(In this post, we show examples of actual orthodontist AdWords ads that are working for orthodontists across the U.S. and provide powerful AdWords tips.)

Google AdWords Headlines For Orthodontists

Looking for ideas to improve your Orthodontist AdWords campaigns?  Below you will find Google AdWords headlines for orthodontists that are worth giving a try.  Versions of each of the AdWords ad headlines below are already working for orthodontists around the country.  We found versions of the AdWords headlines in places like New York City, Miami, and Washington DC.  If you can get your orthodontist ad to stay on the front page of Google in those crowded markets,  you are probably doing something right.  Orthodontist Google ads only stay on the first page, if orthodontist patients find the Google ads relevant and clickable.

Before we talk about each Orthodontist Google headline below,  let’s talk about the anatomy of a Google ad. There are 6 primary parts of a Google ad.  We believe the headline is the most important component for orthodontists.
The headline is limited to 25 characters and is probably the most important aspect of the ad. The headline is the first thing the searcher will see and perhaps the only thing they will see before clicking the ad.  The headline is bright blue and eye-catching.  The headline often is the primary factor that determines whether or not someone clicks through to view your dental landing page or not. (AdWords Pro Tip – Make sure the language in your Google Ad Headline matches the dental landing page.  Example: if the headline says Top Rated Orthodontist – your landing page better use the language Top Rated Orthodontist! )
Description Line 1
Description line 1 is limited to 35 characters and should showcase the product/service that will benefit the Google searcher This is also a way to scare away those who are not in your target audience.  Discouraging the wrong clicks on your Google ad will save you time and AdWords budget.
Description Line 2
The description line 2 is also limited to 35 characters.  Line two can get more granular by promoting particular features/benefits that might be appealing to the orthodontal patient.
Display URL
The full display URL is limited to 255 characters.  The display URL can be different from the destination URL.  It is recommended that an orthodontist uses display URLs that will be appealing & informative for the Google searcher.  For instance, an orthodontist running ads for braces can send the patient to dentistbobby.com/appointments but can use the display URL dentistbobby.com/Braces to make the page appear more relevant.
Call Extensions
Call extensions can make it easy for people to call your practice with their mobile phone by adding a call extension. This will make your dental practice phone number clickable so people can schedule an orthodontist appointment right away.
Sitelinks are another good option for orthodontists.  Using sitelinks gives the orthodontist more real estate on the Google search page and Google will rank your ad higher making it more likely orthodontal patients will find you. Sitelinks will direct patients to other pages of your orthodontist website to help them find the information they are seeking easily.

Orthodontist Headlines Worth Testing In AdWords 

We like this headline because with 4 words “braces for all ages” the prospect understands this orthodontist welcomes both kids or adults.  We also like the urgency created by the phrase “limited time only”.   Of course, we all think we are too smart for this gimmicky kind of thing but the data shows we are all suckers when it comes to scarcity and limited time offers.
Again, we like that this orthodontist makes it clear they welcome both younger and older orthodontist patients.
This orthodontist ad gets right to the point.  It is able to get the keyword “Orthodontics” right in the Google ad headline and then cuts right to the chase letting the prospect know they can schedule an appointment! ‘Call to actions’ are awesome for AdWords ads.
Again, we like that this orthodontist gets the keyword Orthodontist right in the headline.  The phrase “Call For An Appointment”  lets the Google searcher know the orthodontist practice welcomes calls and is ready to schedule appointments!
We like this fun Google Ad headline.  The nice rhyme with “Braces for ‘YourTown Faces” will inevitably set itself apart from other orthodontist Google ads.  Will it work in your town? Maybe? The only way to find out for sure is to test the ad to see if you can increase clicks and conversions. 
We like the phrase “quality orthodontic care”.  We’ve seen keywords like top, quality & best perform really well.  You might think that it is too braggadocious but when it comes to AdWords you have to forget about modesty – you have to use whatever works so you can get the most out of your AdWords budget.
Expert Orthodontist is also a nice turn of phrase.  Seems obvious that you would be an “expert orthodontist” but actually saying it is the type of thing that can help create confidence with the prospect before they ever call you.  It is way better than “Amateur Orthodontist” – that one doesn’t seem to work well at all. 😉
Again, Top Rated might seem a little ‘braggy’ but it stands out and will inevitably get clicks and customers.  Just a word of caution,  if you say your orthodontist practice is top rated – it better be.  People will check Google and other reviews.  You can learn more about improving reviews for your orthodontist practice here.  Better Dentist Reviews = Better Dental AdWords Campaigns
This is old chestnut is popular amongst dentists and orthodontists. Get The Smile You Deserve hits the prospective patient on an emotional level.  After all the person is not looking for braces, they are looking for a beautiful smile they can be proud of.  It is widely used because it works.
“Straighten your Smile” is also a fairly ‘straight forward’ phrase that works on an emotional level.  People haunted by their crooked teeth will likely relate to this ad and want to click.
Find An Orthodontist Google Ad Above, Test It, Improve It
None of the orthodontist Google ad headlines above are necessarily perfect. We didn’t choose these ads in any sort of scientific way.  Instead, the ads are just examples to help orthodontists get ideas for what they might want to try in their Google ads.
Orthodontist AdWords campaigns are a beautiful way to test what does and doesn’t resonate with your community.  Something that might work great in NYC might be a real dud in your town.
However, if you find something that works in AdWords, you might want to consider using the same language in other marketing campaigns including postcards and other online marketing marketing campaigns like Bing, Yelp etc.

Are You Afraid Of Copying Another Orthodontist’s AdWords Ad?

We would NOT suggest doing a verbatim copy of an ad in your local market.  In fact, it is possible Google might be smart enough to know another orthodontist is already using particular language and give the other orthodontist preference over your ad.  However, it is totally OK to ‘learn from the best’ and try versions of what works for other AdWords advertisers.  Believe us, since AdWords was introduced in 2000, every AdWords manager has been checking to see what the competition is doing and trying to improve upon what is already working.

How Can An Orthodontist Know What Is Working In AdWords For Other Orthodontists?

Want to see examples more of successful Orthodontist AdWords ads?  Top orthodontist ads are actually quite easy is to find. Simply ‘Google’ orthodontist related keywords and check the top of the first page.  In most cases, if an orthodontist ad is found on the top of the page, it has earned that privilege. 
Google AdWords works so well because the system will not allow someone to simply purchase the top ad position.  If the orthodontist ad does not consistently get clicks, Google will punish the ad by dropping its placement in the Google search results.  Just like with organic SEO, Google wants to provide searchers with relevant, useful information. 
Also, it turns out Google is pretty smart with math stuff.  Google would rather get ‘some money some time’ (relevant orthodontist ads, lower bids) than ‘no money never’ (irrelevant orthodontist ads no one ever cicks with high bids) 

Check Other Orthodontist AdWords Ads In Other Cities – ProTip!

Want to see what orthodontists are saying in ads in big cities or small towns across America? No problem, this cool little tool from BrightLocal will let you check local search results from all over the US.   https://www.brightlocal.com/local-search-results-checker/  Just make sure you only look at other orthodontist ads and don’t click on them or you will cost the orthodontist money and the AdWords karma gods will get you!!
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