Great Google Ads Hack Can Save Dentists Thousands!!!

There aren’t too many blogs that will save you thousands of dollars – but this just might be one of them. Learn below how your dental practice can save thousands of dollars in Google Ads spend with one quick easy hack.

Most Dentists Waste Money With Google AdWords

Dentist Wast Money With Google Ads

The truth is the Google Ads platform is a phenomenal way to find new dental patients when Google ads are working correctly. Unfortunately, it can also be very easy to waste money with Google ads.

Here’s how to do Dental Google Ads right…

Step One The dentist needs to show the right, relevant Google Ad to the right dental patient. If not, your dentist office will waste money.

Step Two The Dentist Google Ad needs to distinguish itself from other Google ads and search listings on the search results page. The Google Ad needs to be clickable! If the ads are not clickable, costs will go up and the dental office will waste their money!

Step Three The dental landing page needs to get the prospective dental patient to either fill out a form or call the dental practice. If neither happens, the dental practice will waste their money.

Negative Keywords Can Help Dentists Save Money

Remember step one above? “The dentist needs to show the right, relevant Google Ad to the right dental patient.”

The worst thing to happen is when the wrong people see and click your dental Google ad. One bad click could cost you $10-$30+. Over time bad clicks can suck up your ad budget and prevent you from getting good clicks from great “in-market” dental patients.

Here are some keyword clicks a dentist in Miami surely would not want.

“How Much Does A Miami Dentist make?”

Miami Dentist Arrested”

Miami Dentist School”

By simply adding negative keyword terms like “how much”, “arrested” and “school”, a good Google Ads manager could have prevented Google ads from showing for the search queries above. Many of the negative keywords above are common and predictable. Here’s a list of negative keywords for dentists.

How To Avoid Competitor Keyword Clicks

Dentist Competitors

The same negative keyword principle applies if a dental office wants to avoid expensive clicks based on competitor keyword searches.

Let’s say your dental practice is called Big Smiles R’ Us. You probably don’t want people clicking on your Google ad for Springfield Smiles, Smileworld, Springfield Dental Spa etc. In order to make sure you don’t pay for expensive Google ad clicks when someone is simply trying to search for their own dentist, you must add those competitor names as keywords.

If you have an unlimited budget, an amazing website, amazing reviews and an amazing dental office, there is an argument that it might be worth it to pay for a Google ad click when Suzy Smith searches for your competitor, if you think she will be so amazed by your dental practice that she will leave her dentist.

However, you should know Suzy probably didn’t click your ad on purpose and actually thought she was clicking on her own dentist’s website. More often than not she will be gone from your dental landing page within 3 seconds and you will be out $10-$30!


Finding all of your competitors and adding them to your Google AdWords account can be time-consuming. Here’s a quick and easy way to find dentists near you and add them as negative keywords to your Google AdWords accounts.

Step One

Download the Chrome extension called Leads Extractor from the Google Chrome Store. This should take about 5 seconds. Chrome extensions are safe and easy to use. Plus, when you are done they are easy to remove.

You can find the Chrome Extension here.

Step Two

Go to Google Maps and search for dentist in your area.

Step Three

Use the Leads Extractor extension to collect the first set of local dentists.

Step Four

Click the next arrow below the listing to see the next twenty listings.

Step Five

Collect those dentist listing with the Leads Extractor extension.

Step Six

Repeat steps above.

Step Seven

Copy the collected dentist competitor names.

Step Eight

Paste the dentist competitor names into your AdWords negative keywords

Here’s a quick video we made to help you understand the process of collecting competitor dentist names from YouTube.

Dentist AdWords Pro Tip – You should also find and add dentist names (ex. Dr. Howard Farran) to your AdWords negative keyword list. A great place to find actual dentist names is right at the ADA website.

For instance, here’s a list of Miami dentist names…

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Dentist Google Ads – Tricks That Work!

[Most dentists don’t know what they are doing when it comes to Google ads.  This post highlights some dental Google ad tricks that work to find new dental patients profitably. Stop wasting money.  Learn tricks now!]

Dentist Google Ad Headlines Need To Be Super Relevant or Powerful 

Option A – Relevant Google Ad Headlines 

Probably the best option for a dentist is to create a super relevant headline for their Google Ad.  Remember, the prospective dental patient is not looking for your ad.  Most people don’t like to click Google ads.

