Dental Google Ads Vs. Dental SEO

Should dental practices focus on dental Google Ads or Dental SEO?  Both dental marketing strategies have PROs and CONs.  However, when it comes to which strategy is better our answer is a definite — BOTH!’   In 2019 and beyond, dentists will need to focus on dental SEO and dental PPC.   (especially dental Google ads!)


  • Affordable when Adwords Account is managed correctly
  • Easy to track return on investment when AdWords Account is managed correctly
  • Easier to guarantee first page rankings with Google ads than dental SEO.
  • Easier to rank for more dental keywords than dental SEO.
  • Easier to rank a true dental landing page  that is intended to convert a Google search into a dental patient
  • No need to trick Google to get found. No risk of getting your dental website banned from Google for bad behavior.
  • Don’t need to constantly keep up with the latest Google algorithms
  • You can write solution-oriented dental Google ads that will entice prospective dental patients to click on your Google ad.  (dental SEO does not offer the same  level of control)
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  • Dental ads can be super expensive when dental AdWords campaigns are not managed correctly.
  • Experimentation is limited by budget. $10 ad clicks can add up quickly.
  • Might not be worth advertising with dental keywords that don’t have a clear ROI.
  • Dentist Google advertisements are an ongoing endless expense.
  • Dentists can end up paying for Google ad clicks for irrelevant Google searches.
  • Not everyone clicks on dental Google ads.  So, of course, you want to make sure your dental practice also gets found for organic search in addition to Google ads.


  • Can you say “Free Per Click”?   Prospective dental patients can click on your search results all day and you will never pay more!
  • You can experiment with longtail dental keywords that don’t get many clicks but sometimes convert into new dental patients.  (if two times a year you find a new patient with the dental keyword “help with tooth hurting” — why not optimize for the phrase?
  • Investing in one year of dental SEO, should theoretically help a dental practice find new dental patients for five years plus.
  • Some people never want to click on Google ads. You want those people to also find your local dental practice by finding you with organic search.
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  • If your dental SEO company does black hat SEO your dental website could get banned from Google! (That’s not good – that means your dental practice could essentially disappear from Google. )
  • It is really hard for a dental practice to get found for lots of different dental keywords.  You might do great with dental SEO for 50 dental keywords but still not get found for 150+ more keywords.  Google tends to pigeonhole a dental website.  (For instance, dental website for kids, dental website for Wako, TX, emergency dental website)  With a dental SEO only strategy, you can potentially be limited by the number of dental keywords your dental practice is found for.
  • Some people like to actually click on Google ads because they feel the Google ads are vetted by Google.
  • According to WordStream, 64% of searchers with “commercial intent” click on Google ads.   That means more and more dental patients are going right the Google ads.

“Clicks on paid search listings beat out organic clicks by nearly a 2:1 margin for keywords with high commercial intent in the US. In other words, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online!”


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Dentist Google Ads – Tricks That Work!

[Most dentists don’t know what they are doing when it comes to Google ads.  This post highlights some dental Google ad tricks that work to find new dental patients profitably. Stop wasting money.  Learn tricks now!]

Dentist Google Ad Headlines Need To Be Super Relevant or Powerful 

Option A – Relevant Google Ad Headlines 

Probably the best option for a dentist is to create a super relevant headline for their Google Ad.  Remember, the prospective dental patient is not looking for your ad.  Most people don’t like to click Google ads.

Your Google Ad’s Headline must make it obvious to the dental patient that your dental practice provide a solution to their problem.

For instance, if the dental patient is searching Google for Dental Implants, your Google Ad headline better talk about Dental Implants.

Here are examples of Dental Implant Google ad headlines that are working well in NYC when prospective dental patients search for “dental implants”.

Notice a trend of all of these top-performing dentist Google ads?  That’s right. Each of the ads includes the exact search term ‘Dental Implants’ in the Google ad headline.   As the prospective dental patient scans the Google search results, they will see their search term be more likely to click the ad.  Because the Google Ad Headline is blue,  it is more likely to catch the dental patient’s eye and get a click.

Image if the last Google ad above simply said, Top Reviewed Prosthodontist NYC would it get clicked for the search term Dental Implants?  Probably not.

Option B – Powerful Headlines

Of course, if every dentist in your area has the same Google Ad headline, it might be time try something different.

We like the Google ad above because, although it doesn’t use the keyword dental implants directly, it does speak directly to the problem the prospective dental patient is trying to solve.

The ad also effectively uses an emotional trigger to get the attention of the Google searcher.  Anyone searching for help with dental implants is probably terrified of losing their smiles or being forced to get dentures.

The Google ad both states the problem and offers a solution right within the Google Ad headline.  Eyecatching and powerful to cut through the clutter.  Job well done.

