Should dentists use AdWords off hours?

Some dentist and dentist AdWords management companies have hard and fast rules when it comes to scheduling AdWords when a dental practice is not open.  The rule is if a dental practice is not open for business then Google ads should not be running.  Seems like a pretty good rule and makes sense right? If there is not someone available to help dental patients, it doesn’t make sense to attract phone calls and clicks, right?  Sometimes, that is absolutely the right way to look at dental AdWords management, sometimes is way wrong.

Like everything else with Google AdWords, it all comes down to return on investment for dentist spend.  If your dental practice advertises at 2am and gets clicks but never gets ‘form fills’ or phone calls, that’s bad and not worth the expense.  If a dentist advertises on Sundays (when your dental practice is closed) and you get form fills and voicemails from prospective dental patients who never become real dental patients (because they find other dentists) well that’s bad too obviously.

However, if most other dentists are are following the golden rule of “don’t advertise on google on weekends, nights etc” well you might just have a golden opportunity.  Remember, the Google AdWords system is really just an auction and dentists AdWords clicks get so expensive because dentists compete against one another and outbid each other.  So depending on the dental procedure, it might be super profitable to advertise on Google when your dentist competitors at home sleeping in their comfy jammies. If you can advertise with Google AdWords for terms like “root canal” or “dental implant” at half the price you normally spend maybe that is a good idea.  If you can run ads when other dentists are not competing with their Google ads maybe that’s a good idea.

Keep in mind, you can control Google AdWords scheduling and spend at the Campaign level.   You can create very specific ad groups and ads that are intended only for weekends.  This way you can further control your budget.  You can even write ads that acknowledge you are currently closed but will open soon and want the patient’s info.  You can even use AdWords to focus more on mobile searches or maybe more on desktop searches.

We think there a couple keys to making off hours dentist AdWords campaigns successful.  First, if at all possible to accept calls off hours that should be the goal.  But short of having someone to field initial calls and web inquiries, your dental practice should consider a ‘quick follow up strategy’.  We know it is a drag for your employees to deal with off-hours inquiries but for highly profitable procedures it might worthwhile to provide an incentive program so your employees will actually look forward to getting new leads and helping out new dental patients while watching NetFlix at 8:30 at night. If you can’t have a real human contact the dental patient, you should figure out an email system that clearly lets the patient know that although your dental practice is close you are eager to talk to them as soon as you re-open.  Maybe even send a couple emails to let them know you don’t plan to disappear.  If there are enough new dental patient leads coming in during the off hours because of Google AdWords, your dental practice has a good problem and can (must) find a workable solution.

Full Mouth Reconstruction – Palm Beach, FL – Google Ads Review

Full Mouth Reconstruction is a competitive keyword phrase in a place like Palm Beach Florida. First off we have Ocean Dental Studio which comes close to having a really great Google ad but falls a bit short. The ad follows some Google best practices like focusing on the keyword phrase Full Mouth Reconstruction in the headline of the ad. We also really like that the dental practice not only offers a free consultation in Description Line One but writes it like this “Free Consultation!” Full Mouth Restoration has got to be a scary idea for most people. A free consultation sounds like an inviting way to learn more with no risk.

The big question with this ad is where is the rest of it?  The Google AdWords system allows you to add two description lines below the domain and two site links.   Taking advantage of the extra space obviously helps you tell more your dental practice’s story but also gives you more real estate to allow you to own more of page one of Google.

We can see the next Google ad from PGA Advanced Dentistry does indeed use every available inch of their Google ad in some really smart ways.

