Seo & AdWords Keywords for Pediatric Dentistry

(Keywords for pediatric dentistry found below are intended to be examples to give dental practices ideas.  The pediatric dental keyword list below is not intended to be all-inclusive.)

How To Get Found With Keywords for Pediatric Dentistry With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want to get found organically for search terms like “pediatric dentistry”? Your dental practice website needs to include the exact phrases, you want to get found for, in your dental website content. Your dental practice might have a full page talking about how your dental is practice is great for kids. That’s great!

In fact, your website might have multiple pages talking about kid’s dentistry. That’s wonderful. If all of the nearby dentists do NOT talk about being a kid’s dentist or pediatric dentist you might get ranked for the keyword pediatric dentistry.

However, if the other nearby dentists specifically talk about offering pediatric dentistry and your website does not you can expect your dental web page will not rank well. (spoiler alert: other area dentists are probably optimizing for keywords like pediatric dentistry!)

Two reasons another Dental Practice Will Rank Better If They Use The Specific Keyword Phrase Pediatric Dentistry

Reason #1

If a dental web page, specifically uses the term ‘pediatric dentistry’, the website is giving Google a big clue that the website is actually highly relevant to the search term pediatric dentistry.

If you want to give a really big clue to Google, you should include the keyword ‘pediatric dentistry’ in the Page Title to indicate the page directly related to those keywords.

Reason #2

If a Google searcher sees the exact search term pediatric dentistry in the Google search results, they are likely to pick that result. Obviously, the pediatric dentist will benefit from that click but also Google will get a positive user signal that the web page is relevant to the search query.

For this same reason, it is advisable to use the search term in the Page Title because the page title will appear in bright blue in Google search results.

Where Should A Dental Practice Add Pediatric Dentistry Keywords To Their Website Immediately?

Got some Keywords related to pediatric dentistry you want to sprinkle into your dental website content? If you want your dental practice to get ranked for the term “pediatric dentistry”, you need to do two things immediately.

Thing 1. Build a page that specifically talks about pediatric dentistry. Make sure to use the keyword phrase in the page title and multiple times in the content of the webpage. Don’t make this page too short.

A longer page with more in-depth information about pediatric dentistry will likely rank better in Google search results than a shorter page.

Thing 2. Create a link from your dental website homepage with the exact term ‘pediatric dentistry’. A link from your main page sends a strong signal to Google that this keyword phrase is important to your business. If the link is buried in a services or procedures page don’t expect it to be as powerful.

Add Keywords Related To Pediatric Dentistry To Your Dental Blog

Adding popular dental search terms has many benefits.  Review the pediatric dental keywords below and craft interesting blog articles that help your dental patients and help Google find your website.

How To Advertise For Keywords Related To Dentistry In AdWords

Step One: Create A Campaign Related Named Pediatric Dentistry or Kids Dentistry.

Because you have all of your pediatric related keywords in a single campaign, you will be able to carefully control budget and scheduling for those keywords. Decide you never want to see the inside of another kid’s mouth? No problem. Pause your pediatric dentistry AdWords campaign and instantly you will stop advertising for those pediatric keywords in AdWords.

Step Two: Create AdWords Pediatric Dentistry Ad Groups

An ad group contains one or more ads which target similar keywords. For instance, you might want one AdWords ad group for “pediatric dentistry” which would include the words like pediatric, dentistry, & dentist.” The ads that trigger for the “pediatric dentistry” ad group would include ad copy like ” Pediatric Dentist”.  You might have another AdWords ad group with keywords like “childrens dentist”.  In the “children’s dentist” ad group you will want to include ads that talk about “children’s dentistry” rather than pediatric dentistry.  The point is… you want your Google ads to include language similar to what the person searched for in Google.

Pediatric Keywords We Found For Dentistry Here, There And Everywhere

Below you will find pediatric keywords we have found with various keyword tools and in use on actual pediatric dental websites.

Pediatric Dentistry  – Google AdWord Keyword Planner.

Google indicates most of the pediatric keywords suggested in the AdWords keyword planner below range from $4 – $12

pediatric dentist near me
kids dentist
dentistry for children
kids dentist near me
dentistry for kids
kids dental care
children’s dental
children’s dentist near me
child dentist
pediatric dental group
pediatric orthodontist
pediatric dental
child dentistry
my kid’s dentist
children’s dental care
baby dentist
pediatric dental care
dental kids
the kid’s dentist
dental care for children
best pediatric dentist
dentist kids
toddler dentist
pediatric dental office
just for kids dental
dental care for kids
kids dental clinic
pedia dentist

pediatric dentistry concord ma
pediatric dentistry concord
pediatric dentistry near me
pediatric dentistry and braces
pediatric dentistry
pediatric dentistry and orthodontics
pediatric dentistry and ortho
pediatric dentistry and orthodontics for all ages
a+ pediatric dentistry
a children’s dentistry
a pediatric dentist
pediatric dentistry concord ma hours

