Why Google AdWords Is Being Renamed To Google Ads

[Google is renaming Google AdWords to Google Ads, according to Search Engine Land.  The reason why Google is renaming AdWords is because Google wants to simplify the advertiser experience and simplify perception of the advertiser experience.)

Goodbye My Sweet AdWords 

After 18 years of branding their online ad experience as AdWords, Google is changing the name to Google ads.  This is a good move as many small businesses are so busy running their businesses they still don’t know to search for Google AdWords, Google AdWord, Google Ad Word, and many don’t even remember the brand is called Google AdWords.  Many also confuse Google AdWords with Google AdSense.

Google AdWords Has Been About More Than Words For A Long Time

When Google AdWords first emerged 18 years ago, AdWords was a brand name that made a lot of sense.  If advertisers wanted to bid on keywords in the Google search engine, they would need to sign up for AdWords.

Over the years display advertising, remarketing ads, YouTube ads were added to the AdWords interface, so now AdWords is about much more than just keywords.

Google Ads Is Simple And Straightforward Name

You could walk into a typical business and ask them what Google AdWords is and many will not actually be familiar with term AdWords. Yes, even many paying advertisers will not know the term AdWords.   Many others will think AdWords is just about search.  Some will understand AdWords is a full advertising platform.

With the new name, a Google a partner will be able to call on any business and ask them in they are using Google Ads and the advertiser will know exactly what they are talking about.  That is simple. That is straightforward.  Simple and straight is Google wants advertisers to think of AdWords.  Oops, I mean Google ads.

Google Ads New Name Coincides With Launch Smart Campaigns 

As Google AdWords relaunches as Google Ads, Google also launches Smart Campaigns.  Many advertisers still perceive Google Ads (AdWords) as difficult to set up and difficult to manage.

Google is trying to change that perception by launching Google Smart Campaigns.  Smart Campaigns makes set up simple.  Smart Campaigns also use machine learning to do some “heavy lifting” so advertisers do not need to be constantly managing their ad campaigns.  Once again, Google is trying to change the perception of Google Ads to be simple, simple, simple.

Learn more about Google Smart Campaigns here…

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Google Maps Advertising Cost (2018)

(The cost for Google Maps ads is determined by AdWords quality score, bids and is different for every local area) 

There is no such thing as Google Maps advertising without AdWords.  In order to play in the Google Maps ads world, you will need an AdWords account.  You will manage your Google Maps budget, clicks etc. through your AdWords account.

Why Is Advertising In Google Maps Important?

Google searchers are getting smarter every day.  For instance,  someone looking for a dentist doesn’t want to waste time researching the perfect dentist only to find out the dental office is too far from their home or office.  Instead, many people will rely on Google maps to find dental practices nearby.

Where Is The Option For Google Maps In AdWords

So, this is crazy but there is not a direct option to advertise on Google maps in AdWords.  Most companies would say “hey, want to advertise in our maps? easy click here, give us money, done.”

Not Google.  There is no direct way to just start advertising in Google Maps or what is known as the Google Map or Google 3 Pack.

What Does A Business Need To Show Up On Google Maps?

1)  Set Up Google My Business

2) Link Your AdWords Account With Your Google My Business Listing

3) Enable Location Extensions

How To Set Up Google My Business

Google My Business is a free listing service from Google.  First, you should check to see if a Google My Business listing is already set up by Googling your business name.  Make sure the listing is accurate and complete.

For instance, here’s the Google My Business listing for Google’s headquarters called the Googleplex.

You can add or change your Google My Business list here…  https://support.google.com/business/answer/2911778

Learn more about setting up Google My Business in the video below created by Google.

How To Link Your Adwords Account to Google My Business

  • Sign in to your AdWords account.
  • Click the Ads & Extensions tab. Click Extensions at top of page 
  • Click Blue + Button (Ad Extension)

  • Click Location Extensions


  • Select the Option that says “Select A Google My Business Account” (You should see your account as long as you are signed in with the same login.

