There aren’t too many blogs that will save you thousands of dollars – but this just might be one of them. Learn below how your dental practice can save thousands of dollars in Google Ads spend with one quick easy hack.

Most Dentists Waste Money With Google AdWords

Dentist Wast Money With Google Ads

The truth is the Google Ads platform is a phenomenal way to find new dental patients when Google ads are working correctly. Unfortunately, it can also be very easy to waste money with Google ads.

Here’s how to do Dental Google Ads right…

Step One The dentist needs to show the right, relevant Google Ad to the right dental patient. If not, your dentist office will waste money.

Step Two The Dentist Google Ad needs to distinguish itself from other Google ads and search listings on the search results page. The Google Ad needs to be clickable! If the ads are not clickable, costs will go up and the dental office will waste their money!

Step Three The dental landing page needs to get the prospective dental patient to either fill out a form or call the dental practice. If neither happens, the dental practice will waste their money.

Negative Keywords Can Help Dentists Save Money

Remember step one above? “The dentist needs to show the right, relevant Google Ad to the right dental patient.”

The worst thing to happen is when the wrong people see and click your dental Google ad. One bad click could cost you $10-$30+. Over time bad clicks can suck up your ad budget and prevent you from getting good clicks from great “in-market” dental patients.

Here are some keyword clicks a dentist in Miami surely would not want.

“How Much Does A Miami Dentist make?”

Miami Dentist Arrested”

Miami Dentist School”

By simply adding negative keyword terms like “how much”, “arrested” and “school”, a good Google Ads manager could have prevented Google ads from showing for the search queries above. Many of the negative keywords above are common and predictable. Here’s a list of negative keywords for dentists.

How To Avoid Competitor Keyword Clicks

Dentist Competitors

The same negative keyword principle applies if a dental office wants to avoid expensive clicks based on competitor keyword searches.

Let’s say your dental practice is called Big Smiles R’ Us. You probably don’t want people clicking on your Google ad for Springfield Smiles, Smileworld, Springfield Dental Spa etc. In order to make sure you don’t pay for expensive Google ad clicks when someone is simply trying to search for their own dentist, you must add those competitor names as keywords.

If you have an unlimited budget, an amazing website, amazing reviews and an amazing dental office, there is an argument that it might be worth it to pay for a Google ad click when Suzy Smith searches for your competitor, if you think she will be so amazed by your dental practice that she will leave her dentist.

However, you should know Suzy probably didn’t click your ad on purpose and actually thought she was clicking on her own dentist’s website. More often than not she will be gone from your dental landing page within 3 seconds and you will be out $10-$30!


Finding all of your competitors and adding them to your Google AdWords account can be time-consuming. Here’s a quick and easy way to find dentists near you and add them as negative keywords to your Google AdWords accounts.

Step One

Download the Chrome extension called Leads Extractor from the Google Chrome Store. This should take about 5 seconds. Chrome extensions are safe and easy to use. Plus, when you are done they are easy to remove.

You can find the Chrome Extension here.

Step Two

Go to Google Maps and search for dentist in your area.

Step Three

Use the Leads Extractor extension to collect the first set of local dentists.

Step Four

Click the next arrow below the listing to see the next twenty listings.

Step Five

Collect those dentist listing with the Leads Extractor extension.

Step Six

Repeat steps above.

Step Seven

Copy the collected dentist competitor names.

Step Eight

Paste the dentist competitor names into your AdWords negative keywords

Here’s a quick video we made to help you understand the process of collecting competitor dentist names from YouTube.

Dentist AdWords Pro Tip – You should also find and add dentist names (ex. Dr. Howard Farran) to your AdWords negative keyword list. A great place to find actual dentist names is right at the ADA website.

For instance, here’s a list of Miami dentist names…

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