pediatric dentistry
colorado springs pediatric dentistry
pediatric dentistry near me
emergency pediatric dentistry
holistic pediatric dentistry
conscious sedation pediatric dentistry
pediatric dentistry sedation
orthodontics pediatric dentistry
pediatric dentistry services
nitrous oxide pediatric dentistry
pediatric dentistry that accepts medicaid
pediatric dentistry infancy through adolescence
modern pediatric dentistry
nitrous oxide in pediatric dentistry
nitrous oxide sedation in pediatric dentistry
pediatric dentistry questions
pediatric dentistry research
infant oral health care pediatric dentistry
information about pediatric dentistry

is pediatric dentistry necessary
is pediatric dentistry a specialty
is pediatric dentistry worth it
pediatric dentistry near me
what pediatric dentistry
pediatric dentistry today
pediatric dentistry x rays
pediatric dentistry videos
pediatric dentistry vs general dentistry
pediatric dentistry programs
why pediatric dentistry is important
why pediatric dentistry
pediatric dentistry

Other Keywords For Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Yelp
Pediatric Dentist That Accepts
pediatric dentistry questions
pediatric dentistry reviews
pediatric dentist near me open on saturday
pediatric dentist near me open on saturday
pediatric dentist open
pediatric dentistry and orthodontics near me
best pediatric dentist near me
emergency pediatric dentist near me
pediatric dentistry in tampa fl
best kid’s dentists
kid dentist
kid dentist practice
kid dental practice
kid dental office
kid dentistry
child dentist
best child dentist
child’s dentist
children’s dentist
best children’s dentist
children’s dentist office
children’s dental office
local pediatric dentist
pediatric dental care
pediatric dental cleaning
pediatric teeth cleaning
pediatric cavities
Pediatric Dental Health
teen dentist
Certified Pediatric Dentist
kid friendly dentist
dentist for kids
dentist for children

Example of Great Pediatric Dental Websites 

Pediatric Dentists NYC

Pediatric Dental Health Associates

Pediatric Dental Associates

Certified Pediatric Dentist?

If you are a certified pediatric dentist, tell Google and prospective dental patients with a link to The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

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“Dentist For Kids” Google Ads Review – Baltimore

What works for kid’s dentists ads?

Today, we are going to look at dentists specifically looking for child dental patients.   Our search is in the Baltimore area.

The winner of the top spot at the time of our search is Main Street Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics. Main Street is dental practice with five locations in Maryland and around a dozen in Florida.

We like their headline.  First, it focuses on the keyword phrase “dentist for kids” but it also immediately focuses on being a “fund dental experience”.  Fun is code for not painful for the kids or parents.  We like that the URL using the word Pediatric once again indicating to the Google searcher that this dental practice focuses on kids.  We also like the language “Have your Child’s Teeth Examined” in description line one.  Although “child” is obviously not the exact same keyword as “kid”, Google is certainly smart enough to see it is related and give the ad points for relevance.   Also, not sure if it is on purpose, but we like that the ad indicates the dental practice also does “orthodontic dentistry” / “braces dentistry”.  This signals to the Google searcher that if you are picking a dentist for your child for the long term (which is likely the case) Main Street Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics will have you covered.

The next  Google ad we will review is for White Marsh Pediatric Dentistry.  Their ad is good but a bit skinny.

We always like when the keyword phrase is used in the headline so we like that Child Dentist is prominent in this headline.  The language about pediatric dentistry further makes the case that this a dental practice that focuses on child dentistry.   Finally, we like that the Description Line 1 makes it clear this is dental office located in Maryland.  We prefer that that line specifically indicate that the office is in Nottingham, MD.  First, it would make the ad even more relevant to people near Nottingham.  It would also scare away clicks from people who feel Nottingham is too far or inconvenient.  Why pay for that expensive Google click and have the visitor abandon your website 30 seconds later when they learn your location?   The other thing that concerns us about this ad is there is too skinny?  Why are they not taking advantage of Description Line 2 or ad extensions?  There is more valuable AdWords real estate available for free why not take advantage?

Not sure if this was just a fluke but we hope so….  The ad above from Post Oak Pediatric Dentist is a good ad with a very big potential problem.  When we saw the ad, we based our search from our local Maryland servers.  Here’s the problem, Post Oak Pediatric Dentist is based Marrietta, GA and does not seem to have any dental offices in Baltimore, MD.  Unless this was a temporary fluke, Post Oak Pediatric Dentist should work to get the issues fixed asap so they are not paying for expensive out of state clicks.


At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist’s Google ads!  We want to save dentists money not waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly SEO links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search.  (not a bad thing to have a link from a website that mostly talks about dentist stuff!)