Find More Dental Keywords

A good dentist AdWords campaign includes a lot of dentist keywords.  Essentially, the better you are at guessing what a prospective dental patient might type into Google, the better you will do with your AdWords.  Finding better keywords will help you make your dentist ads more relevant (get more ad clicks) and help you reduce your ad costs.

Find Dental Keywords Right In Google

There are a number of places to find dental keywords for AdWords but today we going to focus on the suggestions provided by Google right on the Search Engine Result Page. (SERP) At the bottom of most Google SERPs there is a section that says “Searches related to”.  Below is what a prospective dental patient sees when searching for the simple term “dentist” in Google.

“Searches related to dentist

best dentist  new york – find a dentist nyc – dentist manhattan – dentist in queens – dentist in nyc – dentist nyc no insurance – dentist near me that accept health first – dentist near me bronx”

You can see where a dentist might get new keyword idea about adding (or creating negative keywords) for location related search terms like NYC or Manhattan.  We also see how a dentist can ‘get in the head’ (ha ha!) of a prospective dental patient by seeing they search by typing things like “best dentist”, “find a dentist”, “dentist in”, “dentist near me”.  If this is how Google searchers, you the dentist need to have related dentist keywords in AdWords and ads with similar keywords.

Next, we can see an even more specific Google search like “dental implants nyc” offers up more dental keywords to consider for your AdWords account.

Searches Related To Dental Implants

dental implants nyc – nyc center for dental implants – review best dental implants – nyc best dental implant – dentist in nyc – cost of dental implants nyc cheap dental implants –  nyc contemporary dental implant centre new york ny – dental implants manhattan – free dental implants nyc

We get a couple idea for keywords here.  First, “best dental implants” is clearly a search people are using so dental practices need to use the same language if they want to be found.  When it comes to AdWords, dentists need to forget about modest and focus keywords that will help them get found by profitable dental patients. “Cost of dental implants” is another term you likely want to focus on assuming you think you offer a fair, competitive price.  If not you might want to add the term “cost” as a negative keyword so you never show up for those search queries.  One obvious negative keyword in this batch is the term “free dental implants” – a smart dental practice will add that negative keyword asap and let their dentist competitors waste their Google AdWords budget on that search term

Searches Related To:

This “searches related to” keywords are offered by Google and based on real Google user behavior.  Google is trying to save the prospective dental patient a couple steps by guess keywords that might them solutions they need.  Of course, many search just click directly on these searches so they searches become even more popular and useful to a dental practice.  Make sure to continuously monitor these related searches and hunt for new dentist keywords!

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