AdWords Is Amazing But Complicated 

AdWords is an amazing marketing system for dentists.  AdWords also can be amazingly complicated.   Dentists struggle with stuff like device bidding, AdWords campaigns, broad match, keyword selection and much more.

Keep Your Dental AdWords Marketing Strategy Simple 

If you are afraid of using AdWords for your dental practice (and you kind of should be!) just start out with the very simple and obvious stuff.  Don’t worry about every feature of AdWords.  Don’t worry about getting every prospective dental patient, just focus on the obvious ones.  Use AdWords to focus on the dental patients who will find your website and dental practice relevant and useful.

Start With Basic Keywords In Your Dentist AdWords Campaigns 

First, don’t think like a dentist AdWords manager.  Think like a dental patient in your area looking for a dentist.  Let’s pretend your dental practice is in Jupiter, FL.   What type of thing would you search for?  Here are some basic dentist keyword searches you might expect:

  • dentist near me
  • dentists near me
  • family dentist near me
  • jupiter dentist
  • jupiter FL dentist
  • Jupiter Florida dentist
  • dentist Jupiter FL
  • best dentist Jupiter Fl
  • Jupiter Dentist Open Now
  • family dentist
  • family friendly dentist

Create A Campaign In AdWords 

Typically, we are big believers in using Google AdWords campaigns to separate budgets, scheduling etc.  In this case, we just want you to keep it simple.  Go ahead an create one campaign. Once you learn what is working in AdWords and what is not, you should consider adding more campaigns to allow you greater control.  Learn how to create a campaign directly from Google AdWords…  Create a campaign

Create Ad Groups Relevant to Keywords With Exact Match 

Now, that you have your AdWords campaign set up it is time to create Ad Groups so your ads are relevant to searcher queries.  Here are some examples of Ad Groups you might want to set up.

  • Ad Group 1 : Dentists Near me – Dentist Near Me, Dentists Near Me
  • Ad Group 2: Jupiter Dentists | Jupiter Fl, Dentist  | Jupiter Dentists | Best Jupiter Dentist
  • Ad Group 3:  Family Dentist | Family Dentist | Best Family Dentist

You should use ‘exact match’ keywords whenever possible.  When there’s not enough search volume you should expand to ‘modified broad match’.  The idea is you don’t want a big net where you pay for a lot of minows. You want small nets that are designed to catch exactly the type fish that will grow your dental practice.   Start small with dentist AdWords and expand to big nets when you get really, really good at it.  For now, save your budget and make sure AdWords provides a return on your investment.

Learn more about keyword match types directly from Google.

 Smart Dentist AdWords Campaigns Use Location Targeting 

It is really sad how often we see dentist Google ads for dental practices that are hundreds and thousands of miles away from us.  Most people won’t travel more than 5-10 miles to go to a new dentist.  Sure, some dental patients might travel farther and you can worry about them later.  Right now, you should be focused on creating a simple dentist AdWords campaign that performs well. (ie: doesn’t waste money!)

At the AdWords campaign level, you can set up location targeting.  That means you can use AdWords effectively to make sure your dentist Google ad does show up in Jupiter, Fl but does not show in Tampa, FL.

Scheduling For Dentist AdWords Campaigns

You can dream of the day when you are running your dentist AdWords campaigns all day every day.   It can be really powerful and smart to run dentist ads when all the other dentists have shut down for the day or the week.  But, at first, you need to figure out how to effectively convert clicks consistently.  Of course, one of the most powerful ways to turn a click into a real patient is to have your dental staff talk to the dental patient, answer their questions and provide general help. For this reason, you want to schedule your dentist ads for times when your office is open and your intake staff can help. Learn more about scheduling Google ads directly from Google.

So, yes, you can create much more sophisticated (better) dentist AdWords campaigns. But, we advise you should start with a small, simple dentist AdWords marketing strategy and increase complexity over time.  Start with the AdWords strategies listed above and you should save money and find new dental patients.

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