(We love AdWords PPC for dentists. If your dental practice is looking to find new dental patients, we think AdWords is a must. However, we think AdWords PPC is even better for orthodontists because orthodontists have fewer keywords to worry about and a bigger upside when a Google ad converts to a new dental patient.)

AdWords For Dentists – The Broad Match Keyword Problem

The trouble with AdWords for dentists is the dental practice needs to decide to cast a very wide net or a very narrow net when it comes to keyword selection. Here’s what we mean by a ‘wide net’. If Dentist Jones wants to be found for the keyword phrase “need dentist today will pay anything to make the pain go away”, the dentist will need to bid for the broad match keyword ‘dentist’, because they would never guess that exact phrase.

Broad Match essentially means Google will show the dentist’s ad for ‘dentist + anything’. This ‘wide net’ strategy is great for getting clicks for dental keywords searches you never would have dreamed of but will also get clicks for all kinds of nonsense search terms you would never actually want to pay to attract clicks.

One way to deal with unwanted search phrases is to load up your dental AdWords campaigns with negative keywords to ensure your ads are not triggered when certain unwanted keywords are searched.  For instance, the dental practice might want to use the negative dental keyword ‘school’ to ensure their dentist ad does not show up for the keyword phrase “dental school”. You can learn more about negative dental keywords here.. Negative Keywords for Dentist PPC Campaigns (NegativeKeywordPro)

AdWords for Dentists – The Profitable Dental Keyword Phrase Problem

The other challenge for dentists is they need to decide which dental procedures are worthy of Google AdWords budget. For a brand new dental practice trying to attract new dental patients, a dental keyword search term like “cheap teeth whitening” might be great to get the new dental patient in the door. That patent might become a very profitable patient for years to come. Great!

However, for another older dental practice, it might be less important and profitable to attract the new patient and more important to service current patients. Dentists need to very carefully decide what a new dental patient is worth to them before selecting dental keywords and using AdWords to find new dental patients.

AdWords for Dentists – Lots Of Keywords, Lots Of AdWords Management

Great dentist Adwords accounts are made up of many campaigns and ad groups. Campaigns control things like scheduling and budget to make sure the trains (google ads) are running on time and at the right cost. Ad Groups control how keywords are grouped and which ads are triggered for particular dental keyword phrases. Of course, dental practices have a lot more dental keywords to contend with than a typical orthodontal practice.

AdWords For Orthodontists – Fewer Keywords, More AdWords Precision

Orthodontist AdWords campaigns can be more targeted and therefore end up being more effective. A large dentist AdWords account could potentially include thousands of dental keywords, hundreds of ad groups and hundreds of dental related Google ads. However, a typical orthodontist AdWords account would be much smaller as the universe is much smaller. Orthodontists only have a limited number potential orthodontist keywords and only so many different types of ads to consider.

Also, orthodontists need to consider and manage fewer negative orthodontist keywords because their universe of keywords is considerably smaller.  For these reasons, it is considerably easier to manage an orthodontic AdWords campaign.

Orthodontist AdWords Campaigns Attract Big Fish

A dentist AdWords campaign might attract one-time teeth cleaning or one-time tooth filling. In those cases, AdWords return on investment (ROI) is not particularly clear depending on how expensive Google ad clicks are in a particular area.  However, if an orthodontist can find a patient looking for orthodontal work (or a family looking for orthodontic work!), AdWords can provide a powerful ROI.

So, AdWords is awesome for dentists but we believe AdWords PPC can be even more powerful and easier for orthodontists because there is less potential for waste and more opportunity for cleaner AdWords campaigns that are easier to optimize.  Orthodontist AdWords done right should consistently attract profitable patients looking for braces and other orthodontal work.

Need Orthodontist AdWords ad copy ideas? Take a look at this post where we look at Orthodontist Google ads that working throughout the country.  Orthodontist AdWords Ad Copy Ideas (2018)

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