Take Advantage Of The Dentist Google Ad Display URL

Google defines a Diplay Urls as URLs that “give people an idea of where they’ll arrive after they click an ad. The landing page that you define with a final URL tends to be more specific. For example, if your display URL is, your final URL might be” Source: 

Many dentists forget the power of the display url in the Google Ad.  The display url gives the dental practice another opportunity to make the ad more relevant for the Google searcher. (The display can be completely made up it does not have to be a URL that actually exists on your dental website)

People expect they can click on a Google ad and find more relevant information on the landing page.  People hate clicking on ad only to find a generic web page that is not helpful. A highly relevant display URL in the dental Google ad is an indicator to the Google searcher that they will actually be directed to a relevant, helpful web page.

Relevant display URLs can increase Click Through Rate which will improve AdWords Quality Score and reduce cost the cost of Google ads.

You Dentist Google Ad Should Have A Great Offer

It is not good enough for your dentist Google ad to just say “Yeah, I’m a dentist too – click on me.”  Your dentist ad needs to give the dental patient a compelling reason to click on your ad.  Often times, the best compelling reason is a great offer as seen the ad below.

In the ad above you see the dentist is using a great price offer to drive ad clicks, form fills and phone calls.

Of course, the exam, xrays & cleaning will cost the dental practice more than $39.99 but if they find a dental patient that stays for many years it will be worthwhile.

Great offers will also increase Click Through Rate which will improve AdWords Quality Score and reduce cost the cost of Google ads.

Make Your Dentist Google Ad Bigger With Ad Extensions

There are many Ad extensions available with Google Ads.

Extensions add useful business data below your ad such as locations, additional links, prices, and more. For that reason, extensions are recommended for dental practices using text ads on Search.

Examples of Ad Extensions 

  • Location Extensions– Encourage dental patients to visit your dental practice by showing your location, a call button, and a link to your dental practice details page.  The listing can include your hours, photos of dental practice, and directions to get there.
  • Callout Extensions – Add additional text to your dentist ad, like “Free Xray” or “22 Years Experience.” Callouts can be used to encourage dental patients to convert offline.
  •  Call Extensions -Encourage dental patients to call your dental practice by adding a phone number or call button to your ads.
  • Message Extensions – Encourage dental patients to send your dental practice text messages from your Google ad. Available globally at the AdWords campaign or ad group levels.
  •  Sitelink Extensions – Link people directly to specific pages of your website (like “hours” and “schedule appointment now”).
  • Price Extensions – Showcase dental procedures with their prices, so that people can browse your services right from your ad.

Site extensions make Google ads larger, more relevant and more clickable. Because site extensions can increase Click Through Rate they can improve AdWords Quality Score and reduce cost the cost of Google ads.

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Dental Landing Pages

If you don’t have a good dental landing page, the best Google ad in the world might not be profitable.   You can get dental patients to click on your dental ad all day long but if they don’t call your dental practice or fill out a form on your dental website, your dental ad won’t be profitable. (need a new dental website? check out this list of dentist website companies)

The job of the landing page is to provide relevant information, create interest and cause the dental patient to take action.   Any landing page that is abandoned without action is a failure.

If your dental landing page is not converting, change it by improving the information or a creating a better offer.  If your dentist Google ad is clicked, you’ve won half the battle but it is imperative you get the person’s contact info so they can be converted into a new dental patient.

Landing pages that do not convert are bad for your AdWords Quality.  If someone clicks back to the search results page from your landing page that is a signal to Google that you have an ad or offer that is not relevant for the particular keyword search.

Optimize For Mobile With Call Only Google Ads

If you can’t get your dental landing page right, you should consider using Call Only Ads.

Sample of Google Click To Call Only Ad

To get phone calls to your dental practice you can set up a call-only campaign to encourage dental patients to call your dental practice by clicking or tapping your dentist ad. With call-only campaigns, your dental office bids to drive calls to your practice instead of clicks to your dental website. You can set your Google ads to show only when your dental practice can answer calls, so you won’t miss out on new dental patients.

Learn more in our post about Google Call Only Ads.

Make Sure Your Dentist Google Ad Stays Local

Dentists only want their Google ads to show within a local radius of their dental office.

Google Ads location targeting allows dentist ads to appear in the geographic locations that you choose.

Here are instructions from Google about setting up location targetting.

  • From the page menu on the left, click Locations.
  • Click the name of the campaign you wish to edit.
  • Click the blue pencil icon, then select Radius.
  • In the search box, enter the address of the location you’d like to use for the center of the radius. Enter the radius that you’d like to target and select a unit of measurement from the drop-down menu.
  • Check the map to make sure you’re targeting the correct area. When you’re ready, click Save to add the radius target.
  • Click Save.


Pick Up The Phone! 

We can share a thousand other smart dentist Google ad tips but this is one of the most important.  Pick up the phone!

Your dental office front desk must be trained to pick up the phone and be as helpful as possible to prospective dental patients.  If your front desk doesn’t make the dental patient feel welcome, you can be sure the dentist down the street will.  They will also probably get a new patient!

