In this post, we will use Google Trends to explore popular dental keyword terms being used in 2018.  Essentially, we are giving our readers a treasure trove of the latest / greatest keyword searches currently being done by dental patients.

What is Google Trends?

According to Wikipedia..

“Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. The horizontal axis of the main graph represents time (starting from 2004), and the vertical is how often a term is searched for relative to the total number of searches, globally. blah, blah, blah” source:

Google Trends Is The Pulse Of The Internet

Want to see what people are searching for in Google at any given moment? Just travel over to and you will be amazed to see some of the searches that are popular at any given time.

For instance at the time of this writing (July 4, 2018) people are interested in Scarlet Johansen and where the can find a fireworks show.

So What Does This Have To With Dental Patient Marketing?

Google trends can help dental practices understand how dental patients are searching in Google.   Every day, we are all evolving in terms of how we search on Google.  A decade ago, Google was good but the search engine has gotten much better.  During the same time, people have become much more confident that they can search with very generic search keywords and Google will “figure it out”.

In the past, a Google user in Bethesda, Maryland might search for a dentist by Googling “Dental Practice, Bethesda, MD”.  Today, more Google users expect Google “will figure it” and shorten their search to simply “dentist near me.”

Dentist Keyword In Google Trends

First, let’s look at the simple keyword “dentist” in Google Trends.

Here are the Top 25 “dentist” related searches currently happening in Google in the last 90 days according to Google Trends.

Interest over time (what does the number mean?)
Numbers to the right of the search term represent search interest relative to the highest point for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular. A score of 0 means there was not enough data for this term.  Keep in mind a low or moderately searched term won’t even show up in Google Trends. (but still might be being searched by dental patients!)

dentist near me 100
dental 98
the dentist 46
pediatric dentist 45
dentist office 26
dentistry 22
family dentist 20
kids dentist 17
dentist insurance 17
emergency dentist 16
emergency 16
my dentist 15
dentists 15
dentist salary 12
dentist school 10
dental insurance 8
delta dentist 7
smile dentist 7
delta dental 6
children’s dentist 6
emergency dentist near me 5
cheap dentist 5
cosmetic dentist 5
pediatric dentist near me 5
root canal dentist 4

The first thing that should stick out is there are a couple of search terms that won’t help with dental patient marketing and should be added as Negative Keywords.

Paying for “dentist salary” clicks or “dentist school” clicks is clearly a bad idea. Learn more about negative dental keywords here.

Also, you will notice in the keyword list above that “near me” is becoming a popular modifier as more and more people trust that Google knows their location.  Indeed, Google does usually know the location of the searcher and can offer an appropriate list of local dental offices.

Next, let’s look at a list of “rising” dental keywords.  These are keywords that are gaining more popularity recently – sometimes because of news related events. Sometimes just because of Google search behavior changes.

westminster dentist office shooting Breakout
super dentist eastlake +1,550%
dentist shooting +250%
dentist open on weekends +160%
nearby dentist +80%
dentist watertown ny +80%
dr levine dentist +70%
dentist in brooklyn +70%
dentist greenville nc +70%
tim conway dentist +70%
dr smith dentist +60%
family dentist tree +60%
dentist that accept medical +50%
dentist open on saturday near me +50%
kid dentist near me +50%

Along with the news related search terms, you will see some great ideas for dental related search terms that can be can be used with dental SEO and dental AdWords.

You can see where dentists could do very well by optimizing the dental websites and AdWords campaigns for searches like…

  • kid dentist near me
  • nearby dentist
  • dentist open on weekends

Trending Pediatric Dental Searches

Wondering how people are searching for pediatric dentists? Below you will find real data from Google Trends related to pediatic searches.

TOP Pediatric Searches 

dentist for kids 100
dentist near me 65
kids dentist near me 65
pediatric dentist 36
kids pediatric dentist 32
dentist near me for kids 28
my kids dentist 27
the kids dentist 23
kids dentistry 18
every kids dentist 6
kids smile dentist 5
best dentist for kids 4
kids first dentist 3
bay area kids dentist 2

Your AdWords manager might have thought of “pediatric dentist” and they might have thought of “kids dentist”.  But, did they think of “kids pediatric dentist”.  Hope so, because that is clearly becoming a popular search.

Other searches worth noting are…

  • best dentist for kids
  • kids first dentist
  • kids dentistry
  • dentist near me for kids
  • dentist for kids

If people are searching for “dentist for kids”, you better make sure you add those keywords to your dental website for SEO.  And, you should add those keywords to your Google Ads account.  Need more pediatric dental keywords ideas? Check out our post SEO & AdWords Pediatric Keywords

Dental Implants Trending Searches

Are you seeing more dental patients interested in Dental Implants? You should be because Google says more people are searching for information related to dental implants.

