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Dental SEO is important but you should not write publish dental blog post after post just to please the dental SEO gods. Create content that your dental patients would likely be interested in reading.

Just like a newspaper, every article should not be interesting to everyone. Instead you should shoot for capturing the interest of some of your readers with every article.

For example, some of your audience might be particularly interested in cosmetic dentistry related blog posts while others might be interested in dental health-related blog topics. Don’t try to please every reader with every article but definitely make sure each dental blog post will genuinely be of interest to some of your audience.

If you just churn out fluff garbage, the dental blog readers won’t care. If your readers don’t care, the dental SEO gods (Google) will see they don’t click and don’t stay on the page and Google will deem the deem the dental blog content to be unworthy.

Make Your Dental Blog Local When You Can

Local Search

Although, you want to create blog post content that will be interesting to your dental patients, a big part of the point of writing dental blog posts is to improve your ability to rank in the competitive world of local dental SEO.

Ultimately, you want your dental blog and dental website to outrank the dental practice down the street not the New York Times or the American Dental Association.

Let’s say you write an article entitled “5 Benefits of Dental Implants”. Although this dental blog post is not locally related, it is your job to make sure the dental SEO gods know this article not only related to dental implants but also related to your local area.

You don’t want to keyword stuff the article by mentioning your town in every paragraph but at the same time if your town, state abbreviation doesn’t appear a few times in the page – you should expect the article to rank particularly well for “dental implants, city, state.”

It is very easy to add your city, state to your dental blog post page. In the example below, you can see where this Manhattan Dentist added “Cosmetic Dentists Serving Manhattan and New York, NY” which makes the post more local and improves their dental SEO.

We also recommend you write some blog posts that are local first.

Did your dental practice provide funding for uniforms for a local sports team? Write a blog post about it and link to the locally based website.

Does your local area have 5 great hiking trails? Write a blog post and link to exact map locations.

Did your town finally get a new Thai place everyone loves? Write a blog post about it. Link to their local website. Link to their Google map listing.

You should also consider creating a resource that would be perfect for every new member of your community. An unbiased list of local churches, restaurants, playgrounds, schools etc. could be great content that will actually get you natural links to your dental website which help you improve your dental SEO.

Write Mobile-Friendly Dental Blog Post

You should expect most of your blog post readers will be perusing your blog on their mobile phone.

Forget everything you know about paragraph construction and perfect English grammar. Instead, write mini paragraphs like this one so the content is very consumable and scrollable on a mobile phone.

Dentists are super smart but sometimes too smart for their own good. Many dental patients who might need your help the most might not have their college degree or even their high school degree. Make sure you write dental blog posts that are accessible to everyone in your community by keeping them simple and easy to read.

Add Images To Your Dental Blog Post

Using real images from your dental office is the best way to make your dental blog posts authentic and relatable. Whenever possible snap a quick picture while also protecting patient privacy. Of course, you don’t ever want to show a patient without express written permission. The same goes for staff.

Sometimes it is not practical to use real photos. In those cases, we recommend you use free stock photography.

You can free to use stock photos from websites like Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay and many other stock photo providers. See links below.

Unsplash Dentistry Stock Photos

Pexels Dentist Stock Photos

Pixabay Dental Stock Photos

Adding photos to your dental blog posts helps in two ways.

First, images make your blog posts more visually interesting and easier to read.

Seconds, images can be another signal to the dental SEO gods that indicate what your blog post is about. You should expect the Google robots can actually understand the contents of the photo. Plus, you have the opportunity to title and tag each photo which gives you the opportunity provide more data about a photo which can help your dental SEO.

PRO TIP – Using your mobile to take local photos is a great idea. Photos will automatically geotagged. This means a photo taken of a dental office in Portland, ME will include meta data that could be another signal to Google.

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