Simply using an Exclamation Point (!) can increase your Dentist Google Ads CTR. (Click Through Rate)

What is Click Through Rate (CTR)? 

CTR is simply the percentage of times a searcher chooses your dentist Google ad over other dentist ads.  For instance, if Google shows your dentist Google ad 100 times and your Google ad is only clicked on one time, your dentist ad has a CTR of 1%.

High CTR Indicates Relevance

Google wants to provide relevant search results and Google ads every time a Google search happens.  One of the ways Google measures relevance is they look at CTR.  If a Google searcher finds a dentist ad irresistible and clickable that likely means it was relevant to their search.  For instance, your dentist ad promoting “dental implant services” should have a high CTR for people searching for “dental implant dentist” but a terrible CTR for dental patients searching for “teeth whitening”.

Why Does CTR  Affect Google Ad Pricing & Placement?

Google only makes money on search ads when people actually click on the ads.  For that reason, Google rewards ads that are highly clickable and punishes ads that do not get clicks.   Google could care less if your dental practice is willing to pay $100 per click if nobody ever clicks on your dentist ad.  They would rather get $250 from (25) $10 clicks than wait for one $100 click.   If your dentist ad isn’t getting clicked, Google will send your ad to the bottom of the search results page, page 2 or worse.  Plus, Google will charge you more money for your unclickable ad than they will charge for the very-clickable #1 Google ad.

Why Google Ad CTR Matters To Your Dental Practice 

You can find all the greatest dental keywords.  You can write the most beautiful dentist Google ads.  You can create awesome dental landing pages… But, if you don’t get prospective dental patients to click on your ads none of the other stuff matters.

Basic Ways To Improve Dentist Ads CTR

Keep Ad Groups Small And Relevant

AdWords provides lots of ways to improve CTR.  Dentists should start with having small Ad Groups that trigger ads that are highly relevant to the search query.   For instance, the teeth whitening Ad Group should only contain keywords related to teeth whitening.   The teeth whitening Ad Group should also only contain Google ads that are related to teeth whitening so the Google searcher finds a solution to their problem.

Use Up Google Ad Space

In the world of AdWords and Google ads, more is more!  AdWords provides lots of space to communicate to prospective dental patients.  For some reason, beyond logic, many dentist AdWords managers do not take advantage of all the space available to them.   Dental practices who know how to properly use AdWords take advantage of site links and display URls to literally use up more space and get more attention from prospective patients.  (check out our post below about using display URLs in AdWords)

Easiest AdWords Secret Every Dentist Can Use – Display URLS

Use An Exclamation Point To Get More Clicks

So, above, we saw some smart ways a dentist can use AdWords to make their Google ads more relevant and help dental patients find a solution to their problem.  But, everything about Google AdWords and the human experience is not so smart.  If your dental practice wants to increase Google ad CTR, you should make sure you are also using exclamation points (!).   Actually, only one exclamation point is allowed per Google ad but you are crazy if you are not testing exclamation points with your various dentist ads.  Also, exclamation points are not allowed in the headline but are allowed elsewhere in the Google ad.

Seems silly that someone would be more likely to click “schedule appointment now!” rather than “schedule appointment now.” right?  Or “Sign up for special!” vs “Sign up for special.” but the tiny difference of the exclamation point can consistently outperform a simple period at the end of the sentence.

Will using an exclamation point work in your market?  Maybe not. Maybe people around you hate exclamation points? But, it probably will work and will end up saving you money and help find you new dental patients.  The only way to find out for sure is for your dental practice to test two versions of the same dentist ad – one with a period and one with an exclamation point.

Hope this tip improves your dental AdWords campaigns. Let us know!!!!!!

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