[In this post, we take a look at LocalMed dental appointment online scheduling software.  We believe, in the not too distant future, the idea of having a dental website without online scheduling will be as crazy as having a dental practice without a dental website. LocalMed is already helping thousands of dental practices with online appointments – maybe even your competitors!]

Why Dental Patients Will Start Demanding Online Dental Appointment Scheduling 

People are busy with work and play.  The idea of taking 10-15 minutes to schedule a dentist appointment with your dental office front desk sounds like about as much fun as a… (wait for it….)  sounds like about as much fun as a root canal!

Really,  most people don’t want to be put on the spot.  Before deciding if next Tuesday at 11 am works for them,  a dental patient can take a leisurely minute to contemplate if that is a good idea when they are booking an appointment online.  When they schedule with your front desk, a dental patient can feel pressure to take a dental appointment they don’t really want.

Dental patients (humans!) are increasingly spoiled by services like Amazon which allow them to purchase products with a single click of a button.

Online dental appointments provide the same ease of use that services like online banking, e-commerce and dating sites have provided consumers for many, many years. Dentists are just a little slower when it comes to this stuff.

Why Online Dental Appointments Will Increase Overall Dental Appointments For Dental Offices 

Many people simply don’t have the time or inclination to schedule their dental appointments during times a typical dental office is open.

Online dental appointments allow a dental patient to schedule a dentist appointment 24/7.

Got tooth pain at 2:30 in the morning? No problem.  Jump online and schedule an appointment.

Got some extra time at 9:30  at night as you are binging Netflix?  No problem.  Click on your local dentist office website and schedule a dentist appointment at a time that makes sense for you. Oh yeah, and do it on your phone on your couch in your PJs!

Why Online Dental Patient Software Improves Dental SEO

Google loves happy searchers.

If someone searches Google, clicks on your dental website and one minute later they are back searching Google, that is very bad for your dental SEO efforts.  The dental patient is essentially telling Google that the result they got (your website) was unsatisfactory and they need more help.

In an effort to provide better results to their users, Google will be less likely to show your website as high in the search results for the same query in the future.

By contrast, if someone searches for “dentist near me” and finds your website and never goes back to the Google search results. Google will assume they are happy with the search results.

If you give dental patients a better experience and allow them to schedule appointments online,  the Google searcher will be unlikely to click back to Google for the same query.  Google will get the message that your dental website provides a good result and will be more likely to give your dental website better placement in the future.

Learn more about Dental SEO in our Dental SEO Tips Free Instant eBook 

Why Online Dental Patient Scheduling Software Improves Dental Google Ad Performance

Just like with Dental SEO,  Google rewards dental practices that provide good online experiences and punishes dental websites that provide bad user experiences.

Imagine this scenario…

Dental patient searches “emergency dentist near me” at 10pm.

The prospective dental patient clicks on your dentist Google ad hoping to schedule an appointment for the next morning.

The dental patient does not see online appointment scheduling so they click back to the Google search results.

Two bad things just happened.

Bad Thing #1 –  You just spend $7.48 for a Google ad click and the prospective dental patient is long gone.

Bad Thing #2 – Google sees you did not satisfy the dental patient’s needs.  If this keeps happening, Google will increase your dental PPC price and give you worse Google ad placement.

Learn more about improving dental Google Ads performance in our post Dental AdWords Set Up Free Tutorial

Bonus Reason Dentist Appointment Online Scheduling Is Awesome

The Google Ads system is based on an auction.  If more dentists are bidding for “dental implants” at 11 am on a Tuesday, Google ad bid prices will increase for those dental keywords. (check out our dental implant keyword post)

Most dental offices turn off their Google ads on nights and weekends as they don’t have someone to pick up the phone and help patients with dental appointments.

This means dental Google ads are significantly less expensive during off hours when fewer dentist are bidding on Google ads.   So, dentists with online dental patient scheduling can pay less for Google ad clicks and literally get more patient appointments while they sleep.

Wait a second… Didn’t we say this post was about LocalMed?  It is! Sorry, we just got all excited about the potential of online dental patient scheduling.

So, here are some details about LocalMed…

LocalMed – When & Where

LocalMed allows dental patients to schedule appointments with mobile phones or desktop computers.

Local med allows dental patients to schedule day or night, at home or work.

Dental Patients can schedule directly from the dental practice website or from LocalMed.com

LocalMed Integrates With Your Practice Management System 

At the time of this writing (October 28, 2018),  LocalMed works along with the following practice management systems…

Dentrix Enterprise
SoftDent  (and more… check with LocalMed for the latest info)

LocalMed True Connect – Accurate Opening & Appointments

According to LocalMed.com “Being connected directly to your dental practice PMS and by setting up all custom office filters, LocalMed Connect True Appointment provides 100% accurate openings by provider, chair, and appointment type. We take all your rules and combine them with all the information in your PMS to ensure complete accuracy of the displayed appointment times.”

LocalMed Increases Existing Dental Patient Visits 

LocalMed can work with reminder services to make it easy for existing dental patients to schedule dental appointments at a time convenient for the dental patient.

LocalMed Real-Time Dental Patient Scheduling From Facebook Pages

Facebook is still a huge opportunity for dental practices.  Now, LocalMed can make the patient experience even better with their Facebook widget that can be embedded directly on a dental practice Facebook page.

Is This An Ad For LocalMed??? 

If this post sounds like an advertisement for LocalMed, it kind of is.

Except they didn’t pay us. In fact, they don’t even know who we are.

We are just convinced LocalMed has a vision that matches ours when it comes to the importance of online scheduling.  Make life easier for dental practices. Make life easier for dental patients.  Everyone wins. 

Learn more about LocalMed at www.localmed.com

ConversionSmiles is a dental patient marketing company.

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