Dental SEO Service Checklist

Looking for a dental SEO service? This must-read checklist will help you find a dental SEO service that will help your dental practice get on page one of Google and not get ripped off. Also, in this article, you will learn how to avoid Google SEO penalties and SEO scammers.

Find A Dental SEO Service With Experience Helping Dentists

There are seemingly millions of SEO experts who want to work with dentists. Just check your email inbox, on a daily basis you should see tantalizing offers from all kinds of alleged search engine optimization experts. Unfortunately, most SEO companies are generalists and are happy to work with landscapers, plumbers, e-commerce companies or whoever is willing to write them a check. The SEO experts might know SEO but they don’t know dental SEO.

These generalist SEOs could possibly help grow your dental practice. However, it is probably not a good idea to waste time and money with them. Don’t let them figure out Dental SEO on your dime and your time. Instead, look for dental SEO services that have a track record of actually helping dentists.

True dentist professional SEO services will understand and actually care about dental websites, dental SEO keywords, dental practices, and even dental patients. Find a service that can already “speak dentist.” If an SEO expert talks about finding your dental practice “customers”, run the other way – you want an SEO service that knows they need to find you “patients”.

Find A Dental SEO Service That Can Help Create Dental Marketing Content

Google is always hungry for new content. However, most dentists don’t focus on creating new dental related content because the process can be time-consuming and painful.

If you truly want to set your dental practice apart from other dental practices and climb to the top of Google you must have a content creation strategy. Your dental SEO service should lead the charge for you to make sure your website is constantly churning out new dental related content. It doesn’t have to be the best SEO content in the world. There just needs to be a lot of content and of course, it needs to be content that represents your practice well and content you actually want your patients to read.

The dental SEO service you choose doesn’t need to necessarily create the content but they should at least be mapping out a plan for dental blog posts, in-depth dental procedure pages, etc.

If you are a dentist in Birmingham, Alabama and you want to be found for dental implants, you better make sure your dentist website publishes lots of new content related to dental implants. If you simply have a single dental implants page like every other dentist in town, why would you expect Google to rank your dental website higher than the other sites?

PRO TIP: Want an easy way to create dental marketing content? Simply interview the dentist. Ask common dental patient questions and simply add the questions and answers as a new blog post. This is potentially a 10 minute job and can potentially pay off with years of new dental patients.

Avoid Dental SEO Services That Focus On Link Building

Many dental SEO services will try to convince you that they will be able to magically propel your dental website to page one of Google by simply purchasing some links from other popular websites. Link building is an age-old, SEO trick to show Google how trusted a website is by other websites however dentists need to use link-building strategies with caution.

Link building still works but Google is smart enough to know most local dentist websites won’t actually ever get big powerful links from or some other website with very high page authority. Purchased, powerful links are not necessary to get found in Google. You probably found this dental marketing website through a Google search and we promise you we have never paid for a single link.

Google is investing a ton of money in machine learning in order to improve their algorithms. If you think, your SEO guy is going to keep outsmarting Google much longer, you should think again.

If you were Google and you saw a local dentist office was getting lots of powerful links wouldn’t you think that is a little suspicious? Usually, there is just no reason for a dentist practice to get lots of links unless the dentist gets arrested or goes viral for some other reason. 99.99% of typical dental practice websites just shouldn’t have lots of powerful links. (list of dental website companies)

Your Dental SEO Service Should Concentrate On Natural Local Links

Instead of getting some random link from a “powerful website” your dental practice should concentrate on local links. You don’t need to have the top dental website in the country. You just want to have the top dental website in your town or city.

Links from other organizations in your area will prove to Google that your dental practice is a vital part of the community. You should take every opportunity to give to your community (participating in parades, school events etc) and soon you will be paid back with powerful local links. Also, find lists of businesses in your community and make sure you are included on those lists.

Your Dental SEO Service Must Know Google Maps!

