Facebook Marketing for Dentists 

Facebook Marketing For Dentists

Dentists can find new patients every day with Facebook marketing.

Back in the day, dental practices could reliably push dental advertising to their local community via Yellow Page ads, local newspaper ads, and even local TV.  Unless you want your average new patient to be 80-years-old you need to look elsewhere.  Today, the best place to reach the most people in your local community is Facebook.  Everyone says they are ‘not on Facebook’ or ‘rarely check Facebook’ but it turns out a ton of people are still on Facebook and many are clicking on Facebook ads and signing up for services like teeth cleaning, orthodontic service and even dentures.

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Target The Right Aged Dental Patients With FaceBook

Want to target young families with kids needing orthodontic services? Want to target 55-year-olds needing dental crowns or dental implants. Want to target old folks considering dentures? No problem! Facebook can show your dental ad to the right age group with amazing precision so your dental Facebook ad resonates, gets clicks, gets form-fills, gets phone calls and gets dental patients in your chairs.

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Target Dental Patients Who Live Nearby With Facebook

Dentists still buy TV ads that show in a 20+ mile radius to a general (and old)  audience with a generic message. That’s crazy. It makes the dentist look awesome in front their friends, family and staff but it is unlikely to actually help the dental practice find new dental patients.  Facebook allows smart dentists to target dental patients in a very specific area with location targeting.  Facebook location targeting allows a dentist to target prospective dental patients in a specific town, city, postal code or particular radius.  Funny thing about advertising to people nearby – they are way more likely to click and actually visit your dental office.

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Create Compelling, Targeted Offers On Facebook

Google AdWords is great for finding dental patients who are actively looking for dental services. With Facebook, you can create an offer that will resonate with the type of new dental patient you are looking to attract.   Want to run a teeth whitening Facebook to attract some younger patients? No problem! Want to run a Facebook ad that targets Moms needing pediatric dentistry? No worries.  You can create compelling content that resonates to ensure your dental office has a consistent source of new dental leads.

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