Even politicians need dentures.  Let’s take a look at Google Ad results for the search term “dentures” in Washinton, DC.

The first Google ad we see is for MetroDental Heal which has offices in Fairfax, VA and Washington,  DC.

This ad effectively uses the search term Dentures right in the headline.  That’s great.  There is also a special offer of $99 for new patients.  That’s great if the details of that offer will actually resonate with someone looking for dentures.  However, price offers in Google ads are tricky because you attract a click with a low ball offer but ultimately never get the dental patient when they learn the pricing details.   We also like that they are taking advantage of the “Display URL” by including the keyword.  Keep in mind this does not need to be a real URL / Page on your website – you have can add whatever display URL you want to your Google ad. Finally, as far as an emotional trigger ” the dental practice suggest the patient can “get their smile back.”  This is good but should be more prominently placed in the ad and we would recommend testing even more emotionally powerful triggers.

Next up, we have Family Dental Care  This is a short and sweet Google ad but does a couple things we really like.  First,  the ad uses the word Denture right in the headline along with a nice offer of “Free Consultation Today”.  People love the idea of a “free consultation” as they want to learn more about if dentures make sense for them before they commit.   Also, saying “Free Consultation Today” is great because it is telling the prospective dental patient you can help them quickly.   The downside of this dentist’s Google ad is they not taking advantage of all of the valuable real estate Google provides.  They are not using description line 2 or sitelinks that can be packed with valuable information.  This extra space can be filled with info to get more clicks and dissuade the wrong clickers by providing info like pricing info and location info.  We did this search with a device based in Washington, DC it looks like the dental practice nearly an hour away in Brooklyn Park, MD.   A site link with location details could easily keep away clickers who will never end up being dental patients because this dentist practice is too far away.  Google AdWords is a powerful tool for dentists but it won’t work for you if you don’t optimize your ads in every way possible.

Next, we have Affordable Dentures. This national dental chain seems to have 100+ locations.  They claim they have better prices because “all they do is dentures, dental implants, partial dentures and tooth extractions.”    You can bet they have a hefty Google AdWords budget and know exactly what to do to exploit the power of Google ads.

The first thing we see is a price of $325.   That low, attractive price should them many clicks with a price they are willing to live with.  Our guess is they have an upsell machine once they get an interested dental patient to explore their website.  Big national chain dental practice ads are a great place to look for AdWords best practices so let’s take a closer look.  We also notice that, of course, they have the have the “Dentures” keyword in the headline but they also include the benefit of “same day” dentures.   This makes sense because if you type “dentures” into Google you probably have a problem you want to take care of sooner than later.   We LOVE the emotional trigger – “Get A Life-Changing New Smile Today”.   Deciding to get dentures can be hard – it is much easier to click to get “a life change new smile” rather than to just get “dentures”.  This works on a deep, emotional level.  The Google ad also specifies the dental practice is in Woodbridge, VA which should entice people are close and discourage people who are too far.  Finally, this ad makes brilliant use of Google ad site extensions – packed with info like “Free X-Ray, Made For You, Free Consult, Low Prices, & Locally Owned.”   Those ad extensions are great because at least one of those items is likely to persuade the prospective dental patient to click the Google.

At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist Google ads!  We want to save dentists money not waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly SEO links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search.  (not a bad thing to have a link from a website that mostly talks about dentist stuff!)  Learn more about our professional Adwords Management for Dentists