Dental SEO Service Checklist

Looking for a dental SEO service? This must-read checklist will help you find a dental SEO service that will help your dental practice get on page one of Google and not get ripped off. Also, in this article, you will learn how to avoid Google SEO penalties and SEO scammers.

Find A Dental SEO Service With Experience Helping Dentists

There are seemingly millions of SEO experts who want to work with dentists. Just check your email inbox, on a daily basis you should see tantalizing offers from all kinds of alleged search engine optimization experts. Unfortunately, most SEO companies are generalists and are happy to work with landscapers, plumbers, e-commerce companies or whoever is willing to write them a check. The SEO experts might know SEO but they don’t know dental SEO.

These generalist SEOs could possibly help grow your dental practice. However, it is probably not a good idea to waste time and money with them. Don’t let them figure out Dental SEO on your dime and your time. Instead, look for dental SEO services that have a track record of actually helping dentists.

True dentist professional SEO services will understand and actually care about dental websites, dental SEO keywords, dental practices, and even dental patients. Find a service that can already “speak dentist.” If an SEO expert talks about finding your dental practice “customers”, run the other way – you want an SEO service that knows they need to find you “patients”.

Find A Dental SEO Service That Can Help Create Dental Marketing Content

Google is always hungry for new content. However, most dentists don’t focus on creating new dental related content because the process can be time-consuming and painful.

If you truly want to set your dental practice apart from other dental practices and climb to the top of Google you must have a content creation strategy. Your dental SEO service should lead the charge for you to make sure your website is constantly churning out new dental related content. It doesn’t have to be the best SEO content in the world. There just needs to be a lot of content and of course, it needs to be content that represents your practice well and content you actually want your patients to read.

The dental SEO service you choose doesn’t need to necessarily create the content but they should at least be mapping out a plan for dental blog posts, in-depth dental procedure pages, etc.

If you are a dentist in Birmingham, Alabama and you want to be found for dental implants, you better make sure your dentist website publishes lots of new content related to dental implants. If you simply have a single dental implants page like every other dentist in town, why would you expect Google to rank your dental website higher than the other sites?

PRO TIP: Want an easy way to create dental marketing content? Simply interview the dentist. Ask common dental patient questions and simply add the questions and answers as a new blog post. This is potentially a 10 minute job and can potentially pay off with years of new dental patients.

Avoid Dental SEO Services That Focus On Link Building

Many dental SEO services will try to convince you that they will be able to magically propel your dental website to page one of Google by simply purchasing some links from other popular websites. Link building is an age-old, SEO trick to show Google how trusted a website is by other websites however dentists need to use link-building strategies with caution.

Link building still works but Google is smart enough to know most local dentist websites won’t actually ever get big powerful links from or some other website with very high page authority. Purchased, powerful links are not necessary to get found in Google. You probably found this dental marketing website through a Google search and we promise you we have never paid for a single link.

Google is investing a ton of money in machine learning in order to improve their algorithms. If you think, your SEO guy is going to keep outsmarting Google much longer, you should think again.

If you were Google and you saw a local dentist office was getting lots of powerful links wouldn’t you think that is a little suspicious? Usually, there is just no reason for a dentist practice to get lots of links unless the dentist gets arrested or goes viral for some other reason. 99.99% of typical dental practice websites just shouldn’t have lots of powerful links. (list of dental website companies)

Your Dental SEO Service Should Concentrate On Natural Local Links

Instead of getting some random link from a “powerful website” your dental practice should concentrate on local links. You don’t need to have the top dental website in the country. You just want to have the top dental website in your town or city.

Links from other organizations in your area will prove to Google that your dental practice is a vital part of the community. You should take every opportunity to give to your community (participating in parades, school events etc) and soon you will be paid back with powerful local links. Also, find lists of businesses in your community and make sure you are included on those lists.

Your Dental SEO Service Must Know Google Maps!

More and more, prospective dental patients are skipping dental websites and finding their new dentist in the Google Map Pack. (below)

Your dental SEO expert better be an expert at not just optimizing your dental website but also optimizing your Google Map Pack listing. Adding location-based content to your dental website will go a long way towards improving your Google Map Pack listing, Make sure your dental SEO service is experienced at helping dentist appear in the local listings map packs.

Avoid SEO Fly-By-Night Services

It is easy to promise big SEO results in 9 months if you plan to be long gone in 6 months. The SEO world is unfortunately filled with scammers and amateurs. Watch out for folks with generic email addresses like Hotmail and Yahoo. Those email addresses are often used by hard-sell, alleged SEO experts who are here today and gone tomorrow.

Also, watch out for folks with no websites. They are doing SEO but they don’t have a fully developed website?? That should be a major red flag!!

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“Root Canal” Seattle, WA Google Ad Review

What works for “Root Canal” Google Ads in Seattle?

The top ad for the search “Root Canal” in Seattle, WA at the time of our search was for West Valley Dental.