More and more, prospective dental patients are skipping dental websites and finding their new dentist in the Google Map Pack. (below)

Your dental SEO expert better be an expert at not just optimizing your dental website but also optimizing your Google Map Pack listing. Adding location-based content to your dental website will go a long way towards improving your Google Map Pack listing, Make sure your dental SEO service is experienced at helping dentist appear in the local listings map packs.

Avoid SEO Fly-By-Night Services

It is easy to promise big SEO results in 9 months if you plan to be long gone in 6 months. The SEO world is unfortunately filled with scammers and amateurs. Watch out for folks with generic email addresses like Hotmail and Yahoo. Those email addresses are often used by hard-sell, alleged SEO experts who are here today and gone tomorrow.

Also, watch out for folks with no websites. They are doing SEO but they don’t have a fully developed website?? That should be a major red flag!!

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Dentists Should Beware Of Duplicate Content

What is duplicate content? 

Duplicate content is unoriginal content that already exists on at least one other website.

dentist creating website

Dentists Don’t Create Dental Websites

Most dentists have little to do with the content that is placed on their website.  Instead, dental procedure pages and blog posts are the responsibility of internal staff, web designers, or 3rd party dental marketing companies.  Unfortunately, many times the content is not actually created but instead copied from other dental websites.

Why is dental content copied? 

Most dental practices are talking about the same stuff and trying to appeal to dental patients in similar ways.  No matter if a dental practice is in New York City or Houston, Texas the dental website probably has content about dental implants, teeth whitening and dental crowns.

Rather than re-creating the wheel, a well-intentioned employee might copy and paste a paragraph from another dental website to save some time.  A web designer might use the same cookie cutter content (they created) for every dental website they design.  A 3rd party dental marketing company might unscrupulously plagiarize from other dental websites they think are successful.

Why Is Duplicate Dental Content A Bad Thing?

Google gives the most credit to the first website that publishes particular content.  If subsequent websites publish the same content those websites won’t get credit for having original content and might even get penalized if Google sees most of the website’s content is plagiarized.

Think of this from Google’s perspective, they want to give searchers fresh original content whenever possible so the searchers have a good experience.  If websites could just copy great content to get good Google results, there would be hundreds of the same pages with the exact same content crowding the first pages of Google results.

How Can A Dental Practice Determine If They Have Duplicate Content?

It is easy to check to see if your website content also exists on other dental websites.  In fact, at, you simply enter your your domain and Copyscape will scour the web to see if other copies of your dental content also exists on other websites.

How To Deal With Duplicate Content On Your Dental Website

Did someone steal your website content?

Notify And Report

If you know this to be fact, you should approach the owner of the other website and let them know you are aware they have plagiarized from your website.  That might be enough that they willl do the right thing and remove the dupe.  If not, you should let the website owner know you plan to report them to Google.

Create More Original Content 

Some of your content might be on websites that are not being actively managed.  In that case, it will be a long time before the duplicate content is removed from the internet.  Your best bet might be to just create new content to dilute the copied content.

Has Your Dental Website Borrowed Content From Other Websites? 

Identify the guilty content and simply delete some content and add to it so it becomes your own content.  Most dental content is pretty thin so go ahead and embellish and change what is already there so it becomes content that is unique to your website. It is ok if the skeleton of the content is similar just use your own words to make it your own.

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Here’s some more information from Google about duplicate content.

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Yelp Ads For Dentists? (2019)

(We love AdWords and think any dentist is crazy to not to use Google AdWords to find new dental patients. However, we also think Dentists need to keep considering new options as times change. For instance, Yelp PPC is becoming a great way for dentists to find new dental patients. Yelp Ads For Dentists? We say, probably!)

Going Straight To Yelp

More and more, some people are forgoing the traditional Google search and going straight to the review site Yelp to find the perfect hotel, restaurant, massage or even the perfect dentist.