Your Google Ad’s Headline must make it obvious to the dental patient that your dental practice provide a solution to their problem.

For instance, if the dental patient is searching Google for Dental Implants, your Google Ad headline better talk about Dental Implants.

Here are examples of Dental Implant Google ad headlines that are working well in NYC when prospective dental patients search for “dental implants”.

Notice a trend of all of these top-performing dentist Google ads?  That’s right. Each of the ads includes the exact search term ‘Dental Implants’ in the Google ad headline.   As the prospective dental patient scans the Google search results, they will see their search term be more likely to click the ad.  Because the Google Ad Headline is blue,  it is more likely to catch the dental patient’s eye and get a click.

Image if the last Google ad above simply said, Top Reviewed Prosthodontist NYC would it get clicked for the search term Dental Implants?  Probably not.

Option B – Powerful Headlines

Of course, if every dentist in your area has the same Google Ad headline, it might be time try something different.

We like the Google ad above because, although it doesn’t use the keyword dental implants directly, it does speak directly to the problem the prospective dental patient is trying to solve.

The ad also effectively uses an emotional trigger to get the attention of the Google searcher.  Anyone searching for help with dental implants is probably terrified of losing their smiles or being forced to get dentures.

The Google ad both states the problem and offers a solution right within the Google Ad headline.  Eyecatching and powerful to cut through the clutter.  Job well done.

Take Advantage Of The Dentist Google Ad Display URL

Google defines a Diplay Urls as URLs that “give people an idea of where they’ll arrive after they click an ad. The landing page that you define with a final URL tends to be more specific. For example, if your display URL is, your final URL might be” Source: 

Many dentists forget the power of the display url in the Google Ad.  The display url gives the dental practice another opportunity to make the ad more relevant for the Google searcher. (The display can be completely made up it does not have to be a URL that actually exists on your dental website)

People expect they can click on a Google ad and find more relevant information on the landing page.  People hate clicking on ad only to find a generic web page that is not helpful. A highly relevant display URL in the dental Google ad is an indicator to the Google searcher that they will actually be directed to a relevant, helpful web page.

Relevant display URLs can increase Click Through Rate which will improve AdWords Quality Score and reduce cost the cost of Google ads.

You Dentist Google Ad Should Have A Great Offer

It is not good enough for your dentist Google ad to just say “Yeah, I’m a dentist too – click on me.”  Your dentist ad needs to give the dental patient a compelling reason to click on your ad.  Often times, the best compelling reason is a great offer as seen the ad below.

In the ad above you see the dentist is using a great price offer to drive ad clicks, form fills and phone calls.

Of course, the exam, xrays & cleaning will cost the dental practice more than $39.99 but if they find a dental patient that stays for many years it will be worthwhile.

Great offers will also increase Click Through Rate which will improve AdWords Quality Score and reduce cost the cost of Google ads.

Make Your Dentist Google Ad Bigger With Ad Extensions

There are many Ad extensions available with Google Ads.

Extensions add useful business data below your ad such as locations, additional links, prices, and more. For that reason, extensions are recommended for dental practices using text ads on Search.

Examples of Ad Extensions 

  • Location Extensions– Encourage dental patients to visit your dental practice by showing your location, a call button, and a link to your dental practice details page.  The listing can include your hours, photos of dental practice, and directions to get there.
  • Callout Extensions – Add additional text to your dentist ad, like “Free Xray” or “22 Years Experience.” Callouts can be used to encourage dental patients to convert offline.
  •  Call Extensions -Encourage dental patients to call your dental practice by adding a phone number or call button to your ads.
  • Message Extensions – Encourage dental patients to send your dental practice text messages from your Google ad. Available globally at the AdWords campaign or ad group levels.
  •  Sitelink Extensions – Link people directly to specific pages of your website (like “hours” and “schedule appointment now”).
  • Price Extensions – Showcase dental procedures with their prices, so that people can browse your services right from your ad.

Site extensions make Google ads larger, more relevant and more clickable. Because site extensions can increase Click Through Rate they can improve AdWords Quality Score and reduce cost the cost of Google ads.

