Dentist Google Ads

We are sometimes asked why we focus on Google AdWords for Dentists at ConversionSmiles. The simple answer is Google AdWords for Dentists is very different than other AdWords campaigns. We believe dental practices deserve experts rather than generalists.

Reason #1 Google AdWords For Dentists is Different – Location Matters

Dental AdWords campaigns are super local. Many AdWords management companies focus on getting leads nationally or even internationally. At ConversionSmiles, we understand your best new dental patient might live down the street or maybe in the next town over but almost never in the next state. We understand that spending money on clicks that come from out of your local target area is a huge waste of money. We are AdWords experts capable of keeping your Google ads as local as you want them to be at a reasonable cost.

Reason #2 Google AdWords For Dentists is Different – Ad Schedule Matters

Dental AdWords campaigns work better at different times. Many AdWords companies work with advertisers who can use Google ads all day every time. At ConversionSmiles, the best time to show your dental Google ads is when your dental practice is open and your front office is able to pick up the phone and help new patients. However, we also understand there might be an opportunity to help you find cheaper clicks and form fills at nights and on weekends when the other dental office have paused their Google AdWords campaigns. (If new dental patients are looking for a new dental practice in your area and we can get conversions we want your dentist Google ad to show!) We work with you to understand your community, website capabilities, and competitive market to run dentist Google ads at the right time and at the right price.

Reason #3 Google AdWords For Dentists is Different – Dental Keywords

Many dentist AdWords specialists will work with a plumber, a dentist and a software company all in the same morning! Attracting dental patients to dental practices is our number one priority. We understand the language dentists use. We understand the language dental patients use. We know what keywords dental patients are searching for in Google. We know which dental keywords convert into new patients and which dental keywords do not. We also know which dental keywords are being used in Google but should be avoided like the plague because they will only waste your money and cost you opportunities to find new dental patients.

Reason #4 Google AdWords For Dentists is Different – Dental Ads

Many AdWords experts don’t have a clue what prospective dental patients need to see in a dentist Google ad in order to take action. First, we know what doesn’t work for dentists using Google Ads. We help dental practices avoid wasting time, energy with dentist Google ads that do not convert into new patients. We know what works to get dentists high Click Through Rate, lower costs and more dental patients. We know what language to use in Google ads to get your ads to the top of page one whenever you want.

Reason #5 Google AdWords For Dentists is Different – Dentist Don’t Have Time

Most dentists do not have time to manage AdWords. That’s obvious. But, they also don’t have time to manage the people who are supposed to be managing their dental AdWords accounts.

Many AdWords marketing companies will waste the valuable time of dentists. These AdWords marketing companies will set up long conference calls to point fingers, create diversions and blame the dental practice for AdWords not working. We know dentists don’t really care about impressions, click through rate, keyword research, re-marketing or other industry cliches. We know dentist don’t want to waste time with nonsense.

We believe if we can give our customers affordable pricing and clearly report new dental patient leads, dental practices will stick with us month after month. If we don’t deliver results, (new dentist leads) dentists know they can fire us every 30 days. We know dentists can fire us any time also. That is part of the reason we obsessively improve dentist AdWords campaigns to find new dental patients all the time. (the other part is we friggen love it) Almost no conference calls saves us money and wasted energy so we can do what we love and does the same for dentists who choose to grow with us month after month.

So, if you are a dentist looking for help with your Google AdWords campaign, you have come to the right place. We can help you manage your AdWords campaign or you can learn how to manage AdWords yourself by reading this blog and using the tools on this website. Easy & Profitable Dentist AdWords Set Up From A-Z  Or you if you don’t want pay Google AdWords maybe our free e-book can help you with dental SEO.  Dental SEO Tips – Free Instant eBook

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