This weekend, we thought it would be a good idea to write a quick blog post about dental SEO techniques for dentists.

A number of hours later, we accidentally created a 6,500+ word blog post / mini e-Book which includes. Turns out, we had a lot to say about dental SEO strategies.

At ConversionSmiles, we are focused on dental PPC (AdWords, Facebook etc) strategies but we happen to know a lot about dental SEO.  Below,  you can find some highlights from our new dental seo blog post / mini ebook.

You can see the full Dentist SEO Tips page here…


What is dental SEO?

What Are The Benefits of Dentist SEO?

The second benefit is dental SEO can provide

What is a Page Title?

Why Is Page Title So Important to Dental SEO?

Make sure your “page title”is your top choic

Why Does A Clickable Page Title Matter?

On Page SEO For Dentists

Dental Keyword Bait

On Site SEO For Dentists

How To Find Dental Keywords For SEO

Ask Dental Patients What They Searched For With Google, Bing etc.

Use  A Clean Browser / Incognito Mode

Dental SEO Pro Tip- Make Sure Your Dentist SEO Expert Uses Incognito Mode


Look At Top Dental Sites Listed In Organic Results In Your Area

Look At Big City Top Dental Sites Listed In Organic Results For Top Organic Dental Keywords

How To Find Multiple Dental Keywords Multiple Times On Dentist Website Page

Make Sure Your Dental Practice Has A “Google My Business” Listing

Use Your Dentist AdWords Account To See Which Dental Keywords Are Converting 

Use AdWords Broad Match to Find Dental Keywords

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google “Searches Related To: Pro Tip

Use Google Suggest To Find Dental Keywords






Google Suggestions Dental SEO Pro Tip –

Use Keyword Variations / Exact Keywords

Each Dental Procedure Must Have Its Own Page

Make Sure You Link Internally To Important Pages

Make Sure You Blog Frequently

Write Random Interesting Stuff

Make Sure Dentist Website Pages And Posts Are Long

Consider An Seo WordPress Plugin like Yoast

Try To Make Your Website Bigger Than Competing Dentists’ Websites

Write Some Crazy Long Dentist Article Blog Posts

Get Links From Local Sources

Get Links From Dental Related Stuff

Put A Video On Your Dentist Website Front Page.

Consider A Scholarship

Consider Non-Dentist Related Content That Might Be Helpful To Your Local Community

Check Your Dental Website – But Not On Your PC or Phone

How Does Your Website Look On Mobile



Check Your Dental Website For Speed

Include A Google Map On Your Website

Use Real Images – People Like Real Images Better

Compress Your Dental Website Images

Don’t Go Crazy For Links

Some SEO Link Strategies Are Bad / Black Hat Links

Why Black Hat Links Are A Bad Long-Term SEO Strategy

Why Black Hat Links Won’t Work Much Longer

Bad Links + AI = Bad For Business

There are hundreds of other things you can do to optimize a dentist website for organic search.  You should also check with your dental SEO specialist for more SEO strategies.  We will be periodically updating our dental SEO tips page.
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