AdWords Bootcamp For Dentists

Dental AdWords Bootcamp

As a dentist, you don’t need to know everything about AdWords.  But, there is some stuff that is critical to understand.   Our series of quick videos allow you to learn what you need to know in bite-size chunks. 

This series is great if you are a dentist who wants to optimize your own Google AdWords account or if you just ask the right questions and get the best service from your AdWords management company.

Here’s some of what you will learn with our Google Adwords Training Bootcamp For Dentists.

  • Setting up dental practice specialty AdWords Campaigns
  • Finding keywords that are being searched for in your local area
  • Finding keywords that convert for your dental practice
  • Discovering negative keywords that must be removed from bidding
  • Ad scheduling techniques that work for dentists
  • Techniques for beating local dentists ad the Adwords game
  • Creating dental ads that get clicks
  • Creating dental ads that get conversions
  • Optimizing dentist Google ads for mobile phones and tablets
  • And lots more