Google Ad Rank Causes Dentist Ads To Rise To The Top And Cost Less Money

If you don’t think about Google AdWords most hours of the day, (like we do) you might make a really wrong assumption that will cost you money and new dental patients.  It is easy to assume that Google is in the business of making money and AdWords is simply a pay to play marketing platform – “pay more, perform better.”

That’s actually exactly how old PPC platforms like Yahoo! have worked in the past.  With those platforms, you could write a crappy dentist ad, pay big bucks and be assure your ad would be at the top of the search page all day every day.  Sounds good?  Well, it didn’t really work out for Yahoo! because they would only get paid by the advertiser for clicks and turns out no one clicks on crappy ads.

With the Google Adwords, you did bid on the price you will are willing to pay to be in an ad auction but that is not the only thing determine your placement.  Google’s Stanford engineers are so super smart they figured out that get (6) $2 clicks is better than getting (1) $10 click.

Google also knows the reason they are so successful is because consumers can rely on always getting relevant information when doing a Google search.  If searchers see ads that are not relevant to their search they not likely to click on those ads.  Worse for Google, if they show irrelevant ads searchers might start turning to other search engines like Bing more often.

So, Google rewards relevant ads – not because they are nice guys (necessarily) but because it is good business.  Ask yourself this question, if you are a dental patient looking “dental implants in Reston, Va” which of these two ads are you going to click on…

1) Google ad that mentions “dental implants – Reston dentist” in the headline with a special offer and emotion trigger

2) Google ad that generally talks a dentist practice and barely mentions implants amongst the services offered.

We think you know the answer is #1.  Guess what.  Google knows two as soon as you write the Google ad and gives favorable placement to ads they think are more likely to be clicked.

Google also measures how clickable an ad is as they see results in real-time.  They measure something call Click Through Rate (CTR).  If you write a dental implants ad that searchers seem to love and click on 7 out of 100 you will have a great CTR of 7%.  If your dental implants ad doesn’t really resonate and only one out of searchers click on the ad you will now have a 1% CTR.

OK, so now imagine you are one of those super smart Stanford educated Google guys,  which ad do you want to give better placement the dental implants ad that has 7% CTR or 1% CTR.  You guess it.  They want to show the Google ad that gets more clicks, gives customers relevant  AND MAKES THEM MORE MONEY.

This is all why your arch enemy competitor (evil Dr. Smith across town!) might be spending much less money than you and being placed as the top ad in Google!  You can fix that.

Here’s an example of a good dental implants ad in Reston, VA that is surely making Google and Tysons Dental Esthetics a whole bunch of money.    Tysons is right outside of Reston, VA so the search has a pretty good clue this dental practice is local!

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ConversionSmiles is a Dental Advertising Company

At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist’s Google ads!  We want to save dentist’s money not use waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search.