First, there is absolutely nothing scientific about this blog post.  We randomly did Google searches in 10 cities and found the best performing cosmetic dentist Google ad in each city.

Here’s why this post is crazy unscientific.  We did the searches in late December – some dental practices might be taking time off or might have been overbooked and decided to pause the Google AdWords campaigns.    We did the searches during different times of the day – some dentists might have already exceeded their AdWords budget or might start the ads later in the day.  We did the Google searches from a laptop.  Some dental practices might have the dentist AdWords campaigns set up or optimized only for mobile devices.  We did our Google searches from one city but used remote servers to show local Google search results.   This “local server” technique seems to work well usally but might not be perfect.

So, with that said, the “Top 10 Cosmetic Dentist Google Ads” below should really be more of an indication of “what might work and seemed to be working in different cities at different times”.  Also, keep in mind, a not-so-smart dentist AdWords management company could be bidding ridiculous amounts of money guarantee the top position for their dental practice clients.  Unfortunately, just throwing money at AdWords won’t work in the long term if prospective dental patients don’t click on the Google ads and become profitable dental patients.

Google Search Term: “Cosmetic Dentist”

Location: New York City, New York

No surprise the AdWords manager responsible for this Google ad includes the words “Cosmetic Dentist” in the first three words of the ad.  Simply using the term “cosmetic dentist” makes the Google ad incredibly relevant to the prospective dental patient and the Google robots.  In fact,  the AdWords manager uses the term “cosmetic dentist” a second time in the headline and a third time in the first line.

The AdWords manager is also smart to indicate the dentist is an “expert” in “cosmetic and implant dentistry”.  “Expert” is a small 5 letter word that tells a big story in a Google dentist ad. The AdWords manager is also smart to indicate they have “5 star reviews” which builds credibility and to offer a “complimentary consult” which gets ad clicks.

Finally, the dentist AdWords manager is smart to use Google ad extensions to show services and offer more information with site links.

Google Search Term: “Cosmetic Dentist”

Location: Palm Beach Florida

It is hard to imagine how competitive cosmetic dentistry is a place like Palm Beach,  FL.  The place is filled with recent retirees want to look and feel younger.   The top Google ad we saw for the term “cosmetic dentist” started with an offer for $1,000 off!  That’s certainly one way to get Google clicks and may well have helped earn this dentist the top position in the Google results.

We also like the phrase “transform your smile” – this really hits on an emotional level and implies not only fixed teeth but a better smile and maybe a better life.   This AdWords manager only uses the exact phrase ‘cosmetic dentist’ in the URL.  Taking advantage of the display URL is a pro move missed by many dental AdWords managers.  They never use the specific phrase “cosmetic dentist” in the rest of the ad but they do use the phrase “cosmetic dentistry” which technically includes all the same letters as “cosmetic dentist.” This apparently is enough to make the Google dentist ad relevant to both prospective dental patients and the Google robots.

You will notice this top placed Google ad also takes advantage of ad extensions to show services and site extensions to offer up relevant pages on the dentist’s website.   This is a smart way to take advantage of more real estate on the Google search results page and does not cost a penny more.   Smart dentist AdWords managers take full advantage of every bit of space they can….

Google Search Term “Cosmetic Dentist”

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Looks like things weren’t too competitive when we did our Google search in Charlotte, NC.    The Google ad is pretty simple but does do one very smart thing and includes the search phrase “cosmetic dentist” in the headline of the Google ad to make it relevant to Google search and the Google robots.   This seems so obvious but it is amazing how many dental AdWords managers completely forget or ignore this basic AdWords technique.

We also like the line “Make Your Smile Beautiful” which hits on an emotional level and “Free Consultation” which is sure to help get some clicks.   The headline (the big blue top line) does not have any meaningful message or call to action.  A little more work on this ad and the dentist will be sure to pay a lot less per click.  If the dentist is paying a professional to manage their AdWords account they might want to consider other options.  We also wish the AdWords manager would take advantage of the display URL to increase relevance and click through rate.

Google Search Term:  “Cosmetic Dentist”

Location:  Detroit Michigan

When we searched for “cosmetic dentist” in Detroit, MI we found this short and sweet Google ad with the headline “Your One Stop Solution”.    The ad headline is OK but we really like the phrase in Line One – “Beautiful Smiles Only A Call Away”.  Google searchers are looking for instant gratification and this language should entice phone calls and Google ad clicks.

Once again though we wish the AdWords manager would take advantage of all the space provided by the AdWords system.  We would love to see a LIne Two and the use of ad extensions to increase relevance and click through rate.  They are smart to add “dentist” the display URL but why not make the display URL say….   “/cosmetic_dentist” ????

Google Search Term:  “Cosmetic Dentist”

Location:  Atlanta, Georgia

The top Google advertiser in Atlanta, GA is doing a nice job of using the ad headline effectively.   “The most up-to-date techniques” is a great way of saying the dental practice is well equipped to help a dental patient transform their smile in a modern way.

Plus, they were able to get the relevant keyword phrase “cosmetic dentist” in there as well.  We also like that the dental practice takes advantage of a lot of Google ad real estate and emphasizes the softer things like “personalized care” and a “relaxing atmosphere”.

Finally, we love that the AdWords manager takes advantage of the extra space provide by site links and give the dental patient an opportunity to “make an appointment” and view other important pages.