How Can Location Extensions Help AdWords Search?

Forget about Google maps for a minute.  Beyond Google Maps, it is a smart idea for local businesses like dental practices to use Location Extensions.

Location Extensions help make your Google ad more relevant and should help improve your click-through rate and AdWords quality score.  Also, when your Location Extension shows your business is too far away from a prospect, you will scare them away and not pay for the ad click. That’s a good thing.

When Will Your Ads Show Up in Google Maps, 3 Pack, etc.?

Not consistently is our best answer.  Just like you can not guarantee your Google Ad will show up in Google results.  You can not guarantee your ad will show up in AdWords.

However, you can make it more likely your ads will show up in AdWords if you have active campaigns with Google ads using the Location Ad Extensions.

A Simple Trick To Get Your Ads To Show Up On Google Maps More Often

Google seems to favor Call Only ads in Google Maps. With a Call Only ad, instead of clicking a link to a landing page, the Google searcher clicks a link on their mobile phone and automatically calls dental practice, pizza place or other local business.

You can learn more about setting up Call Only Google Ads For Mobile in the video below from Google.

Try setting up a Call Only ads in their own campaign.  Monitor results.  If you get conversions, try running more Call Only ads.  If not, consider adjusting the ad schedule.  For instance, an “AdWords Call Only” call to a dental office at 9:30 pm probably doesn’t make a lot of sense.

What is the cost of Advertising on Google Maps Via AdWords

Costs will be determined by daily budget, keyword bids, local competition and quality score.

Can Google Ads Be Set Up Exclusively To Run On Google Maps?

No. There is no way to run Google ads exclusively on Google Maps.  Instead, when set up correctly your Google ads with Location Extensions enabled will sometimes show up in Google Maps.  (not guaranteed!)  Think of Google Maps advertising as a perk for Adwords advertisers.

Getting Your Ad On Google Maps is An AdWords Power User Trick!

Getting your ad to consistently show on Google Maps is a great tool to find customers your competitors might never hear from.

Because the process is not straightforward, many of your competitors are unlikely to ever figure out how to get their ads on Google Maps.   That means it will be less competitive and more affordable for your business. (advantage you!)

Learn more about Local Search Ads directly from Google https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/3246303?hl=en

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Our Best SEO & PPC Tip For Dentists

Dentist Focus On Dentistry

Dentist are experts in dentistry.  (duh!) Some dentists are also experts in running and growing their dental practice.  (that’s pretty great) Almost, none of the good ones, are experts in AdWords or SEO, nor should they be.

ConversionSmiles Focuses On AdWords & SEO For Dentists

We are experts in everything related to dental AdWords and dental SEO.  If you are a dentist, we could bore you for weeks about everything we know about SEO and AdWords. Today, we won’t do that.  If you want to be bored by dental seo and  AdWords stuff, just read our blog.

Today, we will focus on a simple tip that can help any dentist looking to improve their performance with either AdWords or (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

Keywords For Dental Practices

In order for your dental practice to have success with SEO or AdWords, you need to focus on what dental keywords are actually being searched for in Google by prospective dental patients.  For a general list of dental keywords for AdWords or SEO, check out this post 2018 Dental Keywords List.

There are thousands of dental keyword variations you should use in order to rank your dental website to get found by the maximum number dental patients.  However, there is one Big Kahuna when it comes to dental keyword phrases people are really using.

#1 Dental Keyword Phrase You Should Focus On For PPC & SEO

It turns out the most popular dental keyword phrase (apart from the simple  keyword “dentist”) is the phrase “dentist near me”.  More and more Google searchers are expecting Google to understand where they are physically and expecting Google to deliver the best results for them.   The Google AdWords Keyword planner indicates there are typically a whopping 673,000 searches for the term “Dentist Near Me” every month!

