(This blog post describes how dentists can use the ‘change history’ feature in AdWords to see what their dental AdWords expert is actually doing)

Most Dental AdWords Companies Are Great

There are lots of awesome AdWords experts.  There are many awesome companies that specialize in dental AdWords management.  These folks truly want your dental practice to grow and won’t need much oversight.  Then, there are all the others.

“Yeah, We Do AdWords Also…”

There are many companies that will charge your dental practice for AdWords management but Adwords is not their focus.  Not only do that not really have the PPC expertise needed, they don’t have the time to dedicate to doing Google AdWords right.

Non-Expert Dental AdWords Companies 

There are many companies that are good at the main thing they do but really stink when it comes to AdWords for dentists.  These companies include (but are not limited to) dental SEO companies, dental website companies, dental marketing companies and AdWords generalists.  In some cases, it is like asking your landscaper if they can help fix your roof for $10,000.   The landscaper might not know anything about roofs but they will try and figure it out for $10,000.  These non-experts can actually do real damage by blowing your AdWords budget month after month and hurting your AdWords quality score.

The Lazy Dental AdWords Companies 

You also might need to contend with a lazy dental AdWords company.  This is the company that knows the right things to do but doesn’t give your AdWords account the attention it deserves.  The person/company might be overwhelmed with too many accounts or just too lazy to keep optimizing your dental AdWords account.  This dental AdWords expert might do some ‘rock star’ stuff occasionally to improve your dentist AdWords campaigns. So, you might see some improvements occasionally but most of the time your AdWords expert is playing their XBOX  paid for by your dental practice.

Dental AdWords Companies Know You Are Clueless

Most AdWords companies can count on the fact that your dental practice is clueless when it comes to dental PPC, web design and other dental marketing stuff.  They can also count on the fact that you are bored to tears by this stuff and just want someone else to do it for you.

Let Your AdWords Company Know You Will Be Watching

Want to control what your child looks at on the web?  Simply, let your child know you see everything they do and their behavior will adjust accordingly.  Let your dental AdWords expert know you will be watching all the changes that occur in your AdWords account and you can expect better behavior from them as well.   Let them know you take your AdWords investment seriously.  Let them know you will be closely looking at all reports and activities related to AdWords.

Actively Review Changes Made To Your AdWords Account – (AdWords Change History) 

AdWords has a beautiful feature that allows you to see changes that have occurred in your account.   To access AdWords Change History, simply click All Campaigns and then select the Change History option near the bottom of the screen.  You will be able to see AdWords bid changes, new dental keywords, new ad groups and much more.  If it is happening in AdWords, you will see it.  If you don’t see anything, that probably means nothing new is happening.  That means your so-called AdWords manager is more like an AdWords babysitter or monitor.  If you are paying an AdWords company, they should be actively improving and optimizing your account.  You should ask questions and make suggestions.  Nobody knows your dental practice better than you.  Get involved.

Here’s what Google says about AdWords Change History “A tool that lists the changes you’ve made to your account during the past two years. See details about changes like when you paused your campaign, who added a keyword, and the amounts of your previous budgets…” Learn more directly from Google here https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/19888?hl=en

“I Noticed You….” 

A good way of keeping your AdWords expert honest is by occasionally letting them know you are monitoring what is going on “under the hood” in AdWords. Simply saying “hey Bob, I noticed you…” should be enough to let Bob know you are paying attention and he should be actively working to improve your account.

Dentist Knows Best 

By monitoring the AdWords change history, you might also stumble upon big mistakes that your AdWords company making.  Bidding $25 per click for a teeth whitening ad? Maybe not such a good idea…

You Might Just Learn Something About AdWords  A Long The Way 

The other great thing about monitoring AdWords Change History is you will likely learn some of the nuances of the AdWords system that will help you grow your dental practice in the future even without outside help.  Seeing things like how bid changes are made, ad groups are added, keywords are paused will either make you think — “hey I could do that” or “I would never want to do that”
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What has your AdWords expert been up to lately?

Use this handy link from Google to check your AdWords change history now …  adwords.google.com/ch/ChangeHistory Simply change the date range to see recent work. (or not so much work!) 
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