[Link to Orthodontic authority websites to increase credibility and improve SEO!]

Improve Dental SEO & Dental PPC

Good news.  There’s a simple way to increase credibility and improve SEO for your orthodontic web site.   Simply link to websites that have lots of authority in the orthodontic space.

We recommend you link to…

American Association of Orthodontists

American Board of Orthodontics

American Dental Association

if applicable …  Invisalign 

Your links to the orthodontic / dental authority websites should look something like this.

Why Linking To Orthodontic / Dental Authority Websites Can Increase Credibility 

Linking to and showing affiliation with ABO, ADA, AAO might not be a big deal to you but it is a WOW factor to a prospective orthodontic patient.   Your orthodontist website will immediately get more credibility because you are associated with national orthodontist organizations.

Showing the logos, as seen above, will not only make your website look more professional it also subtly tells the patient that your orthodontic practice is the real deal.

How Linking To Orthodontic / Dental Authority Websites Helps With SEO 

Google, Bing and other search are constantly looking for signals for what your website is about so they can help deliver good search results to users.

In the old days, if you were trying to improve SEO for your orthodontist website, you could simply write the word Orthodontist 50 times and Google would get the point.

Of course, everyone started repeating keywords so Google started looking for different signals.

Imagine you are Google and you have to decide which of two websites to rank higher.  Both websites are about Red Cars.  Both websites have pictures of Red Cars.  Both websites are essentially the same.

However, one website links to other Red Car authority websites.  This is a great signal that this site is really about Red Cars, right?

Guess who links to orthodontist authority websites?  Orthodontists do.  Google knows this.   So, if you want to give Google a signal that your website is actually an orthodontic website, you should send Google this signal.

Where On Your Practice Website Should You Link To Orthodontic / Dental Authority Websites? 

We recommend you link to authority websites on every page of your website.  Short of linking to the websites, you should at least show the logos to increase credibility.

How Does Linking To Orthodontic Authority Websites Help With Google AdWords? 

A typical orthodontist might pay for 10-20 Google AdWords clicks before one new patient fills out a form.  Everything, your orthodontic practice can do to increase credibility and trust is critical.

Simply by increasing credibility, you should be able to increase conversion rates which will improve your AdWords quality score and bring many more dental patients into your practice year after year.  (Learn more about setting up AdWord for your practice yourself.)

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