Our Best SEO & PPC Tip For Dentists – ‘Optimize For Dentist Neat Me’!

How can you know if your dental practice is optimized for the keyword “dentist near me”?  It is actually pretty simple.  Do some searches on your phone and computer at a location near your office.  Just make sure your browser is using “incognito mode” so that your browser is a blank slate and is not showing results based on your previous searches.  If your dental website shows up at the top of the page for both PPC and SEO, you are in good shape.  In not, you have work to do.

Optimize For “Dentist Near Me” In AdWords

In order to show up for “Dentist Near Me” in AdWords, the first thing you need to do is make sure you are actually bidding on that exact phrase in AdWords. Tell Google that the phrase “dentist near me” is important to you by bidding enough to beat your competitors.  Don’t rely on broad match – bid on the exact phrase.

Next, make sure you are actually targeting dental patients in your local area.  You can learn more about targeting specific areas directly from Google here… Target ads to geographic locations

Increase Your AdWords Quality Score By Increasing Your Click Through Rate 

For many keywords, it makes sense to place the exact phrase in the Google dentist ad.  For instance, a dental patient searching for the term “root canal” should see “root canal” in the Google ad if you expect them to click on the ad. This makes the ad more relevant and more clickable for the prospective dental patient.

However, rather than using the term “dentist near me” in your Google ad, you might be better off saying “dentist near you” or “dentist near Toledo“.  Although, you won’t use the exact keyword phrase, the ad should be highly relevant to the Google searcher looking for a dentist near them and therefore the ad will be highly relevant and clickable.   Increased click-through-rate leads to increased AdWords quality score. Increased quality score allows for better ad placement at lower costs!

Optimize For “Dentist Near Me” In SEO

Your Website Should Tell Google Where Your Dental Office Is Located

The most important thing you can do for your dental website to show up in Google for “dentist near me” at locations that are actually near your dental office is to make sure Google understands your exact location.  This means you should include your dental office location on most pages and include a Contact Us page that provides Google with more evidence that your dental office is located in a specific area.  Even better, you should embed a Google map with your exact office location on multiple pages of your website.

Make Sure Local Citations Are Accurate 

According to Moz.com, “Local business owners and marketers can create citations on a variety of important local business data platforms which exist to publish this type of data. Core platforms include Google My Business, Acxiom, Localeze/Neustar, and Infogroup. Key local business listings can also be built on popular social and review-oriented sites like Facebook and Yelp.”

These local citations help Google and other search engines learn where a dental office is actually located.  Of course Google wants to give their users the best possible search results, so if they don’t trust your local citations because of inaccuracies or missing data, they will be likely to show another dental website in your area when the search “dentist near me” is conducted.

The most important local citation is of course your “Google My Business” listing as Google is more likely to trust the “Google My Business” process for acquiring listing information.

Link To Local Businesses

When it makes sense to link to other local businesses while blogging, you definitely should.  A link to the local school, local newspaper or town hall tells Google you are an active member of a particular community.    The more evidence Google has that you are associated with a particular area will help them have confidence in showing your website for people in that area when those people search for “dentist near me”.

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Yelp Ads For Dentists? (2019)

(We love AdWords and think any dentist is crazy to not to use Google AdWords to find new dental patients. However, we also think Dentists need to keep considering new options as times change. For instance, Yelp PPC is becoming a great way for dentists to find new dental patients. Yelp Ads For Dentists? We say, probably!)

Going Straight To Yelp

More and more, some people are forgoing the traditional Google search and going straight to the review site Yelp to find the perfect hotel, restaurant, massage or even the perfect dentist.

Some Yelp Stats

According to Yelp.com,  each month Yelp typically attracts around 29 million mobile app users, 64 million web users and 77 million desktop users. But, the news is even better for dental practices trying to get in front of the right dental patients. According to https://www.yelp.com/factsheet, 46.3% of Yelp users earn more than $100,000 per year!