In fact, there is a recent surge for these two keyword phrases.

benefits of dental implants +150%
how long do dental implants last +110%

Both search terms would make for great blog posts.  The blog posts would likely take less than more 45 minutes to write and could help your dental practice find new dental patients for years to come. That seems worth it, right?  (50 Dental Blog Post Ideas)

Here are other top Dental Implant related searches according to Google…

TOP Dental Implant Searches 

dental implants cost 100
dental implant 56
cost of dental implants 39
dental implants near me 32
teeth implants 32
dental insurance 28
full dental implants 21
dental implant cost 19
clear choice 17
cost for dental implants 16
mini dental implants 15
clear choice dental implants 14
affordable dental implants 14
how much are dental implants 13
how much do dental implants cost 13
all on 4 dental implants 12
denture implants 11
full mouth dental implants 10
cheap dental implants 10
how much for dental implants 10
full dental implants cost 9
dental implants mexico 9
dental insurance for implants 8
how much does dental implants cost 8
what are dental implants 8

Is your dental SEOcompany helping you find new dental implant patients via SEO?  They/you might want to seriously consider creating a page related to “dental implants cost”.  That term is the top trending “dental implant” term and will likely attract some of the other searches above including…

  • dental insurance for implants
  • how much does dental implants cost
  • full dental implants cost
  • how much for dental implants
  • cheap dental implants
  • affordable dental implants
  • how much are dental implants
  • how much do dental implants cost
  • dental implant cost
  • cost for dental implants

Add some of the longtail keywords phrases to a page or post and you will surely get some expensive and valuable traffic for free.

Braces & Orthodontist Keyword Search Trends

Curious about how people might use Google to find a new orthodontist?  Let’s take a look at orthodontic related keywords.  (Learn about Top Orthodontic Marketing Strategies here…)

First, let’s look at some Braces Keywords Terms that have increased interest lately.

Google Trends RISING Keywords for Braces Keyword Searches

how long do braces last Breakout
kevin hart braces +3,250%
lone star pediatric dental and braces +3,150%
bayou braces baton rouge +3,050%
apple valley dental and braces +1,500%
average cost of braces 2018 +1,500%
shawn mendes braces +1,100%
how much are braces in mexico +300%
bordentown braces +300%
soft foods to eat with braces +300%
lil pump without braces +200%
how much do braces cost on average +200%
how much are braces for adults +200%
how to whiten your teeth with braces +170%
all about braces +150%
elastics for braces +140%
orange braces +130%
band colors for braces +130%
how to remove braces +120%
how to eat with braces +110%
flossers for braces +110%
lisa needs braces +110%
perfect smile braces +110%
atlanta braces +100%
power chains braces +100%

First, we see some great blog post ideas including…

  • how to whiten your teeth with braces
  • soft foods to eat with braces
  • how long do braces last
  • band colors for braces

In fact, a news related blog post might not be a bad idea.  Looks like people are very interested in celebrities with braces…

  • kevin hart braces
  • shawn mendes braces

Now, let’s look at the top Google searches according to Google Trends.

TOP Trending Braces Keywords

teeth braces 100
braces cost 54
after braces 47
dental braces 43
braces colors 30
invisalign 28
invisalign braces 27
braces bands 26
knee braces 24
braces near me 22
best braces 21
clear braces 21
how to get braces 20
braces for teeth 20
getting braces 20
braces insurance 19
back braces 19
teeth after braces 19
braces pain 17
braces color 17
braces rubber bands 17
orthodontist 16
braces dentist 15
kids braces 15
cost of braces 14

Most of these search terms are straight-forward.  But you need to make sure you are optimizing AdWords for some and SEO for others.  Also, some of the keywords should be used as negative keywords.

Braces longtail keywords for SEO.

  • braces color
  • braces rubber bands
  • braces bands

The keywords above might not find you new orthodontic patients but if your orthodontic website becomes a resource for your community, you will win.

Braces longtail keywords for SEO & AdWords

  • braces dentist
  • kids braces
  • cost of braces
  • teeth braces
  • braces cost
  • dental braces

None of the search terms above would typically be used in common language.  This means the keywords are unlikely to already live on your orthodontic website.  Also, these keywords  are unlikely to be phrase match or exact match keywords in your AdWords account.

If your orthodontic practice is smart, you will figure out how to add these great keyword combinations to your website and your AdWords account ASAP!

Negative Keywords For Braces

  • back braces
  • knee braces

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