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Google AdWords for dentists is tricky business. Dental practices can thrive or fail depending on how successful they are with

If your dental PPC company says YES too often you might have a problem. Your dental PPC company is a

[EXTENSIVE LIST OF ADWORDS COMPANIES]  We specialize in dental Google Ads management. However, many of our readers need help with

(Dentists should give access but never full control to Dental PPC Managers) Dental Marketing Company Scammers  Here's a shocker, there

(Dentists can improve dental AdWords conversion rates by improving reviews on review sites like Yelp. Dental practices can improve reviews

There was a time that it did not matter what domain name your dental practice used for your website.   Twenty

Dental PPC Focus ConversionSmiles is mostly focused on helping dental practices with dentist PPC management.  However,  we believe smart dentist

Learn tips and tricks to write dental blog posts to improve SEO and search rankings.

Dentist Bing Ads If your dental practice only runs ads on Bing, you might go out of business if you

A Look At Top Orthodontist Google Ads We always talk about dentist AdWords strategies in this blog.  Today, we will

The best dentist AdWords conversions are for search terms like "Dentist Near Me" or "Dental Implants, Akron".  Those dentist search

Dental AdWords Set Up Basics At ConversionSmiles, we firmly believe dentists don't necessarily need our dental ppc services.  (Yup, we

Dental Adwords Tip #1 Test Mobile Dentist Ads Every day more and more people are choosing to use their phones

SEO for dentists can be different than other types of SEO. However, dental SEO has one thing in common with

Dentist Google Ads We are sometimes asked why we focus on Google AdWords for Dentists at ConversionSmiles. The simple answer

‘AdWords Call Only Ads’ allow searchers to call businesses directly from their mobile phone. In fact, as indicated in the

Learn to write great dental blog posts to grow your dental practice.

Dental marketing will be more important than ever in 2021. Check out dental marketing secrets in this playbook.

Looking for a dental SEO service? This must-read checklist will help you find a dental SEO service that will help

How much does on-page SEO matter for dentists? Quite a bit and sometimes not at all. Let me explain. On-page

(Blackhat SEO is unethical, Blackhat SEO will not continue to work, Blackhat SEO can ruin your dental practice the day

Most AdWords management companies have good intentions and are able to help dental practices grow their businesses.  However, there some

What are Broad Match Keywords? Google AdWords 'broad match' keywords can be awesome but also can attract some unwanted traffic. 

Most dentists glaze over when Google AdWords is discussed.   Sure, dentists love the idea of attracting new dental patients and

(A quick look at Weave. A relatively new patient communication tool that helps dentists communicate with dental patients in smart,

Your dentist Adwords campaigns are as good as the keywords you include in the campaigns.  Here's a list of some

AdWords Is Amazing But Complicated  AdWords is an amazing marketing system for dentists.  AdWords also can be amazingly complicated.   Dentists

Below, you will find a list of teeth whitening keywords.  But first, let's talk about why teeth whitening keywords matter

We Eat AdWords!  At ConversionSmiles, we live, breathe, and eat everything AdWords.  For that reason, we consume a lot of

Smart Orthodontic Marketing requires smart Google ads to find new patients fast. Get free expert orthodontic marketing tips & tricks
simple trick for dentists

(This blog post describes how dentists can use the 'change history' feature in AdWords to see what their dental AdWords

(The cost for Google Maps ads is determined by AdWords quality score, bids and is different for every local area) 

[Google is renaming Google AdWords to Google Ads, according to Search Engine Land.  The reason why Google is renaming AdWords

Keep Tight Control of Your Dentist AdWords Account The beautiful thing about the AdWords system is it can be very

We often get asked for suggestions for dental marketing books. If you are serious about dental marketing, we say you

Simply using an Exclamation Point (!) can increase your Dentist Google Ads CTR. (Click Through Rate) What is Click Through

[9 awesome dental patient marketing ideas that really work.  1) Dental Postcards, 2) Local Outreach 3) Dental SEO, 4) Social

In 2019, Google AdWords for dentists is working better than ever some practices. Find out why in this article.

Smart marketers of any kind are using video. Smart dental marketers are also starting to use dental video more and

( is dramatically and rapidly changing consumer behavior.  Dental practices need to pay attention and make changes in order to

[This article is a resource for dentists looking for help with dental logo design ideas to start or restart their

[Most dentists don't know what they are doing when it comes to Google ads.  This post highlights some dental Google

Some dentist and dentist AdWords management companies have hard and fast rules when it comes to scheduling AdWords when a

Dental Blog Post Headline Ideas Every year, hundreds of dental offices go out of business, get sold off or close

"Google Ads for Dentists" Monthly Service We find lots of profitable dental patients to help you grow your dental practice! 

(We love AdWords and think any dentist is crazy to not to use Google AdWords to find new dental patients.

Dental SEO Analysis of NYC Map Pack & Dental Website Dental Website SEO vs. Map Pack SEO Many dentists interested

Set your calendar back to 1985 for a moment.  Back then, if your dental practice was looking to find new

(We love AdWords PPC for dentists. If your dental practice is looking to find new dental patients, we think AdWords

Free Negative Keyword Tool  At ConversionSmiles, we're always on the lookout for negative keywords for Dentist PPC campaigns. Today, we

This two minute dentist Google ads hack could save your practice thousands of dollars while saving AdWords budget for profitable

[Link to Orthodontic authority websites to increase credibility and improve SEO!] Improve Dental SEO & Dental PPC Good news.  There's

[Advantages and disadvantages of choosing a full-service dental marketing agency vs. a niche dental marketing agency. Advantages  and disadvantages of

Engaging the wrong dental SEO expert can be a BIG mistake. Learn questions you must ask a so-called dental SEO
On Page Dental SEO

How many times should your city name appear on a dental page? Learn what is working and not working for

[Every successful dental marketing campaign should include call recording & call tracking from CallRail or another call tracking service.  Today,

Ever wondered if embedding a map impacts dental SEO? Check and see what we learned..

Most dental practices trying to grow their businesses are investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords, Facebook and beautiful

(In this post, we show examples of actual orthodontist AdWords ads that are working for orthodontists across the U.S. and

If your dental practice is looking for a leg up when it comes to your AdWords campaigns, you should consider

Dentist AdWords Campaigns Are Complex There are so many things that a dentist can do to optimize their Google AdWords

In this article, we take a quick look at what dental SEO tactics are working for the search term "Emergency

Dentist Focus On Dentistry Dentist are experts in dentistry.  (duh!) Some dentists are also experts in running and growing their

[SPOILER ALERT/ ADWORDS LOCATION TIP:  Sometimes it is a good idea to run Google ads in distant cities. Really.] First, 

(It can take Google 3-12 months to start ranking a dental website. Smart dental students will start a basic website

In this post, we will use Google Trends to explore popular dental keyword terms being used in 2018.  Essentially, we

First, there is absolutely nothing scientific about this blog post.  We randomly did Google searches in 10 cities and found the

(Keywords for pediatric dentistry found below are intended to be examples to give dental practices ideas.  The pediatric dental keyword

Why Do So Many Dentists Make The Same Dentist Google Ad Mistakes?  When it comes to AdWords, most dentists have

Google AdWords Vs. SEO Google paid search (AdWords) and SEO (organic search) are two different animals.   There are two big

[Facebook Ads are driving lots of new dental patients to dental offices. Many dental offices don't care about Facebook because

Many dentists are asking themselves if they should focus on Dentist Facebook ads or if they should focus on Dentist

This weekend, we thought it would be a good idea to write a quick blog post about dental SEO techniques

The speed of your dental website can have a big impact on your dental SEO and dental PPC campaigns. We