“Google Ads for Dentists” Monthly Service

We find lots of profitable dental patients to help you grow your dental practice!  (see how below)

Dental Campaigns Set Up & Maintenance (Campaigns control different, budgets, location Google ads are displayed etc.)

Dental Ad Groups Set Up & Maintenance  (Ad Groups control which Google ads show for particular dental keyword searches. We create dental ad groups that improve ROI)

Dentist Competition Analysis  (We monitor dentist competitors and make sure your dental practice Google ads are outperforming the competition as much as possible within your AdWords Budget.)

Dental Keyword Research (This part of our secret sauce. We know which dental keywords attract clicks. We know which dental keywords convert into new dental patients!)

Negative Dental Keywords  (We make sure your dental PPC account is loaded with ‘negative keywords’ so your dental practice can avoid wasting AdWords budget on unwanted searches like ‘dental school’, ‘dentist salary’, etc.

Dental Ad Copywriting  (More of our secret sauce. We know what know what to write in dentist Google ads to get clicks. We know what language will attract clicks that convert into new dental patients)

AdWords Account Optimization ( We continuously review, test and optimize your dental AdWords account. We do more of what works. We improve what is not working or get rid of it. We constantly try new strategies in order to improve your results. )

AdWords Budget Optimization – We treat each dollar of your AdWords budget as if it were our own money. (If your AdWords campaigns are not profitable you should fire us! We don’t want that to happen.)

Website Optimization For AdWords – We will continuously make recommendations for improvements you should make to your dental website which will improve AdWords clicks, conversions, and budget utilization)

And way more stuff… 

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