Orthodontic marketing can be extremely effective with Google ads because orthodontists are able to get found by people actively looking for an orthodontist. Today, we will look at how orthodontists in some U.S. top cities are using Google ads to market their orthodontic practices.

Orthodontic Marketing With Google Ads In NYC

First, let’s look at Designer Braces advertising in Manhattan, NY. Designer Braces is able to secure the top spot on Google for the simple keyword “orthodontist”. (Looking for orthodontic marketing keyword ideas? Check out our dental keyword list.

Here are some things we love about this orthodontist ad.

  • The search term is Orthodontist and the ad writer is smart enough to make sure that exact term is featured both in the blue headline and in the green display line. This helps catch the searcher’s eye and keeps them reading this orthodontist ad.
  • We love the phrase “Your Local Family Orthodontist” in the ad headline. “Your” immediately makes the ad about the searcher rather than the orthodontal practice. “Local” gives the immediate impression th Designer Braces is not a big chain. “Family” is a powerful word that conjures up warm, loving feelings of trust which helps attract folks scared of a clinical, cold, impersonal orthodontic experience.
  • The other phrase “Easy Steps to a Fantastic Smile” in the ad headline is also fantastic. Someone doing a Google search is looking for a solution. Using the term “Easy” in a Google ad is a powerful technique because ultimately people are looking for a simple answer to their problem.
  • The ad writer immediately mentions Invisalign to make sure folks looking for Invisalign (which is popular in NYC) will keep reading. Also, the use of the TM symbol has been proven to increase Click Through Rate as it builds trust and authority.
  • The phrase “Established in 1984” establishes trust by telling the searcher the orthodontist has lots of experience and a reputation to live up to.

The only improvement we would suggest is a strong Call To Action to encourage more ad clicks. The ad does say “Easy appointments” and “Call Now!” but we would recommend the orthodontist try “Get Free Consultation Now!” and place that phrase either at the beginning or end of the ad so it does not get lost in the middle.

Orthodontic Marketing With Google Ads In Atlanta

Now, let’s look at a Google orthodontist ad that is on the top of the first page of Google in Atlanta, GA. Alliance Orthodontics uses price to drive clicks from budget-conscious Google searchers.

Here are some things we like and think could be improved about this orthodontist ad…

  • Using the term “Most Affordable” will definitely get clicks from people looking for the best deal on braces. However, an orthodontist using this pricing technique better be able to back it up by providing comparably lower pricing. Also, because this technique will illicit a lot of clicks the orthodontist needs to ensure the landing page and front desk can actually convert the clicks into patients.
  • We think it is smart that this orthodontist uses a price range of “$89- $129” rather than just simply saying starting at $89. Setting expectations is important because it is very costly when someone ultimately decides not to get braces because they can’t afford what you offer. Using real numbers can be a very effective technique to get clicks but orthodontists need to be careful because when there is lots of competition this can quickly be a ‘race to the bottom’.
  • One missed opportunity is the orthodontist is not taking advantage of the display URL in the Google ad. The display URL is eye-catching because it is green and can essentially say whatever the orthodontist wants. For instance, instead of simply saying BracesInGeorgia.com is could say BracesInGeorgia.com/CallNow.
  • It also seems as though the orthodontic practice is not correctly taking advantage of Google ad extensions. Google ad extensions are fantastic because they make the ad bigger and potentially more relevant for the Google searcher. In this case, the advertiser has 9 locations so it would be a good idea to try location ad extensions. From Google: “Based on a user’s search and location, AdWords can automatically display a link to show your multiple nearby locations. When a user clicks on the address link, a new map panel appears to the right of the top search results that will showcase your additional nearby locations. This way, you can increase the chances that your customers find the ideal location for their search.”

Orthodontic Marketing With Google Ads In NYC

Now, let’s look at a Google orthodontist ad that is on the top of the first page of Google in Chicago, IL. Yummy Dental & Orthodontics uses price to drive clicks from budget-conscious Google searchers.

Here are some things we like and think could be improve about the Yummy Dental & Orthodontics Google ad.

  • Often times, Google ads can all look alike. Making a Google ad different will make the Google ad stand out and that can help get more clicks that will lead to lower prices per click. In this case, Yummy Dental & Orthodontics seems to have made a deliberate decision to go after the huge market for kids braces at the expense of adult braces. Sure, they might be losing some clicks for folks looking for adult braces (which they offer!) but their ad will be so much more attractive to Mom’s looking for braces for their kids that they will end up with more patients. Also, Yummy Dental & Orthodontics offers full pediatric dentistry so they have a lot more to gain with a new child patient than just selling some braces.
  • It seems simple but we love that they use the Call To Action (CTA) that says “Schedule A Free Consultation!” Some people are very intimidated by the process of getting braces and would be afraid to just call up and ask questions. An explicit suggestion that a consultation is actually welcomed will make this orthodontist stand out and seem friendlier and less intimidating. CTAs are extremely important because most people need/want to be told to do something.
  • Social Proof in Google ads helps build trust so people want to do business with you. In this case, Yummy Dental & Orthodontics mentions they were featured on NBC Chicago. This is a smart way to build trust using only four words.
  • This orthodontist should also consider trying Callout Extensions to increase the size of their ad and make it more relevant. Callout Extensions allow a business to “callout” benefits that make them unique. For instance, Yummy Dental & Orthodontics might want to use Call Out Extensions like “Pediatric Dentistry”, “Multiple Locations”, “CareCredit Financing”.

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