Some Yelp Stats

According to,  each month Yelp typically attracts around 29 million mobile app users, 64 million web users and 77 million desktop users. But, the news is even better for dental practices trying to get in front of the right dental patients. According to, 46.3% of Yelp users earn more than $100,000 per year!

Maybe the most impressive stat from Yelp relates to their continuous, rapid growth over the last couple of years. In the chart below, you can see the company has added more than 50 million users just since 2015.

(graph courtesy of

Yelp For Restaurants Means More Yelp Users For Dental Practices

Even today, most people think of Yelp as a restaurant review website. For sure, Yelp draws in new users with a great tool for finding a restaurant but once a user has a great restaurant experience thanks to Yelp, they are likely to start using Yelp for all kinds of services like massages, hotels and even for finding a new dental practice.

The Yelp App

The Yelp app makes it super easy for someone to click on the app and start looking at reviews for a particular category within a couple of seconds. The app is user-friendly and even fun to use as you become the instant expert on local restaurants, hotels etc. to the amazement (and annoyance) of your friends.

Dentists should expect more and more people will be downloading the app and will start using the app as routinely as they conduct Google searches today. One relatively new feature that is likely to attract new Yelp app downloads is the Yelp Waiting List for restaurants. The feature allows restaurant patrons to see how many tables need to be seated before them and where their place is in line – all in real time! This simple, cool feature is going to make Yelp a must-have app for many and should create even more explosive growth for the company.

Yelp PPC for Dentists

So, as more and more people use Yelp reviews for everything, it just makes sense more and more people will use Yelp to find dental practices.

The good news for dental practices is Yelp is not nearly a complicated as Google AdWords so a dentist can fairly easily set up a PPC campaign in Yelp and attract new dental patients for important dental keywords like dental implants, root canal, dental practice and more.

Is Yelp Right For Your Dental Practice?

It is more than likely that Yelp can help your dental practice get in front of more in-market dental patients. Great! The big question is will it be worthwhile for your dental practice to advertise on Yelp? Every market and every dental practice is different, so you need to test to see if the Yelp advertising program works well for your practice. It could be that other dentists in your area have not found Yelp so you will be able to get inexpensive clicks. Or, maybe it is a bit expensive but worth it for your practice, because you want to grow your business at all costs. Ultimately, dental practices need to decide for themselves if Yelp’s return on investment makes the financial investment worthwhile.

How Does Yelp Pricing Work?

Here’s how Yelp describes their pay per click program…. “Cost-Per-Click ads are delivered in categories matching your specific business, as well as other similar categories that our ad delivery system has identified as relevant. The price you pay per click is based on competition and relevance, but you’ll always pay the least amount needed to win the click.” learn more here…

Yelp Ads Delivery And Pricing

You can learn more about Yelp ads delivery and pricing from this short, animated video produced by Yelp.

Yelp Is Better For Dental Offices With Better Reviews

This might seem obvious but Yelp is a better advertising platform for dentists that already have good reviews on Yelp. Dentists should not expect that simply paying for a Yelp ad click is going to change the need to be well reviewed on Yelp. If a prospective dental patient is already looking for a dentist on Yelp, you should expect they will need to see positive reviews before deciding to do business with your dental practice.

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#1 Dentist AdWords Mistake

Dentist AdWords Campaigns Are Complex

There are so many things that a dentist can do to optimize their Google AdWords campaigns.  Unfortunately, there’s probably an equal number of things the same dentist can do to mess up their AdWords campaigns.

Use AdWords To Restrict Locations Your Dentist Ad Is Displayed

There are multiple ways you can manage where your dentist ads show. Should you use AdWords to show your ad in your own town? Absolutely! Should you show your Google ad in the next town over. Probably. Two towns over? Maybe. Across the country? No!

