A Look At Top Orthodontist Google Ads

We always talk about dentist AdWords strategies in this blog.  Today, we will specifically focus on Orthodontist AdWords strategies.  We will look at top performing orthodontist Google ads from throughout the country and discuss what we like about those orthodontist ads.

Orthodontist AdWords Strategy #1 – Use Orthodontist Keywords in The Google Ad

AdWords wants your Google ad to be relevant to people searching for an orthodontist in Google.  For this reason, it is smart to use the word ‘orthodontist’ or a closely related keyword.  The first Google ad we look at is the search term ‘Orthodontist’ in Atlanta, GA.   We notice the top orthodontist Google ad does not use the exact keyword orthodontist but it does use keywords variants such as orthodontic and orthodontics.

As you look at the orthodontist Google ad above for Goldstein Garber & Salama,  you will notice the first word in the headline is ‘Orthodontic’.

Next, we see the orthodontist is cleverly using the display URL to show the keyword “orthodontics” with goldsteingarber.com/orthodontics.  Keep in mind the dental practice is allowed to show (practically) whatever they want in the display URL.  The display URL does not need to be a real address on the website so using a keyword you are bidding on is a great idea.

Finally, we see the first line of copy in the Google ad (Description Line 1) also includes the keyword “orthodontics”.  The specific phrase used is “first class orthodontics”.  “First Class” is a great way to trigger connotations of high-quality and high value for the prospective orthodontal patient.

So,  we see the orthodontist is doing well by using variants of the keyword orthodontist.  That’s great.  They should keep doing what they’re doing but also might want to test using the actual keyword ‘orthodontist’.  Google is smart enough to know orthodontic is the same as (similar to) orthodontist but you might be surprised to get even more clicks by using the actual keyword orthodontist.  When people do a Google search they are often working on auto-pilot and sometimes not fully conscious of what they are clicking on.  For instance, when our monkey brain searches for “red sweater” we will click on the “red sweater” ad way before we click on an ad that says “Sweaters – all colors – incl Red”.  The ad copy means the same thing but our monkey brain goes for the more obvious “red sweater”.

It is simple to test a new Google ad in AdWords.  Just create an ad exactly like your existing one and see if it performs better.  Does the new orthodontist ad have a better click-through rate?  Does the new Google ad get more conversions? (phone calls, form fills, etc) If so, you might have a winning orthodontist ad!

Orthodontist AdWords Strategy #2 – Schedule Orthodontist Appointment! 

The next orthodontist ad we will look at is for Gerai Othodontics in Washington, DC.   The thing that sticks out to us about this orthodontist ad is that the practice is encouraging Google searchers to schedule an appointment with the orthodontist.     “Schedule Appointment” is an awesome ‘call to action’ (CTA)  because it is actually “calling” for an “action”.  People are strange.  If you don’t actually tell them or ask them to do something, they are unlikely to do anything.  A successful orthodontist AdWords campaign relies on action in the form of clicks, calls, and form-fills.

You will notice Gerai Othodontics uses the Schedule An Appointment CTA in the headline and also in the blue ‘site links’ below the ad. We don’t know if the orthodontist practice actually allows the person to schedule a real appointment or not because it is our policy to never click on actual Google ads. (our mission is to save and make money for dentists and orthodontists not to waste it!)   If Gerai allows the person to schedule a real appointment with a live scheduling system that is awesome.  If the person is only able to submit an orthodontist appointment request that it less awesome.

Getting the click for an appointment request is great but if you don’t get an actual form fill you have just wasted some real money and maybe will never get that new business.   Dental practices/ orthodontists should be tracking conversions with a simple piece of code on their Landing Page Thank You page.  (the only way someone can see the landing page is if they fill out the form = conversion)

Check your conversions, if people are clicking on your “schedule an appointment” ad and not converting, they might be going back to Google to look for another orthodontist website where they can really schedule an appointment.  Short of allowing the person to schedule a real appointment,  it would be a great idea to make sure the landing page is very clear that the appointment will be confirmed asap.  It would be even better to have your orthodontist staff actually confirm the request asap!

Orthodontist AdWords Strategy #3 – Top Orthodontist! 

OK, this one is a really dumb orthodontist AdWords strategy. It is really stupid.  But guess what, it really seems to work.

The last orthodontist Google ad we will look at is from The Center From Special Dentistry in NYC.

Notice anything about this Google ad headline?  Are they an OK orthodontist in NYC? Are they one of the many pretty good orthodontists in NYC?  No way! They Are “Top NYC Orthodontist”.  The word “top” can be incredibly powerful in AdWords.   The word “top” only requires 3 characters but tells a big story.  You would think people wouldn’t care if you claim you are “top software company”, “top laptop” or “top orthodontist” – but they do!    Google is so effective at finding good results that  people get sucked into Google’s magic and subconsciously think “well, Google says this is the ‘top orthodontist’ so I better take a look.”

Will “top orthodontist” work for your practice? Maybe it will or maybe it won’t.  The only way to find out for sure is to test with live Google ads and see if you will get more clicks and more conversions.  If adding a three letter word to your Google ad finds you two more patients per month and 24 patients per year – what would that mean for your practice profits?

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