Many dentists are very familiar with as a great resource for news and information to help dental practices grow.  Today, we’d like to point out some DentalTown AdWords related posts we think will be particularly interesting to our readers.

Google AdWords: Keyword Tips for More Effective Dental Campaigns

The article discusses how the organization and relevance of Google AdWords campaign creates success.

How To Use Google Adwords For Dentists

This article talks about the importance of mobile-ready Google ads, the difference between Google AdWords search and display networks and the importance of using a Google Adwords expert.

AdWords Changes Might Addle DIY Dentists

This post provides a video that discusses changes to the AdWords bidding system for dentists.

What I Have Learned About Marketing Through a Data Analyst’s Eyes.

This post discusses how GoogleMyBusiness and Google Adwords compare for dental practices.

AdWords Ad Copy: Best Practices for Maximizing the Character Limit

This post talks about how dentists can use Google ad extensions to maximize the space Google AdWords allows in order to create the most relevant and effective Google ads.

These posts are written by a number of different authors who offer different perspectives and experiences related to Google AdWords management for dental practices.  You can find more general information about growing your dental practice at