NYC Dental Marketing With Google Ads

Today, we will take a quick look at New York City dental ads. Like the old expression goes…  If You Can Make it Here, You Can Make it Anywhere

“Dentist” In Manhattan Google Ad

The first ad we see for the general search word of “dentist” in Manhattan is for ZocDoc.  That’s good news because ZocDoc is neither a dentist or dental practice instead it is essentially a referral service.

It is a good guess that ZocDoc is throwing a ton of money at AdWords to get that first place spot. Better news yet for NYC dentists is they should be able to beat ZocDoc over time with more relevant Google ads.  A dental patient typing “dentist” in Manhattan wants an actual dentist not a dentist referral service.

Beyond having a big budget for Google ads, Zocdoc seems to be doing a couple things well.  First, they use the keyword Dentist 4 times.  This helps increase their AdWords quality score as the Google ad content matches the user keyword.

Plus, when the prospective dental patient glances at the Google ad they are seeing “dentist” which is exactly what they are looking for.  The dental practice is also smart to use language like “highly reviewed” and “read dentist reviews.”  Talking about reviews can help dental patients feel confident enough to click on the Google ad.

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Bottom Of Google Page One Dentist Ad

Next, we see some Google ads for actual dentists at the bottom of the page.   Here’s what we like and don’t love about those dentist ads.

First, Fresh Meadows Dentist.  We like that the dental practice is indicating they accept dental insurance. That should make their dental office more attractive to dental patients with insurance and motivate those patients to click the ad.  

We also like that they are overtly using words like “gentle and caring”. Dental patients are often scared to death about going to the dentist and need to feel good on an emotional level that they will be in good hands.

Here’s what we don’t love. This was a Manhattan-based search yet a Gooogle search ad is showing for a Queens, NY dentist.  That’s ok if the dentist is banking on the fact that Queens; residents are searching for dentists while at work in Manhattan or otherwise enjoying the city.

The question is could the budget for the very expensive  Google ad be better targeted directly to the Queens area to get more clicks, more conversions, and more dental patients?

Another part we don’t love is we found this dentist has 5 Stars on Yelp.  Only a couple reviews but why not tout that they are a highly reviewed dentist.

NYC Dental Ad – Display URL

Next up, we have  We like that this dental practice ends their display URL with the dental keyword ‘Dentist’.  This helps the Google Quality Score as the Google ad instantly becomes more relevant to the keyword being searched – “dentist”.  Plus, the Google searcher is more likely to click the ad because it is more relevant to their actual needs.

The display URL does not need to be a real url so you can literally show a display URL of /alienplanet and just redirect to the page you want the searcher to end up at.  Probably, better to use your keyword in your display URL though. 😉  

We also like that the dentist is offering a “Free 10 Minute Consultation”. People love FREE and love the idea that they can actually talk to someone rather than just get stuck with an answering service.  

We also like that the Google ad refers to Manhattan specifically so the patient doesn’t need to wonder if the location will be right.  This helps obviously if the searcher is looking for ‘Manhattan Dentists’.

But, it also helps if the searcher is not actually looking for a dentist in Manhattan. Why? Because the searcher won’t click and your dental practice will have more money in your AdWords budget for relevant clicks.  

This dentist ad also does a really good job taking up a lot of Google Ad Real Estate by using ad extensions like Client Testimonials, Dental Examinations, and Dental Cleanings.

This is a great Google ad and likely professionally created and managed by a dental AdWords consultant.

Ouch! Texas Dental Google Ad Showing Up With NYC Dental Google Ads!

Finally, we have Abram Dental & Orthodontics @ Hopefully, this was just some sort of weird fluke and this Texas-based dental office is not consistently showing up in Google ads in Manhattan.  The good news is the headline so clearly shows “Arlington & Ft Worth” that most searchers would not be inclined to click on that Google ad!

Otherwise, the ad seems a bit skinny and we think it needs some more meat on the bones. The ad seems weak, especially when compared to Abram Dental’s vibrant and fun dental website.   We hope Abram Dental takes a look at their Google Analytics and make sure they are not getting clicks from outside of Texas!

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