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Dentist are experts in dentistry.  (duh!) Some dentists are also experts in running and growing their dental practice.  (that’s pretty great) Almost, none of the good ones, are experts in AdWords or SEO, nor should they be.

ConversionSmiles Focuses On AdWords & SEO For Dentists

We are experts in everything related to dental AdWords and dental SEO.  If you are a dentist, we could bore you for weeks about everything we know about SEO and AdWords. Today, we won’t do that.  If you want to be bored by dental seo and  AdWords stuff, just read our blog.

Today, we will focus on a simple tip that can help any dentist looking to improve their performance with either AdWords or (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

Keywords For Dental Practices

In order for your dental practice to have success with SEO or AdWords, you need to focus on what dental keywords are actually being searched for in Google by prospective dental patients.  For a general list of dental keywords for AdWords or SEO, check out this post 2018 Dental Keywords List.

There are thousands of dental keyword variations you should use in order to rank your dental website to get found by the maximum number dental patients.  However, there is one Big Kahuna when it comes to dental keyword phrases people are really using.

#1 Dental Keyword Phrase You Should Focus On For PPC & SEO

It turns out the most popular dental keyword phrase (apart from the simple  keyword “dentist”) is the phrase “dentist near me”.  More and more Google searchers are expecting Google to understand where they are physically and expecting Google to deliver the best results for them.   The Google AdWords Keyword planner indicates there are typically a whopping 673,000 searches for the term “Dentist Near Me” every month!

Our Best SEO & PPC Tip For Dentists – ‘Optimize For Dentist Neat Me’!

How can you know if your dental practice is optimized for the keyword “dentist near me”?  It is actually pretty simple.  Do some searches on your phone and computer at a location near your office.  Just make sure your browser is using “incognito mode” so that your browser is a blank slate and is not showing results based on your previous searches.  If your dental website shows up at the top of the page for both PPC and SEO, you are in good shape.  In not, you have work to do.

Optimize For “Dentist Near Me” In AdWords

In order to show up for “Dentist Near Me” in AdWords, the first thing you need to do is make sure you are actually bidding on that exact phrase in AdWords. Tell Google that the phrase “dentist near me” is important to you by bidding enough to beat your competitors.  Don’t rely on broad match – bid on the exact phrase.

Next, make sure you are actually targeting dental patients in your local area.  You can learn more about targeting specific areas directly from Google here… Target ads to geographic locations

Increase Your AdWords Quality Score By Increasing Your Click Through Rate 

For many keywords, it makes sense to place the exact phrase in the Google dentist ad.  For instance, a dental patient searching for the term “root canal” should see “root canal” in the Google ad if you expect them to click on the ad. This makes the ad more relevant and more clickable for the prospective dental patient.

However, rather than using the term “dentist near me” in your Google ad, you might be better off saying “dentist near you” or “dentist near Toledo“.  Although, you won’t use the exact keyword phrase, the ad should be highly relevant to the Google searcher looking for a dentist near them and therefore the ad will be highly relevant and clickable.   Increased click-through-rate leads to increased AdWords quality score. Increased quality score allows for better ad placement at lower costs!

Optimize For “Dentist Near Me” In SEO

Your Website Should Tell Google Where Your Dental Office Is Located

The most important thing you can do for your dental website to show up in Google for “dentist near me” at locations that are actually near your dental office is to make sure Google understands your exact location.  This means you should include your dental office location on most pages and include a Contact Us page that provides Google with more evidence that your dental office is located in a specific area.  Even better, you should embed a Google map with your exact office location on multiple pages of your website.

Make Sure Local Citations Are Accurate 

According to, “Local business owners and marketers can create citations on a variety of important local business data platforms which exist to publish this type of data. Core platforms include Google My Business, Acxiom, Localeze/Neustar, and Infogroup. Key local business listings can also be built on popular social and review-oriented sites like Facebook and Yelp.”

These local citations help Google and other search engines learn where a dental office is actually located.  Of course Google wants to give their users the best possible search results, so if they don’t trust your local citations because of inaccuracies or missing data, they will be likely to show another dental website in your area when the search “dentist near me” is conducted.

The most important local citation is of course your “Google My Business” listing as Google is more likely to trust the “Google My Business” process for acquiring listing information.

Link To Local Businesses

When it makes sense to link to other local businesses while blogging, you definitely should.  A link to the local school, local newspaper or town hall tells Google you are an active member of a particular community.    The more evidence Google has that you are associated with a particular area will help them have confidence in showing your website for people in that area when those people search for “dentist near me”.

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