Google Search Term:  “Cosmetic Dentist”

Location:  Brooklyn, NY

This dental practice in Brooklyn, NY is brilliant to use the phrase “rediscover your smile” in the Google ad headline.  All of us once loved our smile and the dentist is using this fact as an emotional trigger to remind the prospective dental patient that they can love their smile again.   “Creating New York’s Most Beautiful Smiles” is also terrific language helps send the message that this is not your ordinary cosmetic dentist.

Finally, we like the AdWords is being really smart about how they are using site links.  Perhaps, nobody will ever click on the “State of the Art Office” or “Media & Press” but both site links send strong messages again that this is definitely not your ordinary cosmetic dentist.

If we have one piece of advice for any dentist AdWords manager, it is “make sure your Google ads are not ordinary. Make sure the dental practice does not come off as ordinary!”

Google Search Term:  “Cosmetic Dentist”

Location:  San Francisco, CA

Really, San Francisco? We expected more.  The ad headline uses the term Cosmetic Dentist (thank God!) but otherwise it completely misses the opportunity to create interest.

Line One is fine as it uses keywords like “whitening, veneers, implants” and tries to build credibility by saying the dental practice is “highly rated by clients”.    Unfortunately though, this Google dentist ad is completely void of emotion.   People buy things because of emotion.  People click on Google ads because of emotions!  This AdWords manager would be well advised to test some dentist ads that include emotional triggers to increase click-through-rates and reduce costs.  It is incredibly likely that this ad is rose top because they are paying way more than the other dentists advertising on Google.

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Google Search Term:  “Cosmetic Dentist”

Location:  Los Angeles, California

We are fascinated by this Google ad running in Los Angeles because despite the fact it does not use the word “cosmetic dentist” a single time it was still the top ad in the Google search results for the term “Cosmetic Dentist”.   Instead,  the AdWords manager is focusing on the term “Veneer” which is used an astounding 8 times.   The ad is so professionally designed that we will assume the AdWords manager knows better than us and is very deliberately not using the term cosmetic dentist in the ad.  It could be that the people of “Tinsel Town” are so sophisticated about cosmetic dentistry that they understand that veneers are exactly what they really want.   If using the term is relevant to the audience and gets a high click-through rate that is really all that matters.  It also could be that the Google robots consider “veneers” to be a close variant of the term “cosmetic.”

One thing is for sure.  This dentist AdWords manager knows exactly what they are doing.  Notice the Google is using 8 lines of text hitting lots of hot buttons like “free”, “memory foam chairs”, “same day visits”, “3d visualizer”, “Veneer financing” and “veneer experts”.

Google Search Term:  “Cosmetic Dentist”

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago thinks cosmetic dentistry is an emergency?  How this Google ad was the top ad is beyond us.  It is a decent ad but the ad headline of “Emergency Dental” is clearly a mistake for the keyword “cosmetic dentist”.   Unless the dentist is spending “stupid money” on the ad it won’t last long as it won’t get a high click-through rate and will eventually fall to the bottom of the page as it should.

We hope East Village Dental Centre sees this (very helpful!) post and makes the appropriate fix to the Google ad so it is more relevant someone searching for a cosmetic dentist.    If their dentist AdWords manager doesn’t do the smart thing, they should expect their competition will soon.

Google Search Term:  “Cosmetic Dentist”

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, the home of Tufts University, has a near perfect Google dentist ad.  First, as usual, we like that the headline includes to term “cosmetic dentist”.  The headline could be better but there is an argument that using the dental practice’s real name builds trust as it is the dental practice name is not included in the domain name in this case.  Next, we love how the display url is being used perfectly — /dental-services/cosmetic.

The phrase “masters of aesthetic dentistry” telegraphs that cosmetic dentistry is not an afterthought for this dental practice.   We also like “creating beautiful smiles” which triggers emotion and creates interest.  We have talked much about “Call To Actions” in this post but “Call today!” is a great one.  It sends a message that dental practice is ready to accept new patients and inviting phone calls.  Seems obvious but it is the little things that can make a big difference in Google ads.

If you are from Boston, you know being voted “Best of Boston” is a high hone and they are smart to call that out using the “Call Outs” Google ad extension.   The AdWords manager also effectively uses Site Links to bring attention to “patient stories” and specific cosmetic dentistry services.

Finally,  we think it is very smart to include the actual physical address in the Google ad.  Someone might be searching from the outskirts of Boston with a Boston IP address but have no interest in actually going into the “big city” for a dentist appointment.  Including the address creates a deterrent from clicking the ad for someone not willing to go into Boston and enticement for someone who actually wants a downtown Boston dentist.

So, now that we’ve looked at some of the top cosmetic dentist Google ads, what have we learned?   First,  it should be very obvious that 8 out of 10 of the top Google ads included the actual search terms in the Google ad headline.  One did not but it was obviously a mistake — “emergency dentist” and the other was from LA and they understand “cosmetic dentistry” in a way the rest of the world never will.

We also learned that using up all the space the AdWords system gives us is a great idea.  Display URLs and Ad Extensions are our friends and don’t cost a penny more.

Finally, dentists that use emotions, relevance and stand out from the crowd perform well.

ConversionSmiles is a dental PPC management company.  Want to learn more about setting up dental AdWords campaigns?  Check out this page Dentist AdWords Set Up From A-Z