There’s a lot to love about this Google ad.  First, West Valley Dental makes it really clear to Google and the prospective dental patient that they are serious about Root Canals.  We count 4 references to the keyword “root canal” in the Google ad.    Next, we like that there is a compelling offer in the Google ad to attract more clicks.  “$100 off” is a compelling reason to click an ad to learn more.  The area code indicates that this is likely a Seattle area dentist but we’d prefer if it were more explicitly stated that this a dentist near Seattle or in Tukwila, WA.    Root Canals are expensive so we like that the dentist is emphasizing 0% financing is available.  “Same Day Treatment” also is great because the patient isn’t looking a root canal next month they need it ASAP.

Next, we like this ad from

Urban Smiles Family Dentistry does a great job of getting the keyword Root Canal prominently in the headline but also saying something that is meaningful to the dental patient in need by saying “Tooth Ache Emergency Treatment”.   The next line talks about “pain relief on the same day” and that most insurance is accepted.  If you put yourself in the place of the prospective dental patient this is precisely what they want to be seeing.   We also love that Urban Smiles Family Dentistry is using a sitelink to give the patient the ability to “request an appointment”.   The blue sitelink makes it look like the patient can request an appointment right away.  This dental practice is doing a great job with the Google ad creation process, hopefully, they are doing as well with keyword selection, ad scheduling, AdWords budgets etc!

Next, we have Greenlake Dental’s root canal ad.

First, we like that this dental practice has a price in the ad.  In theory, the dental patient is willing to pay $599 for a root canal and won’t be scared away by the price when they go to make an appointment.  We also like that they pitch themselves as the “Top Root Canal Dentist.” Dentists typically don’t want to be too boastful but if being modest causes you to be on page 2 or 3 your dental practice will not grow as fast as you like.   We also like the domain. The domain instantly tells the Google searcher that this Dentist is in Seattle, WA.  The one thing we don’t like is this ad seems like it could be for a generic dental marketing company rather than a real live dentist. The ad never mentions the name of the dentist or dental practice and we think this a mistake.  Stating the name of the dentist or dental practice helps build credibility and personalize the ad experience.

At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist’s Google ads!  We want to save dentists money not waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly SEO links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search.  (not a bad thing to have a link from a website that mostly talks about dentist stuff!) 

“Dental Implants” – Google Ads Review

Dental Implants in Denver, Colorado

“Dental Implants” is a highly profitable keyword phrase and therefore highly competitive.  Dentists who are bidding on and getting seen with the keyword phrase “Dental Implants” are more likely to know what they are doing with Google AdWords.  First off, they are using a very targeted keyword that is likely to get conversions and new dental patients. That’s smart!

Let’s take a look at how Dentists are using Google ads in Denver, CO to attract new patients.

First up, we have  Congrats to Butterman Dental for their first place Google ad ranking.  Couple things we like.  The exact term “dental implants” is being used right in the main headline.  This tells Google and the prospective dental patient this keyword is really important to you.  We also like that the dentist is emphasizing how quickly they can help – “Same Day Dental Implants” and “Get Your Implants Today”.

Makes sense that when some is ready to get dental implants they want to get the procedure done asap.   If the number one Google ad is emphasizing speed you might want to also. Only complaint with the Google Ad is they are not taking advantage of ad extensions.  The should be owning even more of the front page by using ad extensions for free.

You can see the next Google ad for ClearChoice dental implants does take advantage of ad extensions and show Common Questions and Address and Hours info. In fact, this ad is filled with factual info.  It probably could use more of an emotional trigger but is a good ad.

We really like the third Google ad from AKA as Appearance Center.  Not only do they use the term Dental Implants right in the headline they go one step forward and say “Expert Dental Implants”.   Too often dentists are too modest when it comes to marketing.  But ask yourself this question, would you prefer to go to a dentist that that can dental implants or one that is an expert?

We also like they use the word Denver multiple times.  The searcher doesn’t want to waste their time on a dentist website that is actually out of their area.  The biggest problem with this ad is they are trying to squeeze in the Appearance Center brand name. Could that real estate be better used with an emotional trigger? We think so.   Dentists don’t worry so much about your brand in the Google ad – just try to get a click and then the conversion.

Finally, we have Christiansen Dental‎    We like that get right to an emotional trigger with the line “transform your smile” and build credibility with the 25+ years of dental experience and talking state of the are cosmetic dentistry.  But wait? Do they do dental implants?

That term is not important enough to be in the headline. Not in the Url. Not even in the first or second line of copy. Can we really blame Google for not prioritizing this as the #1 or #2 ad?  Can we blame someone quickly search for dental implants for not clicking on this ad?    The worse part is because of this small error they are likely paying more than the #1  Google ad in AdWords!

Interested in learning more about dentist Google ads?  Check out our post  Dentist Google Ads Tricks That Work! 

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