Maybe the most impressive stat from Yelp relates to their continuous, rapid growth over the last couple of years. In the chart below, you can see the company has added more than 50 million users just since 2015.

(graph courtesy of Yelp.com)

Yelp For Restaurants Means More Yelp Users For Dental Practices

Even today, most people think of Yelp as a restaurant review website. For sure, Yelp draws in new users with a great tool for finding a restaurant but once a user has a great restaurant experience thanks to Yelp, they are likely to start using Yelp for all kinds of services like massages, hotels and even for finding a new dental practice.

The Yelp App

The Yelp app makes it super easy for someone to click on the app and start looking at reviews for a particular category within a couple of seconds. The app is user-friendly and even fun to use as you become the instant expert on local restaurants, hotels etc. to the amazement (and annoyance) of your friends.

Dentists should expect more and more people will be downloading the app and will start using the app as routinely as they conduct Google searches today. One relatively new feature that is likely to attract new Yelp app downloads is the Yelp Waiting List for restaurants. The feature allows restaurant patrons to see how many tables need to be seated before them and where their place is in line – all in real time! This simple, cool feature is going to make Yelp a must-have app for many and should create even more explosive growth for the company.

Yelp PPC for Dentists

So, as more and more people use Yelp reviews for everything, it just makes sense more and more people will use Yelp to find dental practices.

The good news for dental practices is Yelp is not nearly a complicated as Google AdWords so a dentist can fairly easily set up a PPC campaign in Yelp and attract new dental patients for important dental keywords like dental implants, root canal, dental practice and more.

Is Yelp Right For Your Dental Practice?

It is more than likely that Yelp can help your dental practice get in front of more in-market dental patients. Great! The big question is will it be worthwhile for your dental practice to advertise on Yelp? Every market and every dental practice is different, so you need to test to see if the Yelp advertising program works well for your practice. It could be that other dentists in your area have not found Yelp so you will be able to get inexpensive clicks. Or, maybe it is a bit expensive but worth it for your practice, because you want to grow your business at all costs. Ultimately, dental practices need to decide for themselves if Yelp’s return on investment makes the financial investment worthwhile.

How Does Yelp Pricing Work?

Here’s how Yelp describes their pay per click program…. “Cost-Per-Click ads are delivered in categories matching your specific business, as well as other similar categories that our ad delivery system has identified as relevant. The price you pay per click is based on competition and relevance, but you’ll always pay the least amount needed to win the click.” learn more here…

Yelp Ads Delivery And Pricing

You can learn more about Yelp ads delivery and pricing from this short, animated video produced by Yelp.

Yelp Is Better For Dental Offices With Better Reviews

This might seem obvious but Yelp is a better advertising platform for dentists that already have good reviews on Yelp. Dentists should not expect that simply paying for a Yelp ad click is going to change the need to be well reviewed on Yelp. If a prospective dental patient is already looking for a dentist on Yelp, you should expect they will need to see positive reviews before deciding to do business with your dental practice.

Need help getting more and better Yelp reviews for your dental practice? Check out our post…

Dentist AdWords Tip – Get More Good Reviews! [2018]

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Dental Website Tip For Dental Students

(It can take Google 3-12 months to start ranking a dental website. Smart dental students will start a basic website now and their dental website will be ready to find patients before they open their dental practice.)

If Your Dream Is To Work For A Big Dental Company Skip This Article

If you are studying to be a dentist but never want to start your own dental practice this article is not for you. If you don’t like the idea of owning your own dental practice business, this article is not for you. If you want to always work for someone else and your dream is to work for a big dental conglomerate, this article is definitely not for you.

If you want to start and run your own dental practice, have autonomy and make a whole bunch of money this article is for you!

Too Soon To Start Your Dentist Website?

There are lots of reasons you might think it is too soon to start your dentist website. You are probably neck deep in dental school and think you are too busy to start your dentist website now. Wrong!

