[Callpop helps dental practices communicate with new and existing dental patients over the phone.]

In this blog, we mostly talk about Google Ads management and dental SEO. However, from time to time we stumble upon a great technology that can help dentists and we want to help get the word out.  This is one of those times.

What is Callpop?

Callpop is essentially a smart caller ID system for dentist practices.  It is a small gadget that connects to both your phone system and your computer system.

Once connected, the gizmo allows your front desk employees to better communicate with dental patients.  When Callpop is in use, the front desk employee is able to leverage detailed information about the dental patient.

What Dental Patient Information Can Front Desk Employees See With Callpop?

  1. Dental patient appointments &  patient history
  2. Patient Insurance and contact information
  3. Patient balances owed
  4. Patient family members
  5. Additional patient notes


Callpop Can Help Your Front Desk Text With Dental Patients.

Do you really think millennials want to call and speak to an actual human at your dental practice? Well, hate to break it to you, but they don’t. Lots of other people don’t want to talk either.  They want to text.

Good news. Callpop offers “2-way text messaging directly to your patient from your computer.”

Does Callpop Integrate With Dental Software?

Yes,  Callpop integrates with integrate with dental software such as Open Dental, Eagle Soft, Booker, Dolphin, CS SoftDent and of course Dentrix.

Why Should Dentists Care About Callpop for Existing Patients?

Hmm. Really. Do you have to ask?  This small gadget can transform your front desk.  Dental patients will feel special (and remembered) when your front desk employee is able to quickly access their basic patient information.

No more asking to spell a name.  Opportunities to schedule new appointments for other family members.  Easy texting will save your employees from longer phone calls and will give your dental patients a better experience.

Stop Losing Dental Patients!

Most dentists are obsessed with finding new dental patients.  However, they should be more obsessed with keeping dental patients by giving them a good experience.

A dentist can give the patient a good experience in the chair (in their mouth) but if the patient does not have a good experience when they call your dental office you will lose some of them.  Callpop can help give more dental patients a better experience.

Can Callpop Help With New Patients, Google Ads And SEO?

Kind of.  Callpop will be able to identify callers who are not your system with a designation like “New Patient”.

When the front desk employees see the “New Patient” indicator, they should be trained to never let those calls go to voicemail. We get it. Some calls need to go to voicemail sometimes. New patient calls, however, should rarely or never go to voicemail during office hours.

AdWords calls ($5-$15 a whack) that go to voicemail typically don’t become patients.  Instead, the prospective dental patient just calls a competitor dental office that actually picks up their phone. (maybe they use Callpop?)

(Learn more about using Dentist Google Ads off hours)

Callpop CEO Joe Strom On Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

We learned about Callpop on an episode of Dentistry Uncensored. If you would like to see the interview check out the video below….

Callpop Product Video

ConversionSmiles has no affiliation with Callpop.  But, if the smart caller id technology (and texting!) works like advertised, it is probably a great fit for most dental practices.

Learn more about Callpop at www.callpop.com. If Googling, Callpop is all one-word “Callpop” not “Call Pop”.

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