Summary of how to speed up your dental website. 1) Test speed of your dental website. 2) Reduce Image Sizes. 3) Eliminate Slow WordPress Plugins. 4) Avoid Slow Videos 5) Try A Faster Web Host

Dental Websites Don’t Need To Be Super Fast

OK, first a reality check.  Although this post is about speeding up your dental dental website, the truth is Dental websites don’t need to be lightning fast.  Nobody (even Google) expects a dental website to be crazy fast. It just can’t be slow.  The tips below should make sure your dental website is faster than competitor dental websites in your area while also giving your website visitors a good experience.

Why Website Speed Matters?

Dental Patient Experience

Prospective dental patients have much better things to do with their life than hang out on your dental website.   If your website is slow that will create a frustrating experience and visitors will leave your website quickly.

Google Cares How Fast Your Website Is 

Google’s primary mission is to give users a good experience.  Faster websites deliver users a better experience.  For that reason, Google is likely to favor faster dental websites over slower dental websites.

Google PPC Costs More With Slower Websites

Imagine your dental practice just spent $8 with Google AdWords to attract a dental patient who is looking for more information about dental implants.  The dental patient waits 2 seconds for the page to load.  Waits 3 seconds. Waits 4 seconds. And, then gets frustrated abandons your website and check facebook.

Two bad things just happened.

1) You wasted $8.  Your just lost a prospective dental patient who might have give you years of business and thousand of dollars.

2) You just gave Google evidence that your website stinks so they will be more likely to charge you more for future Google ad clicks.

More Mobile Users 

Everyday more and more web traffic is switching from desktops to mobile devices.  This is even more true with dental keyword related searches.  Imagine you are a prospect dental patient.  Do you power up the old PC or do you just do a quick search on your mobile phone?  Learn more about thoughts on Mobile for Dentists.

How To Determine Website Speed 

Test Your Dental Website With An Internet Browser

Want to test your website speed to see how a dental patient might experience it?  Make sure you use your browser in Incognito Mode or Private Mode.  You likely have visited your website many time so you computer will give a skewed representation of how fast your website is because some of the content might be cached in your web browser.

Do you have a fast internet connection at home or at your dental practice?  That’s good for you normally but bad for testing the real speed of your dental website.  Try from some place else like a hotel or coffee shop that has a shared internet connection.  Experience what it is like to visit your slow dental website from a slow internet connection.  You might want to speed it up!

Test Your Website With Website Speed Test Tools

Here are some tools we like for testing website speed.

Ways To Speed Up Your Dental Website

Reduce Size Of Dental Images

Probably the number one thing that slows down dental websites is large image files.

Dental Stock Photos Can Be Huge

There are many stock photos sites that offer beautiful dental related stock photos unfortunately most of those photos have huge file sizes.

Non Stock Photos Are Getting Bigger

Photos taken by phones and consumer cameras are also getting very big.

No problem! Most photos can reduced in size so they won’t slow down your website you just need to use the right tools.

Compress Photo Size With WordPress Plugins

There are lots of ways to compress images.  (check out this article 10 Best Image Optimization Plugins for Speeding Up WordPress from WPMUDEV.ORG.)

Here are couple Image Compression WordPress plugins we like.

WPSPUSH – “Resize, optimize, optimize and compress all of your images with the incredibly powerful and 100% free WordPress image smusher, brought to you by the superteam at WPMU DEV!”

Imagify – Imagify “is the most advanced image compression tool, you can now use this power directly in WordPress. After enabling it all your images including thumbnails and retina images from WP Retina x2 will be automatically optimized on the fly when you will add in into WordPress.”

Eliminate Slow WordPress Plugins

Speaking of WordPress plugins, be careful to stay away from plugins that are slowing down your dental website. If you have a slow website, try deactivating plugins one at a time and continuing to test the speed of your website.

If you have a plugin that slows down your website by even a second or two, get rid of it.  Choose speed no matter how cool the plugin is.

Avoid Videos That Slow Down Your Dental Website

Your dental website should definitely have some videos.  Dental videos help keep dental patients on your website longer.  Videos also help you connect to dental patients in ways you never could with just photos and text.

Just make sure your videos load quickly and do not slow down your website.   The best idea is to embed your video the hosted on a video hosting site like Vimeo, Wistia or YouTube.

It should be no big surprise the best choice is probably YouTube.  YouTube is owned by Google and Google knows how the importance of website speed.  We tested multiple video hosting sites with and YouTube was the clear winner. Our page load time improved and we’ve never looked back.

Faster Web Host

If you want to get really aggressive with your website speed you might want to consider upgrading to a faster web host or faster plan.

Your dental practice can purchase cheap web hosting for less than $50 per year.  $200-500  annually will get you a web hosting plan that is not only faster but also more reliable.  It might be time to upgrade.

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