What experience does the “dental SEO expert” have with other dental offices?

Dental SEO is a different animal than other search engine optimization challenges. A dental SEO company needs to be extremely familiar with dental keywords that can attract a high volume of high quality, profitable traffic. If the dental SEO company isn’t familiar with everything from dental implants to dental veneers, you should keep looking for a new dental SEO company. (list of dental seo companies) You need to find a dental seo firm that understands challenges dental patients are looking to solve, so that your dental website can be optimized to solve those problems.

How long will it take for the “dental SEO expert” to rank your dental practice with SEO?

If the dental SEO agency says they can rank your dental website in a week or month, you should probably run the other way as fast as you can. All good SEO takes time. Google will decide over time that your website deserves to be ranked for important dental keyword terms. Any company promising super quick results is either dishonest, inexperienced or trying to cheat the system.

What will the Dental SEO linking strategy be?

Google loves links! Part of SEO is really a popularity contest. If Google sees a website is getting lots of links from high quality websites that is an indication that other websites think your website is worthwhile. Having many good quality links can be great. However, too many links or cheating the link system can be really, really bad.

Google is using machine learning more and more to better understand when a website is trying to cheat the link system. Google has decades of traffic history and link profiles for dental websites. They know what is typical. They also can quickly figure out what is out of the norm and punish website for cheating the system.

If your dental website gets lots of links quickly, you can expect Google will take a close look at what is going on. If your dental website quickly gets links from suspicious high authority websites, you can expect Google will eventually figure out you are trying to game the system. The truth is a typical dental website won’t and shouldn’t get a large number of high-quality links. Don’t worry about it, you can win the dental SEO game without crazy links. Just concentrate on great quality content that helps dental patients.

How will the “dental SEO expert” help with local links?

Local links are a different story. It is very likely that your dental practice will and should get links from other websites in your local community. Many times getting a local link is as simple as asking and being an active member of the community.

Great dental local links can come from other local businesses, non-profit organizations, local media, and even local bloggers. Local links are very powerful because your number one job when it comes to dental SEO is proving to Google that your dental office is part of the local community. Proving that you are dental practice is not a big deal – proving you are local and relevant is trickier.

How will the “dental SEO expert” help with content creation?

If important dental keywords don’t exist on your dental website, you should not expect that Google will offer up your website in search results. For example, if you want to get found for the term “All-on-4 Dental Implants” you better make sure you have a web page that concentrates on “All-on-4 Dental Implants” and also includes references to your town or city/name.

For instance, CPW Dentistry in NYC wants to get found for All On Four Dental Implants so they have created a page that is specifically dedicated to that term along with their city which is NYC. Google has almost no choice but to offer the page in the search results because it is so closely aligned with the user intent for the search “All-on-4 Dental Implants” NYC. If closely related content doesn’t exist, don’t expect to get found for certain dental keyword searches.

If your “dental SEO expert doesn’t have a dental content strategy, you need to find a real dental seo company.

Does the dental SEO service help with map listings, or the 3 pack?

Most dental searches have local intent. Google loves to show a map and the 3 pack of local listings for local searches. Many prospective dental patients are skipping dental websites altogether and just dialing the number from the 3 pack right from their mobile phone. It is becoming more and more critical that dental practices optimize for local map searches if they want to win the dental SEO game.

If your dental SEO company is not optimizing your Google My Business listing you should probably look for dental SEO firm that can.

What is the “dental SEO expert’s” website?

The SEO industry is filled with con artists and amateurs. If someone is contacting you with a Yahoo or Hotmail email address and does not seem to have a website themsel that is a huge red flag. If the dental SEO agency knows SEO so well, why the heck would they not use SEO to attract clients to their business. It just doesn’t make sense.

Can the “dental SEO” expert offer examples of customers they have had for more than one year?

A dental PPC agency is able to prove themselves within a couple of weeks. With a dental SEO company, it can take 12 months plus. For this reason, it is imperative to determine that the dental SEO firm has been able to get results for other dental practices. Waiting a year to find out a dental SEO company CAN NOT actually help is just too big of an opportunity cost for a dental practice.

Does the “dental SEO expert” try to trick Google or give Google what they want?

It is Google’s world and we are just living in it. Do you really think your dental SEO guy is smarter than the Stanford PHDs working at Google. Just guessing but he probably isn’t. If he is sending garbage links to your website for quick results watch out. Google will catch him and you will have to live with the consequences for years to come.

If you can make a reasonable argument that your content is better and more relevant than your competitors, you will start to get page one results. If you have crappy content but are cheating the system, your website won’t stay on page one and it shouldn’t.

What other dental SEO services does the dental SEO agency offer?

Does the dental SEO agency offer other services like PPC or web design? If they offer Dental PPC that’s great. Just make sure it is obvious which traffic is coming from Dental SEO and which traffic is coming from Dental PPC efforts.

If they don’t offer dental website design, make sure they have a strategy for helping you improve your on-page SEO and website design. If you have a slow, badly designed, badly written website, the best dental SEO expert in the world won’t be able to help much.

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