If you put your mind to it, you could probably have your new dental website started with less than 3 hours of work. If you have time for XBOX, Instagram, shopping or going out to bars, you have time to build a simple dental website.

You probably have no clue how to build your own dentist website and think it is something you could never do on your own. Wrong again my dental student friend. Building a simple dentist website is crazy easy. A complete amateur can build a website within a couple of hours with the help of sites like GoDaddy.com, Wix.com, WordPress.com, Squarespace.com and many other sites.

You might think it is too soon to build a dental website because it is too expensive to purchase a domain and maintain a website. Wrong again! You can buy a dentist website domain for less than $10 and buy website hosting for less than $50 per year.

You might think it is too soon create a simple dental website because you have no idea where you will want to locate your actual dental practice. No problem. You can start your dental website from the perspective of a dental student blog and gradually transform it into your dental practice website.

Why It Makes Sense to Start Building Your Dental Website ASAP

Google is in the business of giving Google searchers the best results from credible websites with authority. Google seems to think domain age and website age are both important indicators of how credible a website is. Makes sense right? If there are two similar dentist websites and one has been around year after year and one just showed up yesterday, it makes sense that Google would give preference to the older dentist website. In fact, most SEO experts believe new websites start out “on probation” in The Google Sandbox.

What Is The Google Sandbox

Here’s how SEOCHAT.com defines the Google Sandbox. “The Google Sandbox is an alleged filter placed on new websites. The result is that a site does not receive good rankings for its most important keywords and keyword phrases. Even with good content, abundant incoming links and strong Google PageRank, a site is still adversely affected by the Sandbox effect.”

Google Sandbox: Frequently Asked Questions

Why The Google Sandbox Probably Exists

SEO experts know lots of tricks to rank websites quickly. They can load up websites with content and get links from other websites that have authority to trick Google into thinking the new site is legitimate. If Google did not have a probation period, spam websites could get quick traffic and make a bunch of money quickly before Google had the chance to penalize the site and drop the search rankings. That would mean bad search results for Google searchers and that would be bad for Google.

The Google sandbox is able to do at least two things to help Google detect and deal with spammy websites. First, Google can see if website behavior is typical or abnormal over time. Lots of new spammy pages and /or lots of strange links are an indication to Google the website is trying cheat with blackhat seo tactics.

The other thing Google sandbox can do is establish if users are finding the website to be beneficial or not. If Google searchers stick around at the website and do not return to the search results for the same search query that is a great sign.  However, if Google searchers routinely click back to the search results (after 3 seconds) that is a sign the user is not happy and the cause is likely because the website is spammy or useless. Google needs time to collect this user behavior data. Once they can establish user behavior is normal they can remove the website from the Google sandbox.

First Step To Creating A Dental Website – Buy A Domain Name

The first thing you need to do is choose a website domain for your dental website. You can check for available website domains at Godaddy.com, Namecheap.com, Networksolutions.com and many other domain registrars. Keep in mind, your first dental domain doesn’t have to be your forever domain, it can simply be your starter domain. Keep in mind, it is likely that for your first year your dental practice will be desperate to find new dental patients, even a bad dental domain will be better than no domain.

If your name is Fred Flintstone, consider something simple like FlintstoneDental or FredFlinstoneDentistry.com. Of course, you can try for something more clever like GleamingDental.com but do not worry about it too much because your original dentist domain doesn’t need to be your forever domain. However, we do recommend you go for a .com domain as people are more likely to click on a .com domain than a .net or some other domain extension.

Buy A Cheap Hosting Plan

There are a ton of places you can get hosting for your dental website. Start with cheap hosting. You can always move to something faster, better over time. At the time of this writing, NameCheap is offering the first year of hosting for only $9.88 and renewal hosting for only $38.88 per year. To use something like NameCheap you will want to use WordPress.  WordPress has a bit of a learning curve but is very ‘do-able’ for amateur web designers. Wix and SquareSpace are a bit more expensive but are simple to use and will give you a great looking website right out of the box.