First, not only does this dental practice use the keyword Full Mouth Reconstruction in the Headline, they also indicate that they are a “Top Cosmetic Dentist”.   Saying “Top” is something most dentists shy away from but we have seen other industries where a little bit of self-aggrandizing is really powerful in terms of getting more clicks.  Ask yourself the question, if you see an ad for a “cosmetic dentist” or “top cosmetic dentist” which are you going to click on?  Keep in mind, the Google searcher (your prospective dental patient” is often looking at the search results for less than 1 second.  Also, if you don’t consider yourself to be a “Top Cosmetic Dentist” you probably should not be advertising on Google and might want to consider changing professions. 😉   You want those Google clicks, stop being so modest. We also love that this dental practice is using emotional triggers like “trust your smile to an expert” and indicating they have ”

We also love that this dental practice is using emotional triggers like “trust your smile to an expert” and indicating they have “spa like amenities”.  Finally, the site link of “client reviews” is powerful because even if nobody ever clicks on them you letting prospective patients know they exist and improving credibility for your dental practice.  Google AdWords give dentists a lot of space to work with – make sure you take advantage of the opportunity!

The last Google ad we will look at comes from Steier Dental Implants & Prosthodontics.  This dentist does a good job taking advantage of lot of Google ad space but it seems like it could be more powerful.  The closest thing to an emotional trigger we could find is “Give Your Teeth The Attention They Need”. This is good but seems a bit too subtle and doesn’t hit on the emotions as well as it could.   The other way this dentist might be able to find more clicks and new dental patients is by providing some sort of offer – free consultation, etc.

At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist’s Google ads! We want to save dentists money not waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly SEO links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search. (not a bad thing to have a link from a website that mostly talks about dentist stuff!) Learn more about our professional Adwords Management for Dentists.

“Root Canal” Seattle, WA Google Ad Review

What works for “Root Canal” Google Ads in Seattle?

The top ad for the search “Root Canal” in Seattle, WA at the time of our search was for West Valley Dental.

There’s a lot to love about this Google ad.  First, West Valley Dental makes it really clear to Google and the prospective dental patient that they are serious about Root Canals.  We count 4 references to the keyword “root canal” in the Google ad.    Next, we like that there is a compelling offer in the Google ad to attract more clicks.  “$100 off” is a compelling reason to click an ad to learn more.  The area code indicates that this is likely a Seattle area dentist but we’d prefer if it were more explicitly stated that this a dentist near Seattle or in Tukwila, WA.    Root Canals are expensive so we like that the dentist is emphasizing 0% financing is available.  “Same Day Treatment” also is great because the patient isn’t looking a root canal next month they need it ASAP.

Next, we like this ad from

Urban Smiles Family Dentistry does a great job of getting the keyword Root Canal prominently in the headline but also saying something that is meaningful to the dental patient in need by saying “Tooth Ache Emergency Treatment”.   The next line talks about “pain relief on the same day” and that most insurance is accepted.  If you put yourself in the place of the prospective dental patient this is precisely what they want to be seeing.   We also love that Urban Smiles Family Dentistry is using a sitelink to give the patient the ability to “request an appointment”.   The blue sitelink makes it look like the patient can request an appointment right away.  This dental practice is doing a great job with the Google ad creation process, hopefully, they are doing as well with keyword selection, ad scheduling, AdWords budgets etc!

Next, we have Greenlake Dental’s root canal ad.

First, we like that this dental practice has a price in the ad.  In theory, the dental patient is willing to pay $599 for a root canal and won’t be scared away by the price when they go to make an appointment.  We also like that they pitch themselves as the “Top Root Canal Dentist.” Dentists typically don’t want to be too boastful but if being modest causes you to be on page 2 or 3 your dental practice will not grow as fast as you like.   We also like the domain. The domain instantly tells the Google searcher that this Dentist is in Seattle, WA.  The one thing we don’t like is this ad seems like it could be for a generic dental marketing company rather than a real live dentist. The ad never mentions the name of the dentist or dental practice and we think this a mistake.  Stating the name of the dentist or dental practice helps build credibility and personalize the ad experience.

At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist’s Google ads!  We want to save dentists money not waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly SEO links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search.  (not a bad thing to have a link from a website that mostly talks about dentist stuff!)