Need help with dental SEO?  Check out our post Dental SEO Tips or check out this list of dental SEO companies.

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Dentist Facebook Ads Vs. Dentist AdWords Campaigns

Many dentists are asking themselves if they should focus on Dentist Facebook ads or if they should focus on Dentist AdWords campaigns.  To us, the answer is super-duper clear, dentists should focus on both Facebook ads and Google ads.

Why Dentists Should Use Google AdWords

Dentist AdWords vs. Dental SEO

Is your dental practice killing it with dental SEO strategies? Great.  You should still be investing in AdWords.  There is no better way to consistently find in-market dental patients than a dental AdWords campaign from Google. Period.

Dental SEO is 2nd best but you never know if Google algorithms are giving as much love today to your dental SEO as they did last week.  Also, it is very doable to do well with Dental SEO for some dental keywords but very unlikely you will be able to “own” all of the dental keywords in your market.    Having a big presence with dental SEO + dental ppc helps your practice “own” the first page of Google and gives your dental practice credibility.

Dental Google Ads Show At The Right Time 

Dentist AdWords Campaigns allow your dental practice to be in front of dental patients at the exact moment the prospective patients are searching for help with dental issues.  It is great to build your brand by being in front of new prospective patients by advertising in the local paper or on Facebook but nothing beats offering a solution to a specific dental issue at the exact moment that person is looking for help in Google.

At this point, most people are familiar with the difference between organic Google search results and Google ads.  The good news is a person clicking on a dentist Google ad typically has a higher intent to take action. (ie. fill out a form, make a call)

A Competitor Dentist’s Google Ad Will Show If Your Google Ad Does Not

If you don’t present a solution to a prospective dental patient’s problem, your competitor likely will.  Let’s say a prospect patient searches for “dental check-up” and finds your competitor and never even considers your dental practice. That’s good news for your competitor and bad news for your dental practice.  Not only d you lose out on a dental patient that might have a lifetime value of $10,000, your competitor’s dental practice grows while yours doesn’t.   Your competitor is now able to invest in better technology, a better team and a better experience for their patients.

So yeah,  you should definitely invest in dental AdWords campaigns!

(want to see some examples of Dentist Google ads that work? check out the post below)

Top 10 Cosmetic Dentist Google Ads (kind of!)

Why  Dentists Should Invest In Facebook Ads

Facebook Helps Your Dental Practice Target Dental Patients

Here’s how Facebook helps dentists find their next, best patients…

Demographics – Dentists can find dental patients based on stuff like age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace, job titles and more.

Location –  Dentists can reach dental patients in the area they practice dentistry.  Dental practices can even create a radius around a dental office to help find more walk-ins.

Interests – Find dental patients based on what they’re into, like hobbies, favorite entertainment and more.  You know what your perfect dental patient looks like. Now you can find them with Facebook.

Behaviors – Reach dental patients based on their purchase behaviors, device usage and other activities.  Looking for high-end dental patients who can actually afford expensive dental procedures? Now you can find them with Facebook.

You can learn more directly from Facebook here. Facebook Advertising Targeting Options 

Facebook Gives The Right Patients A Nudge

For as long as there are people, there will be people who are apprehensive about going to the dentist.  Facebook allows you to get in front of dental patients who know they should be doing something about their teeth but aren’t doing a damn thing about it.  Facebook creates an opportunity to make it easy to gently remind people their mouths matter and help them take action.   Many people don’t wake up in the morning thinking “I need to find a new dentist today” or “I need to get my teeth whitened today”.  If they do, they likely are in a place they can’t do anything about it (in front of a mirror) and forget all about it as life happens and they never get around to looking for help…

Dental Offers On Facebook Help Incent Patients

People make all kinds of crazy impulse purchases thanks to Facebook.   Why not create a compelling dental offer that actually can improve a person’s health and life?  Job #1 of a Facebook ad is to create interest and action.  An attractive dental offer gives a prospective patient a reason to do something now and stop procrastinating.    These people are not searching for a dentist but need one – your dental practice should be there for them.  Your dental practice ad is presented when they have time (they are bored and looking at Facebook) and can actually do something about it. (fill out a form!)

Dental Offers On Facebook Help Educate Patients  

Here’s a heartbreaker.  95% of people never think about dentistry.  Plenty of people think Invasalign is something that Tom Cruise was able to afford but they never could.  Even more people think Crest white strips are their only option for whiter teeth.  As a dentist, you think about this stuff all the time.  You take for granted what the average person knows and understands about modern dentistry.  Most people are completely clueless about their dental options.  Thanks to Facebook you can target the right people, educate them about their options and bring them on as new longtime dental patients.

So yeah,  you should definitely invest in dental Facebook ads!

In summary, we believe marketing investments in dental SEO, dental AdWords and dental Facebook ads are all critical to growing your dental practice.

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