube video their dental appointment confirmation software is available with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, MacPractice DDS, Open Dental, Prospect Works, Practice Web, Dolphin, Easy Dental, & OfficeMate.

Weave didn’t invent ‘dentist appointment reminder via text’ but they seem to be perfecting the idea. Of course, keeping appointments filled has a huge impact on a dentist’s success with AdWords. Google can help a dental practice get an ad click and a form fill – Weave is helping to make sure the dentist appointment actually sticks.

You can learn more about Weave dental appointment reminder software in their YouTube below.

Patient Reminder Video

Dental Review Software

Dental PPC success requires a great dental review strategy. Weave notes on their website that ‘92% of all consumers now use online reviews’. That means a dentist paying for Google pay per click can waste a bunch of money if they pay for expensive ad clicks and then lose lots of those customers because of bad reviews.

If the patients check online dentist reviews and get a bad feeling about your dental practice, you’ve probably just wasted AdWords budget and more importantly maybe the dental patient’s lifetime value. (see more about improving reviews here Dentist AdWords Tip – Get More Good Reviews! [2018] )

Below is how Weave describes the features included in their dental review software. (as of this writing 2/2018)

“Collect 100s of reviews, utilizing text messaging, customer’s smartphones, and familiar/popular applications. Sort, filter, see, and respond to any and every review that your business collects.”

You can learn more about Weave’s dental review app here in Weave’s YouTube video.

Weave Dental Review App

Smart Pop-up Notifications

Smart Notifications give dentist front office staff access to what they need to know and what they need to do the moment the phone rings. This makes it easy for the front office team to efficiently complete tasks, find opportunities and schedule dental patients.

Google AdWords can help your dental practice find dental patients but it is your job to keep them. Smart Pop-up notifications seem like a smart way to make sure your front office is having smart conversations.

We believe this kind of smart communication can help dentists both retain dental patients longer and maintain healthy profit margins. Many dental practices think of AdWords as a short-term game but it is truly a long-term opportunity. Rather than always turning to marketing to find new dental patients, dentists should spend some budget on tools specifically designed to keep dental patients and grow current business.

You can learn more about Smart Pop-up Notifications here. https://www.getweave.com/smart-pop-up-notifications/

Dental Patient Appointment Confirmations

Imagine this scenario. You pay a dental PPC management company to find the perfect keywords and craft the perfect Google ads. Great!

The perfect prospective dental patient clicks your Google ad and fills out your beautiful form on your well designed dental landing page. Woohoo! The patient schedules a dentist appointment! Yeah baby! You confirm the appointment via email and voice message. The patient gets neither. Oops. The patient forgets the appointment and never comes back because of embarrassment. Ouch!

With Weave’s Smart Appointment Confirmations, texts can be responded to and dealt with automatically without any intervention needed from the front office in many cases. Other responses can come from a front office desktop pc or app on a mobile device.

You can learn more about dental patient Appointment Confirmations here. https://www.getweave.com/appointment-confirmations/

Does ConversionSmiles Recommend Weave?

We have no affiliation with Weave and don’t even know how much Weave costs. However, according to Dental Town’s Howard Farran the company raised more than $23 million and supports nearly 3,000 small businesses. So, we don’t necessarily recommend Weave but we think they offer some awesome features to help modernize any dental practice and better serve patients.

We definitely recommend dentists at least take a closer look and see if Weave is the right fit for their dental practice. www.getweave.com 

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