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Dental Landing Pages

If you don’t have a good dental landing page, the best Google ad in the world might not be profitable.   You can get dental patients to click on your dental ad all day long but if they don’t call your dental practice or fill out a form on your dental website, your dental ad won’t be profitable. (need a new dental website? check out this list of dentist website companies)

The job of the landing page is to provide relevant information, create interest and cause the dental patient to take action.   Any landing page that is abandoned without action is a failure.

If your dental landing page is not converting, change it by improving the information or a creating a better offer.  If your dentist Google ad is clicked, you’ve won half the battle but it is imperative you get the person’s contact info so they can be converted into a new dental patient.

Landing pages that do not convert are bad for your AdWords Quality.  If someone clicks back to the search results page from your landing page that is a signal to Google that you have an ad or offer that is not relevant for the particular keyword search.

Optimize For Mobile With Call Only Google Ads

If you can’t get your dental landing page right, you should consider using Call Only Ads.

Sample of Google Click To Call Only Ad

To get phone calls to your dental practice you can set up a call-only campaign to encourage dental patients to call your dental practice by clicking or tapping your dentist ad. With call-only campaigns, your dental office bids to drive calls to your practice instead of clicks to your dental website. You can set your Google ads to show only when your dental practice can answer calls, so you won’t miss out on new dental patients.

Learn more in our post about Google Call Only Ads.

Make Sure Your Dentist Google Ad Stays Local

Dentists only want their Google ads to show within a local radius of their dental office.

Google Ads location targeting allows dentist ads to appear in the geographic locations that you choose.

Here are instructions from Google about setting up location targetting.

  • From the page menu on the left, click Locations.
  • Click the name of the campaign you wish to edit.
  • Click the blue pencil icon, then select Radius.
  • In the search box, enter the address of the location you’d like to use for the center of the radius. Enter the radius that you’d like to target and select a unit of measurement from the drop-down menu.
  • Check the map to make sure you’re targeting the correct area. When you’re ready, click Save to add the radius target.
  • Click Save.


Pick Up The Phone! 

We can share a thousand other smart dentist Google ad tips but this is one of the most important.  Pick up the phone!

Your dental office front desk must be trained to pick up the phone and be as helpful as possible to prospective dental patients.  If your front desk doesn’t make the dental patient feel welcome, you can be sure the dentist down the street will.  They will also probably get a new patient!

Need help with dental SEO?  Check out our post Dental SEO Tips or check out this list of dental SEO companies.

ConversionSmiles is dental Google Ads Company.

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One Silly Thing That Helps Increase Dentist Google Ads CTR!

Simply using an Exclamation Point (!) can increase your Dentist Google Ads CTR. (Click Through Rate)

What is Click Through Rate (CTR)? 

CTR is simply the percentage of times a searcher chooses your dentist Google ad over other dentist ads.  For instance, if Google shows your dentist Google ad 100 times and your Google ad is only clicked on one time, your dentist ad has a CTR of 1%.

High CTR Indicates Relevance

Google wants to provide relevant search results and Google ads every time a Google search happens.  One of the ways Google measures relevance is they look at CTR.  If a Google searcher finds a dentist ad irresistible and clickable that likely means it was relevant to their search.  For instance, your dentist ad promoting “dental implant services” should have a high CTR for people searching for “dental implant dentist” but a terrible CTR for dental patients searching for “teeth whitening”.

Why Does CTR  Affect Google Ad Pricing & Placement?

Google only makes money on search ads when people actually click on the ads.  For that reason, Google rewards ads that are highly clickable and punishes ads that do not get clicks.   Google could care less if your dental practice is willing to pay $100 per click if nobody ever clicks on your dentist ad.  They would rather get $250 from (25) $10 clicks than wait for one $100 click.   If your dentist ad isn’t getting clicked, Google will send your ad to the bottom of the search results page, page 2 or worse.  Plus, Google will charge you more money for your unclickable ad than they will charge for the very-clickable #1 Google ad.

Why Google Ad CTR Matters To Your Dental Practice 

You can find all the greatest dental keywords.  You can write the most beautiful dentist Google ads.  You can create awesome dental landing pages… But, if you don’t get prospective dental patients to click on your ads none of the other stuff matters.

