SEO for dentists can be different than other types of SEO. However, dental SEO has one thing in common with any other kind of search engine optimization. Page Titles matter a lot!

A dental practice can do everything else right but if you don’t use good page titles, you likely won’t get good SEO results.

What is a page title? Page title is the literal title of your post or page.

Below you will see how you entitle your dental blog post or page in WordPress.

You can also see below in WordPress what your page title looks like among your other dental blog posts or pages.

Your website builder should allow you to carefully control what the page title is. If it doesn’t (which is unlikely) you should find another website builder.

Why does Page Title matter? Page Title matters because it ends up being the blue headline that someone clicks on in Google. Headlines matter.

For instance, let’s say someone is searching for the term “Dental SEO Maps”. Take a look at the search results they see in Google below.

You can see we used the page title “Dental SEO Maps Stunner”. This is meant to get a dentist’s interest and get them to click on the search results to learn more.

Ultimately, Google wants to provide relevant search results to its users. If more people click on a result, Google sees that a positive signal that the result is relevant to the search.

This is also known as CTR or Click Through Rate. A high CTR means there is higher interest in a particular result.

It is so important to Google that in the world of Google ads, Google will charge advertisers less if they have higher CTR and charge them more if they have lower CTR.

Of course, page title also telegraphs to Google that a page is about a certain topic. If Google sees the page title is “Dental SEO stunner…”, they can make a pretty good guess that it has something to do with dental SEO.

Try it out yourself. Put together a couple of strange words and take a look at the Google search results.

Below you will see when we searched for “French Basket”.

So, why does this all matter to dental practices trying to win with dentist SEO? Because many dentists or their so-called dental SEO experts are so obsessed with link building, they sometimes forget about page titles.

We literally sometimes see some dental website main page titles left as “home page”. Of course, this would be great if you were trying to rank for “home page”, but it is terrible if you are trying to rank for “Dentist Hickory, NC”

Below you can see the top SEO results for the term “Brooklyn Dentist” in Brooklyn, NY. Of course, Brooklyn is incredibly densely populated and incredibly competitive when it comes to dental search engine optimization.

There are more than 10 pages of relevant results for the term “Brooklyn Dentist”!

You can see the

Notice anything about the top result? You guessed it. The top result uses a page title that makes for an incredibly clickable search result that makes for great CTR.

If you are searching for a dentist in Brooklyn, how do you not click on the dental practice website for the “#1 dentist in Brooklyn”?

The “#1 dentist” technique works for Google Ads as you can see it often used by the top Google ads in many cities. However, most dentists don’t use their “page title” to get more clicks. They simply use their page title to describe their dental practice.

Caveat #1 – Just because “#1 dentist” works in Brooklyn that doesn’t mean it will work in Omaha or where your dental practice is located. Also, if every dental practice in your area uses “#1 dentist” as a page title obviously it will be less effective.

Caveat #2 – Some states having regulations about how dental practices promote themselves. Be careful to make sure you are not breaking any rules you don’t want to break. Also, if your dental practice has three 2 STAR reviews, you probably don’t want to call yourself the “#1 dentist” as the searcher will soon find out the truth.

Conclusion – If you need to give your dental SEO a jolt, consider making your page titles more clickable. No one thing will rocket your dental website to the top of the Google search rankings but being smart about page titles can help.

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