As far as dental SEO goes, how much does it matter if your city name appears on the page of your dental website that appears in Google? How much does it impact your dental SEO if your city name appears multiple times?

There are so many factors that impact dental SEO we can not tell you for sure what matters and how much. However, we can share with you an informal study we did of dental websites in Miami, FL.

Of course, dental practices that are doing well with dental SEO in a competitive place like Miami are doing something right.

First, keep in mind, part of the reason why this study is informal is that we rely on data from Brightlocal Search Results Checker to see search results in Miami as we are not physically located there.

Below, you will see a list of dental practices appearing on the front page of Google for the search term “Dentist Near Me” in the Miami area.

The middle column indicates the number of times the word Miami was used. The last column indicates the search engine results page. (SERP)

URL# of city name instancesPage

There are a couple of big takeaways.

First, you will notice the result for Opencare.

You could assume Opencare dominates because they are ranking for cities from all over the country and they have greater authority from link building campaigns.

That could be true but it can’t be denied that are also maximizing the number of times the city name is used on the main page. At the time we looked, we saw Miami used 81 times on a single page.

The same thing goes for ZocDoc. You could easily assume they rank highly because of their national authority. However, you will also see ZocDoc uses the word 40 times just on the front page!

However, if you look further down the list you will see that just using the city lots of times is not good enough. You will see Miami Smile Dental uses the word Miami 26 times but is ranked after Gateway Dental that use the word Miami only 3 times.

Also, of interest is that Emergency Dental Pros uses the term Miami 0 times but was miraculously able to get on the 2nd page of Google results. This website likely just collects leads and sells them to dentists but doesn’t appear to be a real dental practice.

It would not be shocking if they are using some blackhat links to build authority. It would be less shocking if they are no longer on page 2 by the time you are reading this article. Their ranking will probably drop as the page would not be very relevant or credible to most Google searchers.

Below we look at Page 1 listings and look for the full term “Miami Dentist” when doing the Google search “Miami Dentist”.

URL“Miami Dentist” instancesPage

Once again, you can see Opencare uses the exact keyword phrase more times than any of the other dental practice websites and is able to secure the top spot on Google.

However, you can see some of the Page 1 results use the exact keyword phrase zero times. For instance, doesn’t use the exact term “Miami Dentist” at all but does use the word Miami 9 times and variants like “dentist” and “dental” 45 times.

This could mean that when it comes to dental search engine optimization, Google is less concerned about exact keyword matches but does rely on the overall theme of keywords on the webpage and the entire website.

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