[Legwork is a patient relationship management (PRM) software that helps dental practices with many things including Customizable Reminders, Two-Way Texting, Online Appointment Scheduling, Email Marketing, Google & Facebook Reviews and much more.]

ConversionSmiles is focused on paid advertising like Facebook ads and Google ads to help dental practices expand their businesses.  We love being focused on dental PPC because we are really good at it.

However, we believe dentists who want to be successful with Google Ads needs to do lots of other things well.  For this reason, we like to feature other dental marketing companies even if they compete with us in some ways.

In fact, we think Legwork might be a better fit for dentists looking for more than just dentist Google Ads and Facebook ad management.

As you can see in the list below Legwork can help with dental Google Ads and dental Facebook ads, but they also provide other critical services dentists need to be successful. (Don’t worry too much about us –  there are plenty of dentists who just want help with AdWords and/or Facebook!)

Some of Legwork’s services…(published on www.legworkprm.com 8/3/2018 – might not be accurate at this time)

  • Highly Customizable Reminders
  • Recall/Reactivation Email
  • SMS
  • Auto-Calls
  • Postal Task-List
  • Dashboard Web-Accessible
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Patient Demographics
  • Dashboard
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Two-Way Texting
  • Mobile NumberFinder
  • Email Marketing
  • Comfort Preferences
  • Survey
  • Referral/Reward Program
  • Pre-Loaded Campaigns
  • Un-Scheduled Treatment Workflows
  • Google & Facebook Reviews
  • Blog & Email Campaign Service
  • Social Media Posting Service
  • Digital Health History Forms
  • Business Citations Management
  • Web Analytics Dashboard
  • Online Appointment Request
  • Mobile-First,
  • Custom Website Monthly Site Edits Included (1 Hr)
  • Search Engine Link Redirects
  • Subdomain Availability
  • SSL Secure Hosting Included
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Google Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Ad Retargeting
  • Results Monitoring

All of the services above are important but there are a few we think all dental practices should really consider… (see below)

Customizable Reminders 

Dentists need to communicate with dental patients in smart, innovative ways. These days patients require reminders that are timely and specific.  Better reminders help dental practices keep appointments and keep dental patients for the long-term

SMS – Two Way Texting

SMS / texting is critical in 2018 and beyond. Millenials don’t want to call up and talk to your front desk at your dental practice.  They want to text you after posting to Instagram and before Snapchatting their ‘bestie’.  If you don’t want younger dental patients, that’s OK, the modern dental practice down the road  will be happy to help them.

Be smart and make it easy for dental patients to text your practice and commit to replying to you can help patients in the way they want to be helped. (Learn more about the importance of texting for dentists in this article.)

Email Marketing

Dentists spending money on paid advertising need to maximize their investment.  Life events will mean some patients who click on a Google ad will not become a dental patient any time soon.  Imagine, Bob the dental patient who click on the dentist Google ad, fills out the form and then gets crazy, busy at work.   He doesn’t pick up his phone.  Doesn’t return emails.  Bob goes dark.

Eventually, Bob will get less busy at work and will still have the same dental needs that first brought him to your dental website.  Email marketing can be a powerful way to stay in front of Bob (and everyone else who fills out a form) for months and years to come.

Dental Online Appointment Scheduling

We saved the best for last.  More and more patients want (and demand) the ability to easily schedule a dentist appointment online.  Younger people don’t want to talk with your front desk staff and negotiate a time.  Younger patients simply want to see what appointment openings your dental practice has and find a time that works best for them.

We think online appointment scheduling is going to be an imperative part of any dental practices marketing strategy going forward.  Dentists need to maximize their ‘Google ads spend’ by allowing prospective dental patients to schedule off hours and when your front desk staff is not immediately available.

We have no relationship with Legwork.  We can’t say how good they are but their Patient Relationship Management seems to have many capabilities needed by modern dental practices.   Their website seems very professional and well thought out so we definitely think they are worth checking out.

According to LinkedIn, Legwork is based in Wenatchee, WA and was founded in 2007.

Learn more about Legwork from this overview video the company published on YouTube.  Also, learn more directly at their Patient Relationship Management Software website.

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