Sedation Dentist Google Ad Review Brooklyn, NY

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So, you moved from Omaha to New York City and now you have to go to the dentist.  You are scared! What to do?  Why not just get knocked out and have your chompers worked on while you sleep? What could be better?

Today, we look at a Sedation Dentist Google Ad in Brooklyn, NY

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Sedation Dentist Google Ad – Emotion Trigger

Let’s look at a Google Ad from  Smile In The City in New York City.  We like that they try to use an emotion trigger “Afraid of NYC dentists” in the headline but we think they could do better.  “Afraid of dentists” would be great but “afraid of NYC dentists” makes the prospective dental patient think there might be a reason to specifically be afraid of NYC dentists.  Solving that problem by getting sedated doesn’t seem like a good solution to that problem – it sounds downright terrifying.

Certified Works to Build Credibility

We love that the ad says “certified IV sedation” – we don’t know what the means exactly but it sounds important and helps to build authority and credibility for this sedation dentist.    We also like that they are getting the keyword “sedation” in the headline of the dentist Google ad.

Creepy Holiday Special?

Not to pick on this poor little Google ad but one thing we find kind of creepy is that they are advertising a holiday special.  Keep in mind, we found this ad on  Oct 26th so what is the holiday special? Halloween?  “Afraid of NYC dentists?  We have a Halloween special.  Let us knock you unconscious and do what we want with you…. Happy Halloween!”   Not really probably the intention.  The holiday language was probably left in from a more appropriate holiday.  Want to learn how to use AdWords to run specific Google ads for holidays?  Check out this great post from our friends at WordStream AdWords Holiday Planning: How to Use the Automate Feature

Dentist Google Ads – Location Matters!

Finally,  we looked at this dentist Google Ad with a local search out of Brooklyn, NY.  According to their website, the dental practice seems to only have offices in Manhattan not in Brooklyn.  Obviously,  many people work in Manhattan or otherwise would be happy to go into the big city for a qualified sedation dentist.   The big question is should the dental practice not their location in the with Google Ad extensions or otherwise.  If sedation dentistry is crazy profitable for them and they can withstand lots of Google ad clicks from people who actually want to find sedation dentistry right in Brooklyn, NY – no problem!  If cost is a factor and their NYC address would keep some people from clicking who would never actually become new dental patients.   The other reason the dentist might want to reveal their address is that although they might be able to get the click and get the new patient perhaps they are less likely to be a long-term patient.

“Dental Implants” – Google Ads Review

Dental Implants in Denver, Colorado

“Dental Implants” is a highly profitable keyword phrase and therefore highly competitive.  Dentists who are bidding on and getting seen with the keyword phrase “Dental Implants” are more likely to know what they are doing with Google AdWords.  First off, they are using a very targeted keyword that is likely to get conversions and new dental patients. That’s smart!

Let’s take a look at how Dentists are using Google ads in Denver, CO to attract new patients.

First up, we have  Congrats to Butterman Dental for their first place Google ad ranking.  Couple things we like.  The exact term “dental implants” is being used right in the main headline.  This tells Google and the prospective dental patient this keyword is really important to you.  We also like that the dentist is emphasizing how quickly they can help – “Same Day Dental Implants” and “Get Your Implants Today”.

Makes sense that when some is ready to get dental implants they want to get the procedure done asap.   If the number one Google ad is emphasizing speed you might want to also. Only complaint with the Google Ad is they are not taking advantage of ad extensions.  The should be owning even more of the front page by using ad extensions for free.

You can see the next Google ad for ClearChoice dental implants does take advantage of ad extensions and show Common Questions and Address and Hours info. In fact, this ad is filled with factual info.  It probably could use more of an emotional trigger but is a good ad.

We really like the third Google ad from AKA as Appearance Center.  Not only do they use the term Dental Implants right in the headline they go one step forward and say “Expert Dental Implants”.   Too often dentists are too modest when it comes to marketing.  But ask yourself this question, would you prefer to go to a dentist that that can dental implants or one that is an expert?

We also like they use the word Denver multiple times.  The searcher doesn’t want to waste their time on a dentist website that is actually out of their area.  The biggest problem with this ad is they are trying to squeeze in the Appearance Center brand name. Could that real estate be better used with an emotional trigger? We think so.   Dentists don’t worry so much about your brand in the Google ad – just try to get a click and then the conversion.

Finally, we have Christiansen Dental‎    We like that get right to an emotional trigger with the line “transform your smile” and build credibility with the 25+ years of dental experience and talking state of the are cosmetic dentistry.  But wait? Do they do dental implants?

That term is not important enough to be in the headline. Not in the Url. Not even in the first or second line of copy. Can we really blame Google for not prioritizing this as the #1 or #2 ad?  Can we blame someone quickly search for dental implants for not clicking on this ad?    The worse part is because of this small error they are likely paying more than the #1  Google ad in AdWords!

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