Basic Ways To Improve Dentist Ads CTR

Keep Ad Groups Small And Relevant

AdWords provides lots of ways to improve CTR.  Dentists should start with having small Ad Groups that trigger ads that are highly relevant to the search query.   For instance, the teeth whitening Ad Group should only contain keywords related to teeth whitening.   The teeth whitening Ad Group should also only contain Google ads that are related to teeth whitening so the Google searcher finds a solution to their problem.

Use Up Google Ad Space

In the world of AdWords and Google ads, more is more!  AdWords provides lots of space to communicate to prospective dental patients.  For some reason, beyond logic, many dentist AdWords managers do not take advantage of all the space available to them.   Dental practices who know how to properly use AdWords take advantage of site links and display URls to literally use up more space and get more attention from prospective patients.  (check out our post below about using display URLs in AdWords)

Easiest AdWords Secret Every Dentist Can Use – Display URLS

Use An Exclamation Point To Get More Clicks

So, above, we saw some smart ways a dentist can use AdWords to make their Google ads more relevant and help dental patients find a solution to their problem.  But, everything about Google AdWords and the human experience is not so smart.  If your dental practice wants to increase Google ad CTR, you should make sure you are also using exclamation points (!).   Actually, only one exclamation point is allowed per Google ad but you are crazy if you are not testing exclamation points with your various dentist ads.  Also, exclamation points are not allowed in the headline but are allowed elsewhere in the Google ad.

Seems silly that someone would be more likely to click “schedule appointment now!” rather than “schedule appointment now.” right?  Or “Sign up for special!” vs “Sign up for special.” but the tiny difference of the exclamation point can consistently outperform a simple period at the end of the sentence.

Will using an exclamation point work in your market?  Maybe not. Maybe people around you hate exclamation points? But, it probably will work and will end up saving you money and help find you new dental patients.  The only way to find out for sure is for your dental practice to test two versions of the same dentist ad – one with a period and one with an exclamation point.

Hope this tip improves your dental AdWords campaigns. Let us know!!!!!!

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Dentist Google Ads Review “Dentist Office” – Pittsburgh, PA

dentist office Google Office

Pittsburgh, PA is known for being the “steel city”.  Today, we look at how the good dentists of Pittsburgh, PA are using Google AdWords to advertise their dental practice to find new dental patients.  Specifically, we are looking at how they are advertising for the fairly generic keywords “dental office”.

First, we see an ad for The Dentistry Pittsburgh Dentist & Sleep Dentistry John E. Tiano DDS, PPC and Associates.  Location, Location, Locations

The first thing we notice about this Google Ad is it only mentions the dental practice’s West Mifflin office.  That’s OK but when we looked at the dentist’s website, it turns out they have dental offices in Irwin, Greentree, Monroeville, Wexford, Natrona Heights, Pleasant Hills and West Mifflin.   Wow! They have a whole bunch of dental offices and can serve a lot of dental patients. That’s usually a clear advantage in AdWords. They could telegraph their size by simply adding the phrase “multiple locations” to their Google Ad or they could get even more sophisticated.

AdWords Sitelink Extensions

Google AdWords allows a dentist to use sitelink extensions to bring customers to specific pages on a website.  This dental practice could set up site extensions in AdWords for each town they serve.   This would be a great way to help make sure the dentist ad resonates better for people searching in those areas.  Plus, it would make it obvious to the searcher that this a bigger dental practice that likely has the capabilities to serve their specific needs.   You can learn more about sitelink extensions directly from Google.  How to add sitelink extensions.

Of course, using sitelink extensions for locations requires a landing page for each specific location.  This will be a little bit of work one time but should pay dividends in the future.  Dentist AdWords campaigns are getting more and more expensive. Dentists need to do everything they can do to win. The best converting dental related keywords are super competitive and will become even more competitive in the future.

Otherwise, we like that this Google ad tries to differentiate the dental practice by promoting their sedation dentistry services.   We recommend that the dental practice uses even more of an emotional trigger to relate to dental patients who fear going to the dentist.   Something like “Lose Your Fear of Dentists And Get Back Your Smile!”

Clickable Offer?