Fortunately, you can use the AdWords interface to restrict where your Google ads are displayed. You are able to target locations at the campaign level as it might make sense to be more liberal with some ads and more conservative with others when it comes to location. Here’s more information about setting up location targeting in AdWords directly from Google.  Target ads to geographic locations

So, How Does This All Relate To The #1 Dentist Adwords Mistake?

Most dentists don’t use ‘location targetting’ effectively and are essentially casting their net in the wrong ponds. While some other dentists often use AdWords to restrict locations too narrowly and end up casting their net in way too small of a pond. Neither scenario can be avoided completely. What can be controlled is… getting the right clicks for your Google ads.

Here’s the big mistake we see most dentists make…. drumroll…

The #1 dentist AdWords mistake is not indicating the town or city where the dental practice is located in the Google ad.  Including location information in an ad is such an easy and smart thing to do.

Including the name of the town/city does a few important things.

  1. Indicating the dental practice location makes your dentist Google ad much more relevant (clickable) when someone from that town is searching for a dentist nearby. 
  2. Showing your dental office location helps Google understand that people looking for dentists in that town are ‘your people’.  Although Google does not specifically disclose that they give preference to location information displayed in ad content,  we think they might or will at some point.   Look at it this way.  If Sally is searching for “local dentist” in Plano TX and she is doing the Google search in Plano TX – do you think Google might be smart enough to understand it is good to give better placement to an ad that specifically says the dental practice is indeed in Plano, TX?  We think so!
  3. Providing your dental practice town/city deters the wrong people/patients who would have clicked and ‘turned tail” once they saw your dental practice was too far of a drive. 

So, be a smart ‘dentist AdWords manager’. Create dentist ads that include the city/town location of your dental practice.

DENTIST ADWORDS PRO TIP – Use location extensions in AdWords to display your dental practice location without losing space in your ad. Location extensions create an extra line in the Google ad reserved just for the location information.  Learn more about AdWords Locations Extensions directly from Google..  Use location extensions

Dentist Ad Wish Google Ad Extension




Google Dentist Ad Review – Dentist Near Me Bayonne, NJ

In New Jersey, folks search Google in all kinds of interesting ways including “show me dentists”, “I need a dentist now” and other Google searches we can’t show here.   Of course, New Jersey residents also search Google in more common ways.  Today, we will focus on Bayonne, NJ and the Google search term “Dentist Near Me”.

The first Googe ad we see is from True Dental Care which is actually located in Jersey City, NJ.

The interesting thing about this Google ad is the dental practice actually uses the Google search term “dentist near me.”   The term “dentist near me” isn’t really very compelling or clever.  However, the phrase is SO relevant to the user and Google robot that it is helping this dental practice get #1 placement in Google.   The one downside of how this dentist is using AdWords is this ad is actually for a Jersey City dentist but is showing for someone searching for a dentist in Bayonne.  That’s fine because both places are relatively close but we would recommend the dentist also specifically indicate their dental office is in Jersey City.  That way the dental practice can avoid clicks from people who really want to stay in Bayonne.  The dental practice can also set up Google AdWords to only show the Dentist Near Me ads in very specific locations.

We also like the ad from Platinum Dental Group.   The first thing we like about this Google ad comes at the end of the ad.  The dental practice effectively uses location extension to scream out “YES WE ARE IN BAYONNE. YES WE ARE REALLY NEAR YOU!”  Smart dentist use AdWords ad extension to show their location in order to deter patients who are too far and attract patients who are nearby.  You can learn more about how dentists can use location extensions directly from Google..  We also like the Google Ad Headline “Looking For A Dentist”.  This is a very simple headline but is acknowledging “are you in process of searching for a dentist? we’re here to help”.   Otherwise the ad has much of the standard stuff.  It is decent.  But, we recommend the dentist try use more emotional triggers and a stronger call to action.

At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist Google ads!  We want to save dentists money not waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly SEO links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search.  (not a bad thing to have a link from a website that mostly talks about dentist stuff!)  Learn more about our professional Adwords Management for Dentists