Why Google AdWords Is Being Renamed To Google Ads

[Google is renaming Google AdWords to Google Ads, according to Search Engine Land.  The reason why Google is renaming AdWords is because Google wants to simplify the advertiser experience and simplify perception of the advertiser experience.) Goodbye My Sweet AdWords  After 18 years of branding their online ad experience as AdWords, Google is changing the… Continue reading Why Google AdWords Is Being Renamed To Google Ads

Google Maps Advertising Cost (2018)

(The cost for Google Maps ads is determined by AdWords quality score, bids and is different for every local area)  There is no such thing as Google Maps advertising without AdWords.  In order to play in the Google Maps ads world, you will need an AdWords account.  You will manage your Google Maps budget, clicks… Continue reading Google Maps Advertising Cost (2018)

Our Best SEO & PPC Tip For Dentists

Dentist Focus On Dentistry Dentist are experts in dentistry.  (duh!) Some dentists are also experts in running and growing their dental practice.  (that’s pretty great) Almost, none of the good ones, are experts in AdWords or SEO, nor should they be. ConversionSmiles Focuses On AdWords & SEO For Dentists We are experts in everything related… Continue reading Our Best SEO & PPC Tip For Dentists

Yelp Ads For Dentists? (2019)

(We love AdWords and think any dentist is crazy to not to use Google AdWords to find new dental patients. However, we also think Dentists need to keep considering new options as times change. For instance, Yelp PPC is becoming a great way for dentists to find new dental patients. Yelp Ads For Dentists? We… Continue reading Yelp Ads For Dentists? (2019)

Dental Website Tip For Dental Students

(It can take Google 3-12 months to start ranking a dental website. Smart dental students will start a basic website now and their dental website will be ready to find patients before they open their dental practice.) If Your Dream Is To Work For A Big Dental Company Skip This Article If you are studying… Continue reading Dental Website Tip For Dental Students