Popular Dentist Search Terms

[Dentists should not guess at what dental patients are searching for in Google. Instead, dental practices and dental marketing agencies should leverage popular dentist search terms used every day by dental patients. Find real dentist search terms below.]

Google Trends Dental Dental Keyword

Is your dental practice looking for popular dentist search terms?  A great resource is Google Trends.  https://trends.google.com/trends is a resource provided directly by Google.  Typically, Google Trends is used to see what the hot searches of the day are.

For instance, at the time of this writing, a hot search is”benefits of pineapple juice”.  Why?  Turns out Kim Kardashian just posted about her love for pineapple juice on Instagram. Not very useful for dental patient marketing – we agree.

However, dental practices can use Google Trends to find popular dental search terms.  They can also use Google Trends to better understand how dental patients are searching in Google.

For instance, we looked for the dentist search term “Emergency Dentist” and found this below of popular dental search terms related to Emergency Dentist.  As you can see, there are some great ideas that might not already exist as keywords your dental AdWords account or on your website. (If they exact term exists on your website, your dental practice is way more likely to get found for SEO for those terms.)

  • dental emergency
  • dentist emergency near me
  • dentist near me
  • emergency dental near me
  • emergency dental care
  • 24 hour emergency dentist
  • 24 hour dentist
  • emergency room dentist
  • emergency dental clinic
  • emergency walk in dentist
  • walk in dentist
  • emergency dental care near me
  • toothache
  • urgent care
  • 24 hour dentist near me
  • emergency dentist no insurance
  • emergency pediatric dentist
  • 24 hour emergency dentist near me
  • emergency tooth extraction
  • emergency dentist open now
  • walk in dentist near me
  • immediadent – walk-in & emergency dentist
  • emergency pediatric dentist near me
  • emergency dentist 24/7 near me
  • walk in dentist near me
  • emergency walk in dentist near me
  • walk in dentist
  • emergency tooth extraction near me
  • emergency dental clinic near me
  • emergency walk in dentist
  • dentist open today
  • dentist emergency near me
  • emergency dentist near me open now
  • emergency dentist in my area
  • emergency dental near me

Lucky for you, we already searched Google Trends for a number of popular dental search terms including… “Dentist”, “Kid’s Dentist”, “Dental Implants”& Braces.  Check out Top Trending Dental Keywords 2018 to see the results of our in-depth analysis of Google Trends search terms.

Need Teeth Whitening Keywords?

All dental patient marketing professionals know the effective usage of teeth whitening keywords is a great way to new find profitable dental patients.

Imagine 22-year-old bride to be Suzy who finds a dental practice by searching for “professional teeth whitening near me”.  Not only does Suzy get her teeth whitened she gets two gets two cavities filled and a dental cleaning.  Better yet, she soon introduces her fiancee to the dental practice and in the future, she will start bringing her 2.5 kids.

In this post, Teeth Whitening Keywords 2018, we provide an extensive list of teeth whitening keywords that can help your dental practice find new dental patients via Google AdWords and SEO.

Here are some examples from the post…

dental whiteningUSDN/A1,00010,000High2.277.78
teeth whitening dentistUSDN/A1,00010,000High2.298.27
teeth whitening bleachUSDN/A1001,000High0.66
is teeth whitening safeUSDN/A1,00010,000High2.026
cosmetic teethUSDN/A1,00010,000High1.546.5
best way to whiten teethUSDN/A1,00010,000High1.144.8
teeth whitening treatmentUSDN/A1001,000High2.076

See the entire teeth whitening list here.

Need Pediatric Dentistry Keywords? 

Want to find dental patients your practice will be able to help for many years to come?  You might want to start with kids.  If Mom or Dad needs a new dentist for the child, they likely going to start with a Google search. If you find the right pediatric keywords, get clicks and convert the clicks to patients, you could end up with patients that stick around for 20 years or more.

In our post, Seo & AdWords Keywords for Pediatric Dentistry, we found lots of dentist search terms related to pediatric dentistry.  To find the keywords, we used many tools including to AdWords KeywordPlanner, https://keywords.cognitiveseo.comhttps://serps.com/tools/keyword-research, and other keyword tools.  See our full list of pediatric search terms.

Need Dental Implant Keywords

Dental Implants can be very profitable for dental practices.  Profitable dental procedures make for great SEO & AdWords keywords.  In the post,  Dentist Keywords For SEO & AdWords [Dental Implants] , we explore real dental implant searches being done by real people.

Below are some example dental implant searches.

  • dental implants pictures
  • dental implants price
  • dental implants procedure
  • dental implants process
  • dental implants pros and cons

Check out the full list of dental implant keywords here…

Want A General Dental Keyword List?

Just looking for general dental search terms? We’ve got you covered with this megalist of dental keywords.

Every Great Dental AdWords Campaign Need Negative Keywords 

Smart dentists DO NOT want to pay for search terms like “dental college”, “dentist salary”, “dentist equipment”, etc.   That’s why it is imperative that dentists using Google AdWords need to develop a list of negative keywords.

Want a list of dental related keywords? Check out our post Negative Keywords for Dentist PPC Campaigns (NegativeKeywordPro).

Do Something With These Dental Search Terms!

Now you have access to some great dental keywords. You should do two things…

  1. Create Ad Groups with keywords you want your dental practice to get found for with Google AdWords.  Add relevant keywords to relevant Ad Groups.  Create awesome ads!
  2. Create great content for your dental website based on particular keywords.  Need blog post ideas? Check out the blog post 50 Dental Blog Post Ideas.

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