Full Mouth Reconstruction is a competitive keyword phrase in a place like Palm Beach Florida. First off we have Ocean Dental Studio which comes close to having a really great Google ad but falls a bit short. The ad follows some Google best practices like focusing on the keyword phrase Full Mouth Reconstruction in the headline of the ad. We also really like that the dental practice not only offers a free consultation in Description Line One but writes it like this “Free Consultation!” Full Mouth Restoration has got to be a scary idea for most people. A free consultation sounds like an inviting way to learn more with no risk.

The big question with this ad is where is the rest of it?  The Google AdWords system allows you to add two description lines below the domain and two site links.   Taking advantage of the extra space obviously helps you tell more your dental practice’s story but also gives you more real estate to allow you to own more of page one of Google.

We can see the next Google ad from PGA Advanced Dentistry does indeed use every available inch of their Google ad in some really smart ways.

First, not only does this dental practice use the keyword Full Mouth Reconstruction in the Headline, they also indicate that they are a “Top Cosmetic Dentist”.   Saying “Top” is something most dentists shy away from but we have seen other industries where a little bit of self-aggrandizing is really powerful in terms of getting more clicks.  Ask yourself the question, if you see an ad for a “cosmetic dentist” or “top cosmetic dentist” which are you going to click on?  Keep in mind, the Google searcher (your prospective dental patient” is often looking at the search results for less than 1 second.  Also, if you don’t consider yourself to be a “Top Cosmetic Dentist” you probably should not be advertising on Google and might want to consider changing professions. 😉   You want those Google clicks, stop being so modest. We also love that this dental practice is using emotional triggers like “trust your smile to an expert” and indicating they have ”

We also love that this dental practice is using emotional triggers like “trust your smile to an expert” and indicating they have “spa like amenities”.  Finally, the site link of “client reviews” is powerful because even if nobody ever clicks on them you letting prospective patients know they exist and improving credibility for your dental practice.  Google AdWords give dentists a lot of space to work with – make sure you take advantage of the opportunity!

The last Google ad we will look at comes from Steier Dental Implants & Prosthodontics.  This dentist does a good job taking advantage of lot of Google ad space but it seems like it could be more powerful.  The closest thing to an emotional trigger we could find is “Give Your Teeth The Attention They Need”. This is good but seems a bit too subtle and doesn’t hit on the emotions as well as it could.   The other way this dentist might be able to find more clicks and new dental patients is by providing some sort of offer – free consultation, etc.

At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist’s Google ads! We want to save dentists money not waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly SEO links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search. (not a bad thing to have a link from a website that mostly talks about dentist stuff!) Learn more about our professional Adwords Management for Dentists.