The next dentist Google ad we will look at is from South Hills Dental Arts.  First, we are intrigued by the line “Your Trusted Local Dentist – $99 Teeth Whitening for Life‎”  The “$99 Teeth Whitening for Life” line probably helps get some ad clicks but we don’t understand how “$99 teeth whitening for life” could really be sustainable for the dental practice or completely accurate.  We think many dental patients might also question what the $99 offer actually means.   Perhaps, not great to have a questionable offer directly after writing “Your Trusted Local Dentist.”  Just saying….

We do like that this dentist ad takes advantage of Google callout extensions to highlight that the dental practice has two locations.  This gives the Google ad 5 full lines of text as compared to the top Google ad which only has three lines of text.  You can learn more about using callout extensions in AdWords directly from Google.  Use callout extensions

Once again, these dental Google ads help show us how powerful ad extensions can be to increase relevance and increase ad real estate.  The bonus is that using ad extensions can actually improve Ad Rank!  (placement of the Google ad)

At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist Google ads!  We want to save dentists money not waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly SEO links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search.  (not a bad thing to have a link from a website that mostly talks about dentist stuff!)  Learn more about our professional Dentist AdWords Management

Dentist Google Ads Review – Cincinnati, OH

Oh Ohio, how do you do with Dentist AdWords management?  Looks like dentists in Ohio are pretty nimble with the ol’ AdWords interface.  Today,  we look at ‘family dentist’ Google ads running in Cincinnati, OH. (Cincinnati Trivia: Jerry Springer paid for a prostitute by check while mayor of Cincinnati!) 

Oh, We Love Keywords in Dentist Google Ad Headlines

The first dentist Google ad we look at is from Afinia Dental

Of course, we love that this dentist using the term ‘family dentist’ right in the headline of the Google ad. It is so simple.  When people search for a search term in Google their eyes are drawn to ads that include that search term.  They more likely to click on that search term. Why dentists don’t always include the search in the Google ad headline is a mystery.

We also like the term ‘expert family dentist’.  Not sure exactly what that means.  But, would you rather be seen by a regular old ‘family dentist’ or an ‘expert family dentist’? If I need a dentist for my family, I’m going to click on the ‘expert family dentist every time.

We also love that they say “No wait”.  In just two words they tell the Google ad reader – ‘we respect your time, we honor your time, we are not going to mess with you.

This dentist ad also effectively uses Google ad extensions to be the most prominent ad in the Google search results.  6 lines of text and they are likely paying less than some much shorter dentist Google ads that are less relevant and less useful.

Next, we see a dentist Google ad from Martinez & Martinez Family Dental Care  Mason, OH  Mason, OH (50 minutes away)

A Short, Sweet & Empty Google Ad

Where’s content in this ad. Sure, it has the term family in the Google ad headline, that’s good.   But otherwise,  this dental practice or dentist AdWords management company simply does not seem to be paying attention.   There is nothing ‘clickable’ about the headline.  The dentist practice is simply using the name of the dental practice and the website address for the ad headline.  In the world of dentist AdWords management, that’s like begging to not be clicked.  The blue headline should include something highly relevant. Plus, the headline should try to include a benefit or emotional hook. Something!

Even worse, we searched for ‘family dentist’ in Cincinnati and Mason Dentistry seems to be in Mason, OH about 30 minutes away.   If nothing else, this dentist should use some of that empty space in their Google ad to indicate they are in Mason.  Doing so could scare away some expensive clicks from people in Cincinnati who have no interest in traveling to Mason to go the dentist.

Dentist Google Ads Do Well With Emotional Hooks 

Finally, we have a dentist Google ad from Meuselbach Family Dental  in West Chester Township, OH

This dentist Google ad is ok but lacks an emotional hook. The ad also tries to throw the kitchen sink at the Google searcher with everything from implants to veneers. We would love to see something like “We treat your family like… family!”  Or maybe something like – “Families Love Our How We Much We Care”.  If someone is searching for “family dentist”, it might make sense to talk to that selling point, right?

AdWords is an amazing marketing tool for dentists.  Dentist AdWords managers need to use all of the power of AdWords to get great ad clicks and conversions to help dental practices grow.

At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist Google ads!  We want to save dentists money not waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly SEO links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search.  (not a bad thing to have a link from a website that mostly talks about dentist stuff!)  Learn more about our professional Adwords Management for Dentists