Looking to improve orthodontic marketing strategies?  Learn orthodontic marketing website best practices from some of the best, most competitive dental practices in the United States.

In this post, we will look at several orthodontic websites from ultra-competitive cities in the US.

Specifically, we will look at which orthodontic keywords are being used in the Page Title of some top orthodontic websites in top cities.

What is a Page Title?   

Every website page or post needs a Page Title to describe what the page is about to both users and Google.  For instance, the Page Title of this post is Top Orthodontic Marketing Strategies.  If you look at your browser tab (at the top of this page), you will see part of that title.  If you hover over the Page Title you will see the entire Page Title.

Why Does A Page Title Matter To Google? 

A Page Title tells search engines like Google exactly what the page is about.  For instance, if you want your orthodontic website to be found for “braces for kids” and you have a page that talks about “braces for kids’, you probably should use the Page Title “braces for kids”.   It is kind of like yelling out to Google, “hey Google,  this page is about braces for kids!!!”

Why Does A Page Title Matter To Searchers?

Searchers are trying to find content that can help them with their specific search.  When the searcher sees the keywords in the Google search result listing, they say “Bingo, that’s what I’m looking for” and click on that Google search result.

For instance, take a look at the search results for the term Boston Orthodontics below.  You will notice almost all of the top search results include the keywords Boston and Orthodontics in the blue headline.  The content in the blue headline is actually the Page Title of the particular web page.

The more searchers click on the blue headline, the more Google thinks the website is relevant. The more relevant Google thinks the website is for particular keywords, the more Google will place the website higher in Google search results for related keyword searches.

OK, so now we know Page Titles are super important for SEO.  So, let’s look at how some top orthodontic marketers are using Page Titles to get found in competitive cities.

Brooklyn Orthodontist Marketing Website Review

First, let’s look at the search term “Brooklyn Orthodontist” in the NY area.

First, you will notice 6 of the top 7 results include the word Brooklyn and the word Orthodontist in the page title. The top search result also includes the terms Invisalign and Braces.

Miami Orthodontist Marketing Website Review

Now, let’s look at the search term “Miami Orthodontist” in the Miami area.

For Miami, you will notice 6 of the top 8 Google search results include both Miami and Orthodontist in the page title. For Miami, only one orthodontist also use the keyword Invisalign in the page title.

Los Angeles Orthodontist Marketing Website Review

Now, let’s look at the when someone simply searches for the term Orthodontist while in the LA area.

As you can see above, even when someone does not use the keyword Los Angeles, Google will sense the location of the search and give LA relevant search results.  In this case, 6 out of the top 8 search results include the term Orthodontist and Los Angeles.  One result includes the term Invisalign.  Two results try to get more clicks with the keyword phrase “best orthodontist”.

Think like the searcher.  Would you be more interested in clicking on a headline that says “LA orthodontist” or “LA best orthodontist”?

Chicago Orthodontist Marketing Website Review

Now, let’s look at the search term Orthodontist in the Windy City.

Interestingly, only 4 of the top 8 search results in Chicago include the term Orthodontist and Chicago.  Instead,  a few of the search results include the term Orthodontics rather than Orthodontist.

This is probably a mistake because it is mostly only dentists and orthodontists use the word “orthodontics”.  In fact, the Google keyword planner doesn’t even specifically show how many average monthly searches there are for the term “orthodontics”.  (that’s not good!)  Whereas, the term “orthodontist” has monthly search average of 100K-1M in the Google Keyword Planner.

In fact, the #4 listing Millennium Park Orthodontics doesn’t use the term Orthodontist in either the page title or anywhere on their main page.  Sorry, but that is insane!
We highly recommend that Millennium Park Orthodontics use the term orthodontist in the Page Title and at least a couple times on their main page.  They should be able to climb above #4 and get more clicks that will turn into more orthodontal patients and more revenue for the practice.

Arizona Orthodontist Marketing Website Review

Now, let’s check out what is going on in Phoenix, Arizona the home of the great Howard Farran from DentalTown.
5 of the top 5 listings in Phoenix have the terms Phoenix and Orthodontist. You will notice many of the listings (page titles) also include the names of local areas like Gilbert, Maricopa, and Ahwatukee.  This is a great way to give another signal to Google that the website is for folks near Phoenix.
The 2nd to top listing uses the term “best orthodontist” which is a good technique to get some great clicks.

San Francisco Orthodontist Marketing Website Review

Next, we will look at the search “orthodontic San Francisco”.  Notice, here searchers are using the word “orthodontic” not orthodontist.

Noe Valley is not using the term orthodontist in the page title or on the main page.  Adding the keywords Orthodontist and San Francisco would take less than 30 seconds and could very likely result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of new revenue over time.  Currently, Noe Valley does not show on the first page of Google for the term Orthodontist San Francisco.  (their orthodontic website looks great and they have fantastic Yelp reviews – we really help they make the change!)

Even when not searching for the term “orthodontist” you will notice 6 out of the top 7 Google results that show up use the term orthodontist!   This is because Google is smart enough to understand orthodontic and orthodontist are related.

Why are the top orthodontic website results using the keyword orthodontist in their page title? Because that is term people are searching for and that is the term that drives traffic.  That is the term people are looking to see in the search results. Orthodontic marketers are using the keyword Orthodontist because it works!

If you have an orthodontic website and you are not using the term orthodontist in your page title, you should probably try it out to get better Google placement, more Google clicks, and more patients looking for braces.
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