Build A Super Basic Dentist Website

The biggest problem with most websites is they never get found. So, just start building some content and don’t worry about it. Unless you share your domain with friends and family, not too many people are going to see your website for a long time anyway. If you are still a dental student, don’t pretend as if you have an actual dental practice,  Instead, just create a presence related to dentistry.

Way To Start Your Starter Dental Website 

One technique is you can start with some basic info about you and your journey through dental school and your aspirations for when you have your own dental practice. Another technique is you can build a proper dental website but indicate throughout the site that you are not an actual practicing dentist but plan to be in the year 2021 or whenever. Of course, you don’t want to be misleading so it might be safer to start with a blog about you and your journey in dentistry and plans for the future.

Make Sure Your Website Talks About Dentistry – Dentist SEO

Imagine the dental seo keywords you will want your dental website to be found for in the future. Take a look at some top dentist websites in big cities. Believe us, if you can find a dental website on the top of the first page of Google, the site can teach you a lot about what you should be doing for dental SEO.

Try to create pages for competitive dental keywords like dental implant, root canal, same day crown and more. You don’t need to rank for these keywords right away but you do want to start a history indicating to Google that your website is about these dental related topics.

Write New Dental Content Once A Month

You want to show Google that your dental related website is a living and breathing entity. Once a month you should create a new dental related blog post. This should not be a big deal. The objective in the early days is not to make your website ranks –  you just want to show Google your dental website has some real history when you are ready to start your dental practice and find new dental patients.

Need dental blog post ideas? Check out… 50 Dental Blog Post Ideas

Transforming Your Dental Website To A Dental Patient Finding Machine

When you are close to opening your dental practice doors, you will need to transform your hobby dental website into a real dental practice website.

Dental Practice Location
The first thing you will need to do is tell Google where your dental practice is. Start by putting lots of references to your exact dental practice address on multiple pages on your webpage. You need to start to tell Google a new story. Your new story includes the fact that your dental practice is located in Anytown, USA.  Beyond just including your address, you should also embed a Google map of your exact dental practice location.

Don’t have an exact address for your dental practice? That’s OK. Simply put something like Coming Soon To Anytown, USA. Start writing articles that mention your local area even if you don’t have an exact address or town.

Talk Like A Dental Practice / Look Like A Dental Practice

Now, that you are close to opening your dental practice you need to look like a dental practice to Google. Even if you are not ready to open your doors, start creating a structure of pages that is similar to a typical dental practice. If you are using WordPress, look for dental practice templates so you don’t have to re-invent the week.  You can find some WordPress Dentist themes here… Dental Practice WordPress Themes

Consider A Dental Web Design Company

As you transform your dental website, it might be time to call in the professionals. There are a ton of dental web design companies who should be able to easily transform your website from a personal blog to a professional dental practice website. Just make sure the web designers keep your original blog content so Google sees your history.

We recommend you work with a web design company that specializes in helping dental practices – they won’t be re-inventing the wheel and should have a good knowledge of the basics of what should be included in every good dentist website.

Want To Switch Your Dental Practice Domain?

So, let’s say by the time you set up your dental practice you no longer think registering www.championchompers.com was a good idea. No problem, you can keep that site up as a ‘lead magnet’ and register a new website domain. Also, you will still get some value by linking ChampionChompers.com to your new dental practice website. The worst case scenario is you will have spent a couple hundred dollars and some time but now will have some great experience and know-how to make sure your real website works the way  you want.

Congratulations You Are Ahead of Your Dental Student Peers

If you take our advice you will be well ahead of the game. Setting up a dental website today will save you the pain of not being found on the web organically for the first 3-12 months. Dig your well now before you are thirsty!

Want to learn more about dental SEO? Check out… Dental SEO Tips – Free Instant eBook

Want to rank your dental website instantly? ConversionSmiles can help with Dental PPC Management.