Top Performing Teeth Cleaning Ads In Google

Today, we look at some Google Ads that are getting the top spot for the keyword phrase “Teeth Cleaning”.

First, we have  GrandDentalGroup we found as the #1 Google ad in the Chicago area during a morning search.  There are a few things we love about this Google ad. First, the exact phrase Teeth Cleaning is right in the headline. We are a broken record about this concept but including the keyword in the headline does two important things.

1. It tells Google the keyword Teeth Cleaning is seriously important to you.

2.  A Google searcher glances at all the ads for about 1 sec-  if your ad includes their keyword they will think you are a good match and be more likely to click your ad.

We also like the emotional trigger that says “Keep Your Mouth Happy and Healthy”.  That line tells the prospective patient you are a dentist with heart and personality.    Finally, we like that they are trying to find Spanish speak dental patients with Se Habla Espanol.  Doesn’t take up many characters but might be getting lots of clicks from the demographic.

Next up. we have Lightfoot Center for Laser Periodontics we found in a Boston Google search.

We love that the headline talks about a Deep Cleaning.  If you need to get a “teeth cleaning” – doesn’t a “deep cleaning” sound way better than a regular one?  There’s also lots of great credibility building with by talking about being a “respected periondonist” and board certified”.    Including the price in the headline is powerful for two reasons

1) If the dental patient thinks that is a fair price and clicks you are much more likely to convert because they won’t eventually be put off by the price.

2) If the dental patient thinks that $275 is too much, they won’t click and you won’t pay for the ad.  The danger is if your price isn’t super competitive, you are unlikely to get many clicks and eventually your Google Ad rank will decrease and Google will make you pay more for a worse slot.

Finally, the thing we are concerned about with the Google ad is we ran the search from a Boston based location but the dental practice is actually in suburbs of Boston – Hingham & Norwood, MA.  With Tufts University right nearby in Somerville, MA, you can imagine there are a ton of dentists in downtown Boston.

Wouldn’t this dental practice be better off spending budget in the areas much closer to Hingham &  Norwood.  This could have been a momentary glitch but if their “teeth cleaning” ads are routinely showing up in downtown Boston we question the strategy.

Next, we have a Google ad from TownCare Dental in Florida.  Looks like TownCare Dental has 28+ dental practices Florida so you can bet they are spending a lot of money in AdWords and know what they are doing.

Keyword “Teeth Cleaning” in first two words of ad headline to show relevance? Check!  Special offer with a great price in the headline? Check!  Emotional trigger with the phrase “Restore Your Self-Confidence” Check! Using ad extensions to show to get more ad real estate and show multiple locations?

Check! A good call to action with “Call Today for Appointment. Check!  This dental practice with multiple locations clearly has the resources to create good ads.  There’s